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  1. What really happened in Vegas

    The official story has been changed several times and is still does not add up. Many of you will have been to Vegas and know how your are watched night and day. So to follow on from a debate started on the Trump thread........Here goes for starters Why haven't we seen any CCTV of Paddock on...
  2. Steady son - it's falling down on it's own ;

    A teenager caused about £1,000 damage when he smashed through the roof of a plastic tunnel at Southend United. A 15-year-old from Southend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jumping on buildings at Roots Hall football ground when he decided to leap on top of the tunnel. As soon as...
  3. RobM

    Dash cam

    Mornin' all, looking to buy a dash cam. No idea what to look for, prices seem to go from £15 to hundreds! I'd like one with motion detector as well, as a sort of CCTV (somebody keeps chucking rubbish in my garden!) Any recommendations welcome (Apart from 'get a bigger fence'!).
  4. My email sent to Echo reporter.

    Philip Jones of the Echo has blamed Southend fans for the disgraceful attack on Simon Dobbin. So I sent him this email to philip.jones@nqe.com, as it's reporting like this that has tarnished the name of Southend fans, without us actually being found guilty yet. Hi Philip. Me and other Southend...
  5. Romford police

    Couple of weeks ago my new car was stolen whilst in a Romford car park,Timeline of events is as follows. Approx times 5pm discovered car missing 505pm contacted the police 530pm went to Romford police station and waited and waited and waited 8pm eventually gave to details to an officer who was...
  6. londonblue

    Megan Stammers

    Has anyone else noticed the glaring hole in this story? Megan was reported missing when she didn't turn up for school Friday morning, but the CCTV footage of the pair of them getting on the ferry was from 9.30 Thursday night. So, why didn't her parents report her missing Thursday night? At...
  7. A word or two of caution for the festive season

    All employees planning to dash through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, going over the fields and laughing all the way are advised that a Risk Assessment will be required addressing the safety of an open sleigh for members of the public. This assessment must also consider whether it is...
  8. The Craziest Parking Ticket you got or heard of.

    Lorry driver Michael Collins was on his way to collect a skip in London's Belsize Park when the road beneath him collapsed. A burst water main had created a deep hole where the front wheels of his 17-tonne lorry were stuck. While he was waiting for roadside assistance, a traffic warden appeared...
  9. Brother and sister in lift romp

    http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/3792109/Brother-and-sister-in-lift-***.html The photos are brilliant!! [/SPOILER]
  10. Jack The Flag

    Regarding W Block atmosphere!

    Hi all, just a post that really needs to be done. A big thanks to Smiffy for his hard work over the seasons on the drum, not many people will do it but fair play and what a great job he has done in doing it. With no one else offering to take over being the drummer, i took over in 2nd half of...
  11. The General

    Drugs problem in 4 local pubs

    Courtesy of: Echo online FOUR Southend venues face having their licences reviewed after police found evidence of cocaine use. Traces of the Class A drug were found in a series of police searches of pubs and bars. It is believed customers had taken cocaine in toilet cubicles. The four...
  12. CyrilSneer

    Woman dumps cat in bin caught on CCTV

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1xuLs7BCeo Now she's a public hate figure, More here http://swns.com/customers-at-mary-bales-workplace-call-for-her-to-be-fired-261459.html
  13. DTS

    Question The Force - Channel 4

    Anyone watch it last night. Basically it was an insight into how Hampshire police solved a murder. For an hour and a half I was gripped. It was amazing seeing some of the police techniques for the first time and the way they painstakingly ran through 900 hours of CCTV to catch footage of the...
  14. OldBlueLady

    Revelling in it 27/8/09

    Got this this morning, surprised not to see anyone else posted it while I've been at work today. Nice to see some recognition for the fans at Hull :clap: Revelling In It This week starring: Simon ‘Swampy’ Francis Lee ‘ASBO’ Sawyer Alan ‘Play it cool’ McCormack Lee ‘Porcelain’ Barnard...
  15. duncan bulgaria

    Gerrard CCTV footage

    On Sky news now , Just watch the bird in the bomber jacket in t ebackground dancing ......nuff said , what a shocker !!
  16. pickledseal

    Breaking News Revelling In It - 15/7/09

    Revelling In It Revelling In It This week starring: Alan ‘Peter Jones’ McCormack Steve ‘I just love football’ Parmenter Adam ‘Blue blood runs through my veins’ Barrett Anthony ‘Rocky Balboa’ Grant Steve ‘Big Bird’ Mildenhall An introducing (again)….. Lee ‘Birdsnest hair’ Sawyer Personally...
  17. TrueBlue

    King says sorry!

    CLUB STATEMENT: TRUE BLUES Posted on: Thu 23 Apr 2009 Southend United Chief Executive Geoffrey King has today released a further statement: My web article on Monday has caused controversy as the statement recorded that SUFC fans were fighting "not only the four Leicester fans but also amongst...
  18. Yer Blues

    Correspondence to the club

    I appreciate that this thread will be closely linked to the club statement one but if possible could this please be kept as a stand alone thread. A place we can track correspondence to the club and any replies we get. Here's mine: Dear Sirs, I feel compelled to write to you...
  19. shrimperjon

    Racist Abuse from Millwall fans

    Please find below a response from the club regarding an email i sent after tuesdays game. Makes interesting reading. Jonathan Thank you for your e-mail regarding racist chanting, and I can confirm that your e-mail was the only contact received from supporters regarding this matter. Firstly...
  20. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Network Rail CCTV

    Can not believe the lad in the first clip even attempted that!! Watch the train clip his shoe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc7XmX1ak2A