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  1. What really happened in Vegas

    The official story has been changed several times and is still does not add up. Many of you will have been to Vegas and know how your are watched night and day. So to follow on from a debate started on the Trump thread........Here goes for starters Why haven't we seen any CCTV of Paddock on...
  2. Uncle Leo

    Ireland and Afghanistan now full ICC members

    Which means they have both been granted Test status. Good news. Best of luck to both of them, apart from when they are playing England! I assume Ireland's Test matches will be part of a 'British Isles Tour' whenever teams are coming over to play us. Would Afghanistan play at home, or in the...
  3. Rusty Shackleford

    The Clock Ticks On

    From Mark Steyn: The world divides into those who sincerely believe in that "Coexist" sticker and those who think it's a delusional evasion. After all, if it weren't for that big Muslim crescent "C" at the front, you wouldn't need a bumper sticker at all: That peace-symbol "O"? It's Muslims...
  4. chadded

    NetBook broken, can I still get the files?

    Basically, the netbook I took to Afghanistan with me last year, the screen is cracked and broken. Is there a way I can get the files off the hard drive, as there are photos on there that I really want a copy of. If anyone on here can do it, then I can lace your hand with silver, or can anyone...
  5. Question When is the act of killing children 'evil' and when is it not?

    Do you think that it is interesting how certain events result in a violent public reaction compared to others? For instance when you break it down Philpott killed 6 children by accident in an attempt to achieve his goals. He is rightly found guilty of manslaughter. There is public outrage...
  6. World T20

    Afghanistan currently 26/8 :blush: However what their country has been through it's fantastic that they have a team at all. :thumbsup: :clap:
  7. Ref Watch ........ Major Danny McDermid

    Man in charge tomorrow is Danny McDermid from Hampshire, or rather Major McDermid, who is currently a serving soldier in the Royal Logistics Corps and who returned safely to the UK a couple of weeks ago following a six month deployment to Afghanistan. Due to this deployment, this will be only...
  8. Cricko

    What we can afford

    I read somewhere over the weekend and damn I cannot find it on line now, but it said that we can only send troops to Afghanistan(or the next worthless fight) so long as we as a country can afford it. WTF is that about, we sends kids who are dying daily in based on money to risk their lives...
  9. Tangled up in Blue

    US soldiers killed for fun and collected fingers as trophies in Afghanistan

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/sep/09/us-soldiers-afghan-civilians-fingers Shocking.
  10. Smiffy

    Breaking News Camo Day v Torquay

    At-ten-tion! Southend United supporters are being asked to fall into line next month in support of the Armed Forces. The Blues’ match against Torquay United on Saturday, 4th September (3pm) has been designated as Camouflage Day. General Sturrock is ordering the Blue Army to come to the game...
  11. Slipperduke

    How Did Cameron Screw This Up?

    He was up against an anonymous public-schooled Am-Dram nobody and a one-eyed bear with all the charm of genital herpes. He had almost every popular newspaper throwing muck at his rivals and calling him a Man Of Steel or Our Last Great Hope, blowing the horn of bullpoop in the ears of the nation...
  12. Tangled up in Blue

    Afghanistan poll

    Basically, should we stay and finish the job(however long it takes and however you define the job)or should we get the hell out now? FWIW I thought we WERE right to go in but the time has come to get out as fast as we can and set a date too for withdrawal as in Iraq.
  13. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Go easy on x-service men or not???

    There is an interesting debate currently on Radio 2 regarding the sentencing of x-service men. The question being asked is, should judges go easier on x-serviceman when sentencing them? There are almost as many former servicemen in prison as there are British forces in Afghanistan, according...
  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Have Some of This!

    They don't like it up 'em: Cold Steel - they just don't like it After a great away win over the poofs on Saturday, it's good to hear about another triumph on away soil over the Fuzzy-Wuzzies.
  15. steveo


    Having just seen the pitiful scenes of women chasing Hearses in Wootton Bassett on the news, is it time to bring our soldiers home? How much can we achieve by being there and how many more of our troops are going to die.
  16. TrueBlue

    Think what you like about the BNP

    But some of what they say does make sense... The BBC has pulled an appearance by British National Party leader Nick Griffin on today’s Politics Show at the last moment out of fear that his suggestions for the control of expense claims by members of parliament would find popular appeal...
  17. steveo

    Binyam Mohamed

    His brother claims he has been let down by his Country and is of course totally innocent. Apparently he went to Afghanistan in 2001 and was subsequently arrested in Pakistan shortly after 9/11. A bloke on the Radio this morning, who is apparently looking after him, said “he is just a Janitor...
  18. Slipperduke

    Scolari Rattled

    Luiz Felipe Scolari may not be delivering the goods on the pitch, but off it he remains as dramatic as ever. In a chaotic post-match press conference, he demanded an apology from referee Mike Dean for Arsenal's opening goal and appeared to hint at a conspiracy against his team. A consummate...
  19. Rusty Shackleford

    A Bit Late in the Day, But Still Great

    From the Daily Mash, the day after the US Election: BARACK Obama swept to victory last night as millions of Americans lapped up all that ******** about change. 'Change... Yeah... Sure' The Illinois senator made history as the first black American to become President and the 44th man to win...
  20. J

    Remembrance Sunday..

    Today, once again, i had the upmost privelage of being at Westminster, and the cenotaph, for possibly the most important day in the yearly calendar. I was up at 5:30 for the train from Rochford this morning, once i arrived at westminster, the place was already heaving at half 8!! Being In the...