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  1. Cricko

    Tv split of the group games

    Full TV split for the group matches 12 June: Brazil v Croatia (21:00, ITV) 13 June: Mexico v Cameroon (17:00, ITV), Spain v Netherlands (20:00, BBC), Chile v Australia (23:00, ITV) 14 June: Colombia v Greece (17:00, BBC), Uruguay v Costa Rica (20:00, ITV), England v Italy (23:00, BBC) 15 June...
  2. Shrimperzone away tickets idea/help??

    So away tickets might be a bit of a nightmare. Especially for non seaso/shareholder exiles. I'd happily pay a bit more if someone was able to go down to the office and pick up tickets and meet outside the ground. It could be arranged via SZ/PayPal and an 'admin fee' could go towards SZ running...
  3. Pak Power

    Barry Corr's value

    Not just to the team, but his recent scoring run. I was reading on Fleetwood forum that their striker Jamille Matt cost them £300k here; http://www.independentftff.proboards.com/thread/5399/town-1-sarfend so that said do you think Barry Corr would command a fee? and If so would we sell him?
  4. Fossetts Farmer

    Panini World Cup Sticker Album 2014

    Geek alert! Sorry, the inner child in me wants to recreate my yoof before we get smashed for real this Summer. I dare say some other saddo's on here will be doing similar...(where's that sticker album guy ha ha)?! Either a few other peeps will be man(boy) enough for a thread for 'swappsies' or...
  5. Flexible bulk tickets?

    I was wondering whether it was worth approaching the club to see if they would be interested in offering flexible bulk tickets if the current three match mini card experiment works out well. My thinking is along the lines that full ST's and half ST's get a discount, quite rightly, for buying...
  6. Napster


    After a bit of miscommunication between Ryan Murrant and me on twitter, where he thinks the Fan Experience Co is some kind of visionary, despite a) it being done in the US for years and b) GK doing it years before in other areas, I acknowledged yes he's right, it is important and yes it's great...
  7. CC51DAS

    Latest Rumours Deck chairs to be installed on fourth side of new stadium ?

    A friend of mine who works in the Amenities department at SBC has tipped me the wink that the Council are close to finalising a deal with uncle Ron to use the fourth side of the stadium as a store for the seafront deck chairs during the winter months. Apparently the bank of earth that will...
  8. pickledseal

    Teaching RE

    I'm ready for the banter, and have no problem with it at all, but think that this article is very interesting regarding the place of RE in our schools: http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6417096 It begins: And it goes on... I think a few on here need to really take stock of that...
  9. sillyshrimper

    Should we try to hold on to Barnard/Eastwood for next season?

    Barnard is only due to be on loan until the end of the season and Eastwood's two-year contract will also have expired. Neither have had as much success in their second spells, so is it worth trying to keep them on, taking into account cost as well as their value to the team?
  10. RobM

    Starting a business, how to do red-tape

    I am looking to start my own micro-business but know nothing about tax e.g. what can I claim back (e.g. capital costs) etc. Where can I get decent advice? Thanks.
  11. Daniel Bentley ...... Time for a change ????

    I think that dan is a great shot stopper , but he has cost us so many goals this season through bad judgement , yeah he has the potential to be a good goalkeeper but he is still young for a keeper and still has a lot to learn ,but his confidence / inexperience has cost us even going back as far...
  12. londonblue

    Itunes Protected Files

    I have been doing some investigating and have worked out why some of my music doesn't appear on the list of albums on the memory stick in my car. The reason is that they in an ITunes protected format using DRM. Apparently all new music (since 2009) is unprotected, but some of my albums were...
  13. Prem loanees are killing us.

    Woodrow came here and played in virtually every game zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Barnard returns and yes you guessed it he plays in every game and he under any circumstances does not deserve the pitch time he is getting. Either Phil is bloody stupid or the loan deal is another play at any costs...
  14. For anyone who travels to Matches....

    Hello, fellow football fans! I am here as part of my research into a new project, looking at ways to help supporters reduce the cost off attending modern day football. Would you mind taking a moment to complete the attached simple survey. We are looking at potential ways to help football...

    Why do we revert to 5 in the miiddle and 1 up front.

    Should of left Lee Barnard on up front with Barry Corr.This cost us the game today especially bringing on Gomas when it should of been Mark Laird for a midfielder.I dont see the point playing one up front at home and 5 in the middle to hold out to win the game. Laird must start soon i think.
  16. DoDTS

    Steve (Ldnfatso) and the Prediction League

    I'm sure you will have seen in the chit-chat forum the tragic news about Steve (Ldnfatso). I am totally devastated by the news and trying to come to terms with it. Steve was a close friend, we used to sit together in the South Upper, attended numerous away games by coach, train and car, used...
  17. So called strikers.

    I know I will be shot down by many of your good selves but this is now getting ridiculous as our so called forwards draw another blank,They even could not score in the midweek friendly,Phil has to take a gamble on another youngster on loan who has more success than the Fulham boy.The lack of...
  18. If allowed

    If we are in a position to bring in a loan player or two .Phil brown must bolster the central defence .Philips really is a great risk to our promotion push .He is to slow and I feel he will cost us dear if he continues in the poor form he is showing .I read that the Embargo was due to be lifted...
  19. Super Bowl thread

    Getting excited?! Also, this is the single most funny thing I've ever read ever. I'm only a third in and I've got tears streaming down my face http://www.sbnation.com/2014/1/30/5351052/breaking-madden-super-bowl-broncos-seahawks
  20. Highlands Blue

    Friday night football the facts

    We have played 6 League 2 Saturday matches total attendance 39596 = Av per match 6599 We have played 5 League 2 Friday Night matches total attendance 25389- Av per match 5078 The difference per match is 1521, so over 5 matches we are down 7605 compared with average Saturday attendances, lets...