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  1. DoDTS

    West Stand Claim the Roots Hall HOME Championship

    The West stand claim a clean sweep with their third win out of three to take this sessions Roots Hall HOME Championship for the fourth time. EAST STAND Team: Nestudas 4 points, jarriss 15 points and Trucking Shrimper 0 points TOTAL POINTS 19 NORTH BANK Team...
  2. HudsonNo1

    Victims of our own success?

    The questions in the title.... Over the last week I've seen many people on here saying we need a complete overhaul. That most of the squad isn't good enough. Even wanting brown to leave the club and bring someone else in.. Considering we've finished rather safely in mid table (which most last...
  3. DoDTS

    Who has been selected? Roots Hall HOME Championship

    Next week (No. 14 fixtures) sees the last set of fixtures for this session in the Roots Hall HOME Championship the following have been selected: EAST STAND Team: Nestudas, davew and Trucking Shrimper Substitute: Jarriss NORTH BANK Team LägerBomb...
  4. SUFC_Ross

    Question Changing careers

    I'm interested in changing career, would rather do something much more hands on either Sparky or a Plumber, has anyone made a drastic career change or anyone got any advice on how to go about doing it, I'm so bored doing what I do and even changed jobs in the same sector but am equally as bored now!
  5. DoDTS

    The South Stands win the ROOTS HALL HOME CHAMPIONSHIP

    In the closest finish yet three stands shared 6 points and it was down to point difference to decide the winner. The South stands five point win over the West was enough to take the title while the East only just beat the North by one point. EAST STAND Team: Wickfordshrimper points 4...
  6. DoDTS

    Who has been selected? - Roots Hall Home Championship

    Next Saturday (no, 13 fixtures) the final set of matches in the Roots Hall Home Competition take place with the East Stand v North Bank and South Stands v West Stand and the following have been selected: EAST STAND Team: Wickfordshrimper, SupaBlues and dannypav Substitute: The Eternal...
  7. BOTB: SF2 - (Drastic) - Hitchhikers Guide 2TG v Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Rusty)

    Tie 2.......
  8. BOTB - semi final draw.

    (DannyPav) - To Kill a Mockingbird v 1984 (Tangled UIB) (Drastic) - Hitchhikers Guide 2TG v Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Rusty) Blame Excel Rand() function for pulling out the obvious finalists in the semis :smile: Semi's tomorrow, final Friday.
  9. BOTB: QF1 - All Quiet on The Western Front (Gt Yar Shr) v Hitchhikers G2TG (Drastic)

    First QF and two very long titles :stunned:
  10. BOTB: Real QF draw...

    (Great Yarmouth Shrimper) All Quiet on The Western Front v Hitchhikers Guide 2TG (Drastic) (Tangled UIB) 1984 v Money (Rusty) (Mad Cyril) War Of the Worlds v To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) (Another Surrey Shrimper) Millennium Trilogy v Tinker Taylor SS (Rusty) Ties starting next week, we'll...
  11. BOTB: Hitchikers G2TG (Drastic) v Roots (OBL)

    Don't panic....it's tie 8.
  12. BOTB: Quarter finals

    Some meaty old ties indeed.... To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) v His Dark Materials (MK) :stunned: The Hobbit (RootsHallBloke) v 1984 (Tangled UIB) Harry Potters (Shrimper) v Money (Rusty) I, Claudius (Uncle Leo) v Millenium Trilogy (Another Silly Sausage) Brave New World (Pubey) v Tinker...
  13. BOTB: Hitchhikers Guide 2TG (Drastic) v Barrytown Trilogy (Dlolman)

    A meaty tie indeed.
  14. Jedi Shrimper

    New Business - Jonny Doodles (SUFC Artwork!)

    Hi folks, I've just started my own business selling my own artwork, and it would be great if shrimperzoners could take a look at my shop on folksy. There is an SUFC related print called 'Southend Forever' available for £12, and a few other things for music and Breaking Bad fans as well and more...
  15. DoDTS

    Prediction cup past winners

    PREDICTION CUP PAST WINNERS 2008-09 Winner DTS losing finalist Brettie Angell 2009-10 Spring Cup Winner Davidvolic losing finalist Ldnfatso 2009-10 Xmas Cup Winner Manor 15 losing finalist Shrimpersarmy 2010-11 Spring CupWinner South...
  16. DoDTS

    PL Cup First round cup results now up

    Here it is the first round Cup draw, 48 entered, 16 first round ties and 16 byes to Round Two. Ties to be played this Saturday (don't forget to predict). The second round draw Sunday. Any replays to be played Saturday week (Morecambe away) with a penalty type shoot out if necessary...
  17. DoDTS

    PL Table RH HOME Competition RESULTS 11 January

    This Saturday sees the first fixtures in this Seasons Roots Hall HOME Championship with East v West and North v South. Congratulations to B1ueb0y and Thundersley Blue for gaining their first "caps". The West Stand is highly fancied, while the North Bank puts out the poorest team on current form...
  18. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 4 TABLE NOW UP Southend prediction League

    Lets face it no-one expected us to win 4-1 and therefore a low scoring week only boosted by Big Barrys first goal. Congratulations to Drastic, South247, fatgrandad and Cyril Sneer on gaining three points each. POINTS BELOW TABLE TO FOLLOW: 3 Drastic™....................... 3...
  19. Chickens roosting at Cloud Cuckoo Farm?

    Heard the Ewes manager moaning on the radio this morning about their last minute penalty defeat in the Cup on Saturday. Basically he was saying that the financial implications were serious and that they could ill afford to go out so early as a good cup run was important to their budget. He also...
  20. DoDTS

    PL Table No.5 Scores and Table Southend PL Friday 1st November 2013

    What a night on the field and in the southend PL, congratulations to Drastic, Wickfordshrimper, KingSHRIMPER and Roxy who all correctly predicted the 3-0 win and used their wildcards, while South247, Lucky Luca, and Gt Yarmouth Shrimper also got the score right but without using their wildcard...