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  1. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Round 4

    Here's the scores for Round 4, Tinks taking the plaudits with 8 points, in a low scoring week including 3 on nil points. Table to follow. 8 - Tinks 7 - Dad of Dave the Shrimper 7 - southend_aussies 6 - Lucky Luca 5 - Kristof 5 - BLUEBLOOD 4 - C C Csiders 4 - number11 4 - BrettieAngell 4 -...
  2. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Scores for Round 2

    Hi all, sorry about the delay in updating the scores, BLUEBLOOD has a dead PC and I've been chasing my tail at work. Here's the scores after Round 2, a four way tie between It's Only a Game (well done mate), Kristof & I think some copying by D.O.L.L. & Lucky Luca. ;) 8 - Lucky Luca 8 - Kristof...
  3. Napster

    Battle of the 80s films 2nd Round - Beverly Hills Cop v Karate Kid

    Beverly Hills Cop - eastblack v Karate Kid - Mad Cyril
  4. Napster

    Battle of the 80s films - Terminator v Risky Business

    Terminator - TommyTwoHoles v Risky Business- Cyril sneer Arnie v Cruise. Sci-fi versus comedy.
  5. Anyone been to Boston?

    People of SZ, Has anyone got any recommendations for Boston (not the one in Linconshire - Mad Cyril, I'm looking at you here). It's going to be part of our honeymoon tour and I've got the NYC thread to refer to for that part, so if anyone can give a few ideas it'd be appreciated. Ta muchly. :)
  6. Strykr

    worst sports injury?

    ok so ive just got back from the hospital ripped tendons in my ankle playing squash have to have a cast tommorrow, swelled up like a balloon, and it bloody hurts weeks beckon of sitting on my arse doing jack. i can feel the boredom encroaching, thought a gruesome thread about your worst sports...

    PL Weekly Points Round 37

    9 Drastic Sturgeon 7 The Big Shrimp 7 Flinty 6 class 6 OldBlueLady 6 Dave the Shrimper 6 Emu 5 BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 DoDtS 4 davidovolic 4 essexblue 4 manor15 3 Wickford Shrimper 3 Tinks 3 ldnfatso 3 southend aussies 3 ol blue eyes 3 LuckyLuca 3 BrettieAngell 3 Shrimpersarmy 3 canveyshrimper 3...

    PL Weekly Points Round 36

    A much better week for many (though with one or two exceptions :doh:) 10 Flinty 9 Dave the Shrimper 8 chapperzUK 8 manor15 8 Wickford Shrimper 7 Tinks 7 ldnfatso 7 essexblue 6 ol blue eyes 6 class 5 southend aussies 5 BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 Drastic Sturgeon 5 Shrimpersarmy 5 The Big Shrimp 4...

    PL Weekly Points Round 35

    Another poor week for all of us, not helped by our inability to see off Tranmere, Leeds inability to beat The Ooze, and Harry's inability to read the fixtures correctly ol' blue eyes and Flinty take (sort of) advantage to top the charts this week 6 ol blue eyes 6 Flinty 5 LuckyLuca 5...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ team of the year

    Following on from the SZ Annual Awards, here's my team of the year: GK - Firestorm, his consistency and the fact that very little gets past him makes him a natural to go in goal. RB - Martin Carruthers, his username may suggest a role up front but given his versatility across the board...

    PL Weekly Points Round 28

    I suppose i ought to congratulate fasto and obe for getting 5 out of 5 and so earning bonus points, but as it meant they backed Col Ewe to win i won't :finger: 13 ldnfatso 11 ol blue eyes 10 class 8 Cricko 7 Shrimpersarmy 6 Flinty 6 LuckyLuca 6 Nobby Snide2 6 Dave the Shrimper 6 davidovolic 6...

    PL Weekly Points Round 27

    Excellent efforts from seves and Drastic mean double figure tallies and top of the tree spots this week, average at best for the rest of us 11 seves 10 Drastic Sturgeon 7 ldnfatso 6 The Big Shrimp 6 Emu 6 essexblue 5 BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 Kristof 5 Cricko 5 BrettieAngell 5 Flinty 5 LuckyLuca 4...

    PL Weekly Points Round 26

    Just had a text from Dave the Shrimper .. not a good day And that can be levied at both on the pitch (send that **** Ibehre back NOW) and for the PLers Flinty nailed Gillingham with a wildcard and Cyril foresaw our demise to come out on top but it was 1s 2s or 3s pretty much all the way for...

    PL Weekly Points Round 25

    Well this week was about one player, and one player alone I can't remember the last time (indeed if its even happened before) someone gained almost twice as many points as anyone else, but this week it happened so a massive well done to OldBlueLady for a fantastic performance All we need now...
  15. Last 16: Tie 2

    Rusty Shackleford- National Lampoon's Animal House v Mad Cyril - Caddyshack
  16. Winners and quarter final draw

    Uncle Napster has handed over the reins of the competition to me as he's a otherwise engaged, so here's the list of winners from the last round and I'll do the draw with my glamorous assistant over the weekend. Last 16: Mcnasty - Blazing Saddles Yorkshire Blue – Life of Brian Drastic Sturgeon...
  17. Heat 13

    Early start again I'm afraid....some tough ties the last three days, the final four are.....well....not? Mad Cyril - Caddyshack v ORM - Bruce Almighty Note: Mods can you change title to Heat 13 please :)
  18. Napster

    First Round Draw

    33. Mcnasty -Blazing Saddles v 40. davewebbsbrain - Happy Gilmore 4. Yorkshire Blue –Life of Brian v 46. Steveo - Blues Brothers 17 Drastic Sturgeon - Withnail and I v 30. MK Shrimper - Some Like It Hot 3. Dave the Shrimper- Team America v 15. Hazey - Shaun of the Dead 5. ChapperzUK...
  19. Napster

    Prelim Rd 10 - Step Brothers v Caddyshack

    marvel315 - Step Brothers v Mad Cyril - Caddyshack
  20. Bob Cratchitt

    Bauer v Roces

    Seeing Mad Cyril's comment of doing a paper round on skates. Got me thinking which camp did you belong to?