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  1. DoDTS

    How did you do in the last 12months?

    With the play-offs over now the season has finally come to an end. In the Prediction League we have had 4 sessions so how have you performed over the four sessions? On the following posts is a full list of all who have taken part but as a quick summary: Over the 4 sessions irrespective of...
  2. Massimo Giovanni

    The state of policing

    A number of threads lately have had some serious police related postings as the main issue of the thread. I don't know how to generate a survey on here and IF some one can put one up with relevant questions please do. These are just a suggestion of some questions. Have the police lost control of...
  3. First Trip to Roots Hall

    Hi Folks I do hope no-one views this as spam, I am not selling anything. I am one of those sad Groundhopper bods, doing the 92. I finally got to visit Roots Hall last weekend, and a few pix'n'scribbles may be found below, should anyone find a neutral's perspective of any interest...
  4. Shrimp and two veg

    Elvis or Dimi ?

    I've been so impresed with Elvis since he broke through with Phil Brown. He's a real SCP kind of player too, fantastic mobility, seems his attitude is good, has real pace and covers his centre backs intelligently. A ball winner that doesnt sell himself, whereas as much as i like Jason Dimi he...
  5. * ORM *

    Random musings of a journeyman footballer

    Saturday 12th May sees me play my last competitive football game. That will have been 42 years of league football since my old teacher at Westleigh Junior School entered us in the Southend Junior league back in 1976. Since then I make it I have played for 16 different clubs in 15 different...
  6. Ricky Otto

    2018 summer transfer thread

    Couldn't see one started yet so thought we could start discussion, any players you'd like us to look at or ship out? I know from a source close to Powell that he would like to ship a few out, which I assume means quite a few in too. I'll chuck a name out there: Manny Duku, 37 goals in 42...
  7. Uncle Leo

    Local elections 2018

    Thought it worthwhile starting a thread on this as we are only a few weeks away. Any seats in or around Southend up for grabs this May? Obviously, London is going to be very interesting - e.g in Hillingdon Labour are really on the attack as Boris Johnson is an MP for a large chunk of that area...
  8. danburyshrimper

    Half Price footy

    I've just found out that if you take your Southend Utd season ticket along to watch Maldon & Tiptree FC you get half price admission. This is a good initiative to encourage local football fans watch other local matches , i wonder if any other clubs do this and why its not advertised. For...
  9. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Oxford United 2-0 Southend United

    Hardly the result we expected, but this is SUFC we are talking about.....Two first teamers injured as well. Well that is our season done. At least "we hope" we have enough points to stay up and rebuild. Dismal performance by the sounds of it.
  10. OldBlueLady

    Junior Blues News Meet the Players Day - Tuesday, 10th April

    Another hugely successful MTPD at Roots Hall this morning. 80 Junior Blues - and their parents and grandparents - had a really good morning with the team at Roots Hall. This was our first event with Chris Powell in charge and I have to say, it was quite different to previous times. Phil's...
  11. Lord Football

    Supporters Group News April Meeting and update

    We last met in January - just before the Fleetwood game. There was a lot of talk about the then predicament we were in. Things have clearly moved on since then. The main highlights.... Someone was found with a pyro earlier in the season. He isn't currently coming to football, and it seems his...
  12. Ref Watch ..... Rotherham H

    We hold the narrowest of leads over Rotherham in competitive matches with 11 wins to their 10, with 7 draws. We haven't lost to them twice in the same season since 1979/80. Referee in charge tomorrow is Brett Huxtable from Torrington near Barnstable, in Devon. This is his second season as a...
  13. Hawkwell Blue

    Question Results of Old Games

    I am trying to update some of my records along with the respective programmes and was wondering if anyone would happen to know the results of any of the following:- 26-May-67 Southend United v Chelmsford City EPC Cup Final 19-Jan-70 Southend United v Chelmsford City EPC 1 24-Aug-81 Southend...
  14. Supershrimper

    Oldham away, not a complete waste on the TZ coach

    Quite a productive time on the TravelZone coach on the way back from Oldhams frozen ground. Lyrics courtesy of someone on the coach, sung to Sweet Caroline Where it began Losing away to Shrewsbury By then we knew its going wrong That was the spring, crap signings in the summer Who'd have...
  15. The Big Dady

    Summer Transfer Window to close 9th August

    Also note the changes to full strength teams. https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2018/february/earlier-closure-for-the-transfer-window/
  16. fbm

    Players you might have forgotten played for us...

    So I was having a chat with someone the other day and he mentioned the name of a player I had completely forgotten about... someone who pulled on a blue shirt yet and was actually pretty well known but was so anonymous and made such little impact for us that I had completely forgotten about...
  17. Ref Watch ..... Pompey H

    As we look to get our fifth consecutive win against Portsmouth at home, we have team of Premier League SG1 officials. Man in charge of tomorrow's match is 45 year old Lee Probert from Wiltshire. This is his 15th season as a League referee but he has had some major injury problems in the past...
  18. Blues4LifeDan

    Goal of the season?

    The 2nd goal yesterday was goal of the season in my opinion. The build up play, vision from Cox and run/finish from Marc was brilliant. We all appreciate individual goals from outside the area but yesterdays goal was such a good team goal. When you consider this is the same set of players that...
  19. RobM

    Away fans treatment

    Is it just me (quite likely) or is anyone else a tad miffed about how away supporters are generally treated as second-class? Poorer view, ghastly toilets, can't see the scoreboard, higher price tickets (£28 at Peterborough for some) just some examples. Not everywhere I agree but certainly some...
  20. superblue24

    Football Manager 2018

    Anyone got the game? Negative reviews on Steam, but not sure that is reliable.....