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  1. DoDTS


    Here it is at last the Cup draw and it's Morecambe v Southend United sorry wrong draw, this is the important one. yogi bear up the cagire ..or.. fatgrandad v Luca Luca.. or WickfordShrimper Escudo v SUFC_Ross KingSHRIMPER or.. DoDtS v Ldnfatso MK Shrimper v...
  2. DoDTS

    PL Cup Round 2 results

    Hard luck to Drastic who after his penalty style shoot out win on Tuesday goes out after scoring 5 points, to an unbeatable (on the day) Dannypav. Big wins for Mk Shrimper and Escudo, but four ties ended in draws and will be replayed next weekend. RESULTS: billy.allison ...0..v..4... Gt...
  3. DoDTS

    PL Cup !st Round Results

    It was a day of shocks with Tinks former Cup winner and finalist knocked out by newcomer Beefy, big wins for Prawn, Ricey and fatgrandad, and bad news for enfieldblue and shrimper2thecore who were both knocked out despite scoring 4 points each, high by todays results. Results as follows: h...
  4. DoDTS

    RESULTS Prediction League CUP Round 2

    Today is the second round of the Prediction League Cup, this is where it gets serious (well as serious as you can get with the PL) with Tinks the current cup winner defending her title against Cyril Sneer, grudge ties like davewebbsbrain v oldBlueLady, and Ldnfatso (the bad boy of the PL) v...
  5. Gardening

    Hello folks, as I've slipped into being an old fart I need some advice regarding gardening. I've got a trellis that needs a good climbing plant - can anyone recommend one that's easy to take care of? Many thanks. And no Mad Cyril, Marajuana isn't an option. :facepalm: Oh, and is it easy to...
  6. Mad Cyril - this make you feel old :sad:

    Ralph Macchio is now the same age that Pat Morita was in the first ‘Karate Kid’. :'( http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/wanna-feel-old-ralph-macchio-now-same-age-013255154.html
  7. Benfleet A1

    Shrimperzone's Honourable Gentlemen

    Just a bit of fun, it's election time and Shrimperzone has evolved into a national and global beast. The decision has been taken to field a candidate to fight every seat in the country and the opinion polls suggest a landslide for us. We have no elected leader but in anticipation that we will be...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Pubs near Fenchurch St station to watch the Euros in?

    Any recommendations? Most of the better places don't have TVs and/or will be packed. On a slightly related note, Cyril - do Sonny & Terry's show the football? No use for the 5pm KOs, but was thinking of trying it for a 7:45pm?
  9. South Bank Hank

    Mad Cyril's Killer Squirrels (SZ Edition)

    Matt The Shrimp's Rent-A-Gimps...
  10. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Points Round 2

    Unfortunately two fixtures were postponed because of the riots, so were down to four, as a consequence the only points scored were on the Leeds & Bournemouth games. The best score being 3 by various people. Epic fail by Fredheim Holm who managed to predict on last weekends results and thereby...
  11. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Points & Table - Round 1

    Some great scoring, particularly by Shrimpersarmy who gained a clean sweep and a 6 point bonus. Well done to newbies Teenage Shrimper with 12 and davewebbsbrain with 10, PL stalwart Ol' Blue Eyes also chimed in with 10. Here's the full list, and thanksfor the support so far, it'll be good if you...

    PL Weekly Points Round 45

    CCC goes from bottom Saturday to top tonight .. its a funny old game !!! 9 - CCCSiders 7 - ldnfatso 6 - Shrimpersarmy 6 - Kristof 6 - southend aussies 5 - Number11 5 - DoDtS 4 - Wickford Shrimper 4 - seves 3 - class 3 - Harold Bishop Killer 3 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 2 - Tinks 2 - canveyshrimper 2...

    PL Weekly Points Round 43

    After the weekends lamentable totals is full steam ahead again with many (in fact too many) deserving of a mention .. with that in mind i will just call up class, who followed up his weekend no show with 6 correct outcomes earning himself the first bonus points in christ knows how many weeks...

    PL Weekly Points Round 42

    :cool: There is nothing to add :winking: 7 - BLUEBLOOD 7 - The Big Shrimp 6 - Drastic Sturgeon 6 - Brettie Angell 5 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 - D.O.L.L 4 - Emu 4 - ldnfatso 4 - Cyril Sneer 4 - canveyshrimper 3 - Number11 3 - southend aussies 3 - seves 3 - Lucky Luca 3 - Kristof 3 - ol blue eyes...

    PL Weekly Points Round 41

    2/3 of the field, or 18/27 if you prefer scored 1 or less this week, a hollow victory maybe for Cyril with just 6 but a victory none the less, well done mate :thumbsup: 6 - Cyril Sneer 4 - Number11 4 - Tinks 3 - seves 3 - BLUEBLOOD 3 - Shrimpersarmy 3 - south247 2 - ldnfatso 2 - class 1 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 39

    "you'll win nothing with kids" was a phrase you may recall from the 90s when Fergies Fledgings swept all before them .. i have absolutely no idea of the relevance of that statement to our little comp but its kids all the way here as Luca and Daniel dominate this week ... 8 - Lucky Luca 7 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 38

    Finally FINALLY the PL bursts into life with an absolute hatful of points being earnt, really there are too many performances worthy of mention i'd be here all night but i do want to offer congrats to Brettie Angell, S2tc and Lucky Luca who haven't shown their best form being honest, all are...

    PL Weekly Points Round 37

    8 - ol blue eyes 8 - Shrimpersarmy 7 - davidovolic 6 - The Big Shrimp 6 - ldnfatso 5 - class 5 - BLUEBLOOD 5 - DoDtS 5 - Shrimper2thecore 5 - Cricko 5 - Tinks 5 - Dave the Shrimper 4 - CCCSiders 3 - Number11 3 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 3 - seves 3 - Brettie Angell 3 - canveyshrimper 3 - Roxy 3 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 36

    Personally, i can't wait to hear HBKs explanation of how this has happened ... 12 - Harold Bishop Killer 7 - Wickford Shrimper 6 - ol blue eyes 6 - D.O.L.L 6 - Cricko 5 - Tinks 5 - ldnfatso 5 - Cyril Sneer 4 - Dave the Shrimper 4 - CCCSiders 4 - southend aussies 4 - Shrimpersarmy 4 - Number11...

    PL Weekly Points Round 34

    class has proved himself the player of 2011 so far, and ends January as weekly winner, is it the beginning of a concerted title tilt or a mere purple patch to lift him from mediocrity, we'll have to wait and see i guess !! Meanwhile CCC has borrowed my :dunce: cap for the week, gaining just a...