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Life President
Oct 12, 2014
The official story has been changed several times and is still does not add up. Many of you will have been to Vegas and know how your are watched night and day.

So to follow on from a debate started on the Trump thread........Here goes for starters

Why haven't we seen any CCTV of Paddock on floor 32, guns being carried up or the shoot out with the security guard. Who it is claimed was hit in the thigh but skipped off to Mexico for an 11 day break before coming back for medical treatment.

If its true why use crisis actors and fake hospital scenes. Look on Youtube at the guy sitting up in bed with 3 bullets in his chest, or the Kurt Cobain look alike claiming he was shot in the head are 2 of my favourites. Anybody without any medical or military knowledge can see these are fakes......But why.

The Official figures are 60 dead 534 injured but 526 of them released before 48 hours....mmm So a mad man randomly shooting into a crowd kills 60 but only seriously wound 8 people. For example a friend of a friend who was shot in the leg in Afghanistan need 13 operations in total. Yes not all at once but he certainly couldn't have walked out the door in the first 48 hours.

There are dozens of the standard 'hero' stories we get fed after each of these events. I have seen the clips of the white pick up truck pulling up to the EMT's and guess what there is virtually no blood on the floor of the truck. Just to remind people a unlike a hand gun a high powered round is designed to tumble when it hits you to tear and shred your body. Every beat of your heart would pump out a squirt of blood. You would be in sever shock and look dead on arrival even from survivable wounds.

Another fraud is the off duty out of town Firefighter, we know he is because he has a hi vis vest with fire on it, like you do at a concert. He claims he 'pronounced' at least 25 people dead. Well families should take out a law suit because no firefighter can legally pronounce anyone dead. If he checked that amount of people where is all the blood over his clothes. I have had to send my fire gear for specialist cleaning from just one casualty.

The absolute proof for me is that it is impossible to fire an assault weapon on automatic and hit the same target at 50 yds.....So how did he hit the same people at a distance of 400yds. Like the guy hit 3 times in the chest or the woman who claims she was hit 5 times in the legs.

Not even the world champion rifle shooter could do that......Look on you tube

By the way I have spoke to a relative (ex sniper) and a friend (ex Marine now works in security) who know their guns and some of the story they find laughable.
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