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  1. Peps Boys On Toast ?

    Does anyone ( of a certain age ) remember that childish game when growing up of stating that if you had just beaten a team who then themselves went on to beat a ‘bigger’ side , it automatically became ‘fact’ that you would have beaten them too ! So given Wigan’s superb result last night and us...
  2. Rattus Norvegicus

    Promotion & Relegation Teams for 2017/18 Season

    Simple enough - name the teams that you think will get promoted automatically (and play-offs if you wish) and the teams that you think will be relegated. Reasons why you have made your selection would be nice. :smile: Just putting Southend as Champions isn't really helping the discussion...
  3. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    The league has been renewed. If you played last year you'll automatically be entered. If you want the code to join, then PM me. Thanks
  4. Fantasy Premier League 2016/17

    The league has been renewed. If you played last year you'll automatically be entered. If you want the code to join, then PM me. Thanks
  5. DoDTS

    The format of the play-offs

    I've got to say that the format of the play-offs seems excellent, two legged semi-final and the final at Wembley, and I personally wouldn't change anything however it is different elsewhere. As I understand it in Scotland the Play-off for promotion to the Premiership this year was between...
  6. yogi bear up the cagire

    Political censorship and control on facebook?

    Looks as though a post I attempted to put up concerning my right to a voice in the forthcoming referendum has been prevented from being viewed. I got a notice this morning, stating that it had been submitted for approval by an admin; since then, nothing at all. It apears you can swear as...
  7. DoDTS

    PL Cup FIRST ROUND DRAW - Tomorrow afternoon

    We have 93 taking part in the No. 1 fixtures and these will be automatically entered in the First Round cup draw. Byes will be given on first to predict basis. There will be 5 Rounds, Semi-final and Final. If anyone else wishes to take part then before 12.00 (Midday) Tomorrow, then can either...
  8. DoDTS

    Its not too late for those that forget to predict No, 1 fixtures

    A massive 91 have predicted a record for the Prediction League. For those that forgot to predict its not too late you can still catch the other five matches, just post your predictions on this thread and that will automatically enter you in the draw for the first round of The Prediction League...
  9. DoDTS

    No. 1 fixtures for those that forgot

    You've missed tonight's "cracker" but can still predict the other five and use your wildcard anytime up to 3.00 pm tomorrow. Predicting these means you will automatically entered in the Prediction League Cup Barnsley v Wigan Millwall v Gillingham Rochdale v Colchester Scunthorpe v Sheffield...
  10. Automatically generated your own thread

    Anything missed?
  11. DoDTS

    In the event of postponement

    Just a reminder of the rules should a match be postponed (tonight or anytime): In the event of a postponement, that fixture will be void, if you have used your wildcard for this fixture you can amend anytime up to kick-off or I will automatically reallocate to the previous fixture on the list...
  12. DoDTS

    PL Cup Stil time to take part

    EIGHTY FOUR predicted today in the first fixtures of the new session and they will automatically be entered in the PL Cup. Draw tomorrow afternoon If any one wants to take part but missed todays predictions they can still take part by either, posting predictions for No.2 or sending me (DoDtS)...
  13. Kevin Hogg

    The most fantastic nonsense - the Play Off Final!!

    Firstly, I want to say the play-off's are exciting and great for football. They give mid table teams something to aim for after Christmas etc. and I am soooo excited about Saturday. However, they are brilliantly absurd. Burton Albion, Shrewsbury Town & Bury achieved what all the clubs tried for...
  14. OldBlueLady

    Medical Exemption cards

    If you, or family relatives, have Medical Exemption cards, you need to be aware that the onus is now on YOU to ensure your card is renewed. They used to be done automatically but now you need to get a form from your doctor, which is sent off approximately a month before your old one runs out...
  15. yogi bear up the cagire

    A SUDDEN REALISATION and one or two other facts....

    Am I the only one who feels rather depressed this morning. It's nothing to do with the performance last night, more to do with the dawning realisation that IF we could achieve the unthinkable, of victories in our last four games.........87 points would quite possibly not be enough to get us...
  16. DoDTS

    PL Cup 1st Round draw now up

    Today 58 took part in the first predictions of the new session and all are automatically entered in the first round of the Prediction League Cup and the draw for this will be on Monday 9th March 2015. For anyone who missed todays predictions but wants to take part its not too late, you can join...
  17. DoDTS

    No, 2 fixtures for Saturday 14th March 2015

    2 of 12 PREDICTIONS OF THE NEW SESSION. All 3.00 kick-offs Cambridge v Stevenage.....................1-1 Dagenham v Southend.....................1-3 Oxford v Plymouth.....................0-0 Portsmouth v Luton.....................2-0 Wycombe v...
  18. DoDTS

    No 1 fixtures FIRST OF THE NEW SESSION - Saturday 7th March 2015

    THE FIRST PREDICTIONS OF A NEW SESSION. All 3.00 kick-offs SPECIAL BONUS FOR THE EARLY BIRDS. Any Byes in the 1st Round of the Prediction Cup will be allocated to the first who post their predictions. Accrington v Portsmouth......................................1-1 Bury v...
  19. It's in our own hands

    A very quick glance at the fixture list (if wrong you will tell me!) indicates that we have to play all the other sides in the top nine in the table either home or away, starting with Shrewsbury away on Saturday week. It is a tired old cliche to say it is in our own hands but never more apposite...
  20. Swear Filter

    Please can you add "Ched Evans" to the swear filter so that it automatically changes it to "Convicted Rapist Ched Evans" Thanks xx