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    PL Weekly Points Round 33

    Its always nice to introduce a different name as the weekly winner, so please step forward one of our overseas players south247 :clap: .. he is closely followed by one time leading light Drastic who also put together a very decent round .. at the other end of the scale seves joins me in dunces...

    PL Weekly Points Round 32

    A massive well done to CCC this week, so long left in the shadows he emerges with a fantastic 9 point haul from a really tricky set of results, the leagues top 2 are again to the fore though to be honest i'm sick of praising them so i won't :raspberry: Finally a note to Cyril, Emu, Kristof and...

    PL Weekly Points Round 31

    A marked improvement by so many (though sadly not your guru and spiritual leader) sees a decent scoring week, with title chasers Cyril, Creaky and my lad all to the fore, along with a couple of lads less used to the limelight in ol blue eyes and Wickford. At the other end of the scale the South...
  4. Tie #10: Wild Geese (Canvey) v Better off Dead (Mad Cyril)

    Tie #10. Two films I've never seen. :nope:

    PL Weekly Points Round 29

    Overall a slight improvement on point scoring from Saturday i think though again a far from great 7 is enough to come out on top, The Big Shrimp and my sidekick sharing the honour just ahead of 3 who show a marked improvement from New Years Day, so well done to Brettie, Roxy and class while down...

    PL Weekly Points Round 28

    Finally .. finally .. finally We get back underway but its a lacklustre display by many .. Shane and Emma use their wildcards to great effect to head the weekly honours, whilst at the other end of the scale Brettie Angell (who has fallen right away this season after being a perrennial...

    PL Weekly Points Round 26

    WELCOME BACK EVERYONE !!!! First week back after the enforced break and we have 24 joint winners ... :tumbleweed: 0 - Shrimpersarmy 0 - davidovolic 0 - canveyshrimper 0 - Number11 0 - BLUEBLOOD 0 - Harold Bishop Killer 0 - The Big Shrimp 0 - Tinks 0 - Wickford Shrimper 0 - BrettieAngell 0 -...

    PL Weekly Points Rounds 17 and up to and including the FA Cup replay vs Macclesfield

    53 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 39 - Shrimpersarmy 34 - davidovolic 34 - Cricko 33 - canveyshrimper 32 - Number11 32 - BLUEBLOOD 30 - Harold Bishop Killer 28 - The Big Shrimp 28 - Tinks 26 - Wickford Shrimper 26 - BrettieAngell 25 - seves 24 - Lucky Luca 24 - southend aussies 23 - Kristof 23 - Roxy 22...
  9. Napster

    Battle of the 90s films R1 - The Big Lebowski v Good Will Hunting

    The Big Lebowski (Mad Cyril) v Good Will Hunting (Dick Bate's Protege)
  10. Napster

    Battle of the 90s films - First Round draw

    Unforgiven (pickled seal) v A Few Good Men (Roxy) Dumb and Dumber (Clinton Baptiste) v Jurassic Park (Harold Bishop Killer) American pie (martin carruthers) v Reservoir Dogs (Big Shrimp) Usual Suspects (UTB) v Shawshank Redemption (EastStandBlue) Se7en (Pubey) v The Matrix (MrB)...

    PL Weekly Points Round 16

    The Big Shrimp and Cyril Sneer share top billing this week, both underlining their potential to win this competition this season while fellow contenders southend aussies and Tinks flail about near the bottom this time around ... 11 - The Big Shrimp 11 - Cyril Sneer 8 - DoDtS 8 - ldnfatso 8 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 14

    A much better performance this week folks and the reason many of you dropped points where you did was because you backed The Ooze and the Col Ewe scummers .. ever heard of Karma? Cyril Sneer and Roxy didn't fall into such a trap and emerged with 6 bonus points each, well played to you both Full...

    PL Weekly Points Round 13

    Round 13 .. Unlucky for some? well luck or ineptitude as 8 of us share the wooden spoon with a solitary point, i'd personally like to call it a one off but as i also shared the spoon on Tuesday i think that may be a lie Wickford Shrimper, who shared 0 points with me earlier in the week bounces...

    PL Weekly Points Round 11

    A decent week for many this week, with the girls well to the fore (i don't mind just as long as they've got the housework done first, right lads?) Roxy is the weekly winner, so well done to her but spare a thought for our resident kangaroo as a 90th minute equaliser stopped him from breaking...

    PL Weekly Points Round 10

    Solid but unspectacular best describes this weeks efforts, most of us lost points on Stockport winning at Oxford and our pathetic demise to the club that was 92nd in the football league. Tinks emerged from her recent run of poor form by nailing her wildcard and thus coming out on top this week...

    PL Weekly Points Round 9

    Here's the latest sets of awarded points ... 9 - Number11 9 - chapperzUK 9 - Dave the Shrimper 7 - OldBlueLady 7 - davidovolic 6 - Shrimpersarmy 5 - class 5 - It's Only A Game 5 - leeblue 5 - BLUEBLOOD 4 - ol' blue eyes 4 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 4 - seves 4 - Cyril Sneer 4 - Napster 4 - b1ueb0y 4 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 8

    15 - OldBlueLady :OBL: 14 - southend aussies 9 - Emu 8 - Roxy 6 - Cricko 6 - D.O.L.L. 6 - The Big Shrimp 6 - DoDtS 6 - ol' blue eyes 6 - C C Csiders 6 - Dave the Shrimper 5 - southend4life 5 - sufc695 4 - seves 4 - Nobby Snide 4 - Cyril Sneer 4 - class 4 - Shrimpersarmy 4 - Lucky Luca 4 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 7

    We had 35 players tonight, so 210 individual predictions .. between us we got 4 correct .. 4.. not very good is it, and cos of that points are very thin on the ground. Well i suppose the famous four deserve a mention, 3 of them tied for second this round OBL and Brettie Angell both recover from...

    PL Weekly Points Round 6

    Reigning league champion Dave the Shrimper finally wakes from his slumbers to register a week high of 12 points, closely followed by the future Blues number 1 and a quartet of players on 9 including perrennial underachiever Wickford Shrimper .. Well done Richie !!! At the arse end of things my...

    PL Weekly Points Round 5

    A lack of shocks (despite our lads very best efforts to provide one) meant points galore this week, with an unprecedented 13 of us getting 6/6 to earn a bonus. Pride of place goes to everyones favourite punchbag ldnfatso with something like the 3rd highest PL score ever, honourable mentions to...