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  1. llama

    Latest Rumours Southend United to change Team Name......

    So that Ron can boast that his team were top of the table from early June to August 5th, he is proposing that the team change their name to AFC Southend United......
  2. Idiot alert!

    So Emma Way knocks a cyclist of his bike, doesn't stop to help, but goes on Twitter to boast about it. http://ipayroadtax.com/no-such-thing-as-road-tax/i-knocked-a-cyclist-off-his-bike-i-have-right-of-way-he-doesnt-even-pay-road-tax/ Doh!
  3. Mad Cyril

    The Regular Show

    Is anyone else into this? I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast but I got some hummus for these mini toasts.
  4. Dick Bate's Protege

    Australian Media pre Ashes Boast.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/cricket/international/theashes/8245541/Ashes-gloating-anyone-How-one-Australian-journalist-called-the-series-in-November-....html For everyone celebrating our boys wonderful Ashes victory down under, here's a little gift. It's an Australian Journalists...
  5. manor15


    Slovenia Manager: Matjaz Kek Captain: Robert Koren FIFA Ranking: 23 Group C Background: Slovenia's only previous World Cup campaign, in 2002, turned into shambles after their opening game saw them defeated by Spain 3-1, resulting in star player, Zlatko Zahovic, and then manager, Srecko...
  6. MrB

    OD - Final Match

    ShrimperZone CC v Up Goes The Finger Interesting finish to the season: 1. Up Goes The Finger..13 13 0 0 52 26.42 2. Peruvian Farmers.....13 10 0 3 40 23.02 3. ShrimperZone CC.....13 7 0 6 28 10.42 4. Eppleton CC............13 7 0 6 28 1.65 5. Parkway Sports.......13 6 0 7 24 -2.24 6. The...
  7. Ron Manager

    An exiles view

    First, I understand completely that those of you who watched it suffered the most. You paid good money and by the sound of things had a great deal of hassle to be there. You also had to take the taunts and chants of the farmer scum as we were losing. However I feel I suffered with you. Rising...
  8. Arsene Wenger: The Gift and The Curse.

    Such is this success of the Arsenal Ethos under Arsene Wenger that those who question him are instantly vilified by the Gunner’s faithful and, believe me, they have a point. No other Premier League manager can boast an unbeaten season, or even claim to have attributed so much to the progression...
  9. southend4ever

    3.20 Southwell - Horse Tip

    Just had a text through from a mate who provides me with no more than 2/3 horse tips per year. He doesn't boast a 100% record unfortunately. His tip is 'I'm in the Pink' @ the 3.20 at Southwell. I can't access websites to find out how many horses in the race and its current odds. Could someone...
  10. Ref Watch ... Yeovil away

    After a very satisfactory performance from Rob Shoebridge on Saturday (if not from the players) what does next Saturday bring? Yeovil has often been the venue for very poor refereeing performances as far as Southend are concerned. But despite that we have won our last three away League matches...
  11. Pale Blue Dot

    the rules of lighter theft

    Here below are the official rules of stealing other people's lighters. Although stealing lighters is despicable and morally wrong, it is always going to happen whether it be an accident or you're going all out to steal it.So I have written the OFFICIAL rules of stealing lighters so we all have a...
  12. ESB's Champions League Run Down

    It's that time of year again. The time when the Giants of European football clamour together for one big orgy of tactical football and self-congratulation. yes, it's the Champions League group stages, and here is my run down of the groups and who to look out for. Group A On the face of it...
  13. Southend for the Totalitarian League!

    Don't know how many on hear listen to Danny Baker's show on 5 Live on a Tuesday night. One of the long-running themes of his phone in show is the concept of a Totalitarian League. Danny thinks there are too many football teams and wants to trim the entire British and Scottish leagues down to...
  14. The Youth of Today, Part I.

    - .........
  15. Slipperduke

    Champions League Reports

    Apologies, I've been rushed off my feet this week. Here's both games for you. Is it so inconceivable that Arsenal could end this strangest of seasons as Champions of Europe? Arsene Wenger described his side as 'super-outsiders' before the first leg of their clash with Villarreal, but even after...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Ricky Otto

    Next up for election to the Hall of Fame is Ricky Otto. Ricky Otto had it all: skill, flair and funny looking hair. He was signed by B****y F*y for £100,000, a fee that seems suspiciously high for a Leyton Orient reserve. I won't make any libellous suggestions about brown envelopes...
  17. Slipperduke

    Boo-Boys Blight Effective England

    With three wins out of three and a new-found ability to pass the ball about on the ground, the Fabio Capello revolution is gradually gaining momentum. A surprisingly perky Kazakhstan team were eventually swept aside at Wembley, crushed 5-1 with a late flurry of goals. The dark days of the former...
  18. Slipperduke

    Sir Alex Ferguson's relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Likening your guidance, as an employer, to the counsel of a father is a tactic that very few football managers could get away with, but what might sound melodramatic and over-familiar in some cases is perfectly suitable for Sir Alex Ferguson's relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. "If you are...
  19. Slipperduke

    There are no flags on cars and no posters in windows.

    There are no flags on cars and no posters in windows. No sweeping advertising campaigns and no collectable badges. Here in the UK, you wouldn't guess that we're just hours away from the start of a major football tournament. Ok, so the nearest that the England team can get to European involvement...
  20. Slipperduke

    Bristol City v Hull City

    There can’t be many people who, when the Championship season began, thought that today’s SG$120m Play-Off Final would be contested between newly promoted Bristol City and almost relegated Hull City. In fact, if you’d have asked an expert, or even if you’d just have asked me, you’d have been told...