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What have you watched on TV?

Thoroughly enyoyed Laura K's State of Chaos on BBC2 earlier.

Very insightfull about our so called leaders. Not wishing to stray into politics too much, it was amazing that no one in the Cameron government had not bothered to the Civil Service to start drawing up possible Brexit plans before the day of the referendum.
Never liked him and not funny imo but the comment he made about certain tv channels loving him while the money rolled in made me think of the Saville case, the media have a roll to play when hiring these people.
I saw him in concert and yes I found him funny, but also engaging at the end with people and was surprised to read the allegations against him
But then Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Jonathan King in past so perhaps I shouldn’t be sadly
Can his career ever recover who knows, my neighbours son is a recovering alcoholic clean now 3 years and go to his retreats I think in Wales and swears how good he is with people, then again Jimmy and Rolf were
If guilty throw the book at him but if innocent how can ever get back the lost months.
Always said Russell Brand was a wrongun, totally vile human being.

Looks like he’s finally been caught
On one side there is a lot of people and media outlets he has upset. A lot are falling over themselves to bring him down. So his defence is everyone's out to get him, etc, etc. He was a sex addict and they all consented, etc. On the other hand these women now coming forward all sound credible. The most harrowing being the then 16 year old virgin that he had picked up from school by taxi, and groomed and did all sorts of terrible things to. He had her put him on her mobile under the name Carly, to fool her mum. Allegedly. It's out there, and will definitely be even more out there tonight.
The comedian Katherine Ryan has been vilified on Twitter because she had said in the past about an identified TV celebrity now thought to be Brand, groping her. Always thought he was a wrong'un.

Have recently discovered the US version of Ghosts which I am enjoying a lot - decent bit of fun, well written and acted with some similarities to the UK version, and I find I'm actually preferring the US one!
Always thought he was a wrong'un.

Funny how people always say this when these things come out. Brand has never hidden what he is, he's admitted he had a sex addiction and I'm sure there were a lot of women back then who were happy to sleep with him. Is he a bit of a sex pest? Probably. Is he a rapist? We don't know that.

This seems to be another 'trial by media'.
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