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  1. wildheart

    My friendly invasion - Its was all big Bill Garners fault!

    My friendly invasion Many years ago, in fact it was 23rd July 1985 I was lounging in the sunshine in Southchurch Park in Southend it was a Sunday. The reason for me being prostrate on this beautiful Sunday was I was watching a one day match between Essex and it could have been Warwickshire or...
  2. TV Highlights Plymouth 4 Shrimpers 0

    Just watched these. Thought you all should suffer too: http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11310198/plymouth-4-0-southend
  3. What really happened in Vegas

    The official story has been changed several times and is still does not add up. Many of you will have been to Vegas and know how your are watched night and day. So to follow on from a debate started on the Trump thread........Here goes for starters Why haven't we seen any CCTV of Paddock on...
  4. Napster

    Launch of a new charity

    Delighted to announced that me and my better half have officially launched the Steven Hurren SUDEP Research Foundation, a registered charity. The aim of the charity is to raise funds for people doing new research into SUDEP (PhD level and above), purchasing equipment and tools they need to...
  5. world cup u-17 ENGLAND

    dont know who saw our u-17 play today,but we beat Chile 4-0. Watched it on German Eurosport.Even the German commentator said "we are good". Us and (so far) France are the teams to watch.He really enjoyed watching us play,so did i. Its far,far better than watching our "first" team,just hope they...
  6. Northern Soul

    Anyone like Northern Soul on here? I bet no one went to Wigan and Manchester back in the day when it was at it's prime. I didn't go by the way, but watched the film Northern Soul this week and really enjoyed it. I wish I had gone. I like this video as well...
  7. RHB

    The new Doctor Who to be a woman

    For those of you who are interested the 13th Time Lord will be Jodie Whittaker. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40624288 I haven't watched the program for a very long time so I don't have a view one way or the other.
  8. * ORM *

    Poor infrastructure in sport

    While it was generally a decent weekend of Lions and boxing I watched a fair bit of other sport this morning. It is not just football with poor referees. The Lions referee was shocking. One of the judges scored the Manny fight 117-111. You have to ask whether 3 is enough. Scrums in rubgy league...
  9. Air strikes in Syria

    The US have launched a missile attack on a Syrian air base. May and Fallon agree with this action, not sure about Corbyn. This is different to the standard attack on the ME as Syria has the backing of Russia and China so does have the possibility to escalate. After the WOMD lie in Iraq, I...
  10. Phil Brown Interview ;

  11. Strykr

    Has anyone got the Southend Wycombe play of final dvd/avi etc?

    Hi all, As per title, the mrs was watching some tat on tv last night so i bunged the man u game dvd on my laptop and relived the glory! I was wondering if anyone had the play off game taped? I was on my stag do in bournemouth and watched the match, as you can imagine the roof went off when...
  12. RHB

    Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Five people shot dead by Florida gunman

    I was going to put this into Homer's Bar but decided it probably belonged here. Leaving aside the immediate devastating impact of this event, I was absolutely astonished that passengers are allowed to carry guns in their luggage on American airlines. Listening to 'experts' yesterday it seems...
  13. Bentley

    Watched the Brentford game this evening Bentley had so little to do he could have read a news paper during the match When called in to action he did what he had to do .Just wondering if a fee for him has finaly been settled .Wish him well for thye rest of the season .
  14. mattytheshrimper

    The film 'Grimsby'

    Anyone else seen it? Against my sins I just watched it and pretty sure it uses roots hall in a couple of clips.
  15. RHB

    Match of the Day - Chelsea

    I don't normally watch MotD but it was on BBC1 this morning and I watched a bit. The match that really caught my eye was Chelsea v Everton. I have no love for Chelsea at all, but from the highlights shown they were absolutely awesome, Hazzard and Costa especially. When players are in that sort...
  16. Happy bonfire night 2016

    Sitting her in Germany,having a beer or few..just remembered its BONFIRE night. It WAS a great night when i was a child..in Elm rd..with my dad..things went wrong..most of the fireworks went up"in smoke"no PUN intended. By Pollards and Knights (Leigh)..with a Guy Fawkes...penny for the Guy!!(...
  17. OldBlueLady

    David Goodwillie & David Robertson - another case of rape?

    Here we go again, some similarities with the Ched Evans/Clayton Mcdonald case...except here the woman is seeking her own private prosection. When are clubs and bars going to accept a certain amount of responsibility and do what pubs do when someone has had too much and refuse to serve them...
  18. England V Malta

    watched it on German tv,another poor England game,did not seem any different than Hodgson. only one game,but v Malta!!. we won.at least we are better than Malta,thank god it was not Iceland again. 2 things i heard on the tv.. 1 was i heard the England fans boo Rooney?? 2: about the 80th...
  19. RHB

    Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test

    I came across this on the BBC news webpage. Any of you Kodi users out there may wish to be aware if you are not already. It appears that the legal interest is in the various add-ons inside the boxes. Not that any of us have watched anything illegally on our desktop versions obviously...
  20. David Milliband

    Dave the socialist trousers a whopping £425,000 yearly salary as head of refugee international charity ,from every £800 raised he pockets one pound,the charity has a staggering 12,000 employees ! Dave who loves to preach about the poor and needy also pulls in another £81,000 per year by renting...