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  1. Kris

    The SCP diaries

    I can’t believe it’s been over a month already! I apologise for not writing sooner but I’ve been incredibly busy signing autographs, responding to fan mail and walking on water. Only joking, no-one sends fan mail these days do they? In all seriousness, it’s been a good...
  2. Benfleet A1

    Bob Evans

    Deserves a seat in here I think.
  3. The Eternal Optimist

    Breaking News Group 4 Security Van spotted outside Southend Utd main reception

    I think the war chest has arrived and Ron has been seen sporting his sheepskin coat and flat cap in anticipation of smashing the club record with a marquee signing that is more of a "jaw drop" or a "OMG Jesus F*cking H Christ no?" than a "wow". Putting 2 and 2 together, I reckon Jonny Evans or...
  4. OldBlueLady

    David Goodwillie & David Robertson - another case of rape?

    Here we go again, some similarities with the Ched Evans/Clayton Mcdonald case...except here the woman is seeking her own private prosection. When are clubs and bars going to accept a certain amount of responsibility and do what pubs do when someone has had too much and refuse to serve them...
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    League 1-season preview

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/aug/03/league-one-2016-17-season-preview-sheffield-united-ched-evans See The Guardian have us down as relegation fodder (22nd) in their 2016/7 League 1 review. Don't think so.:nope:
  6. Ched Evans

    Now that his conviction has been quashed would you welcome him to Roots Hall (he has a retrial later this year which is likely to go in his favour)?
  7. londonblue

    Davis Cup 2016

    Off to a good start this weekend. Well done the team. I couldn't watch the last two sets of the match yesterday because I took my son to his tennis lesson, and then had one myself straight after, but from what I could see (the match was on in the club house) Murray looked out of it in the fourth...
  8. danburyshrimper

    Credit where its due.....

    Just a quick message to comment on how refreshing it was to see how Burton played under Nigel Clough. ... We put in a few very tasty challenges and not once do i remember them retaliating , cheating , diving , acting or generally whinging to the ref. They took the knocks like men and just...
  9. Ref Watch .... FA Youth Cup Barton Rovers A

    I post this not in the misguided belief that anyone is remotely interested in who will be refereeing tomorrow's match, but more as a reminder that it's taking place. The team all come from Northampton. Recently promoted Level 3 referee, Robert Evans is in the middle and Sam Anderson and Abdul...
  10. Steve Evans- Leeds.

    Steve Evans has been appointed Leeds manager despite saying this just 2 years ago. Leeds fans are less than impressed!
  11. Tampa Blue

    Steve Evans Sacked

    Well I won't shed any tears about that!! http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/34380186
  12. Next Permanent Peterborough Manager - SkyBet Odds

    He won't leave, but Brown is 33/1 to become the next Peterborough boss. Full List: Steve Evans - 4/6 - Most Recent Job: Currently at Rotherham Graham Westley (He was at the game on Saturday) - 3/1 - Most Recent Job: Stevenage FC Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink - 12/1 - Most Recent Job: Currently at...
  13. rlb999

    ched evans

    Someone will take a punt on him at some point. Why not us? We arguably have less to lose as our main sponsor is our chairmans company.
  14. Ricey

    Jonny Evans

    I see he has released a statement saying he didn't spit at Cissé. I'm pretty sure the evidence is clear that he did. Whether he meant to or not he's made it look like he is spitting at him.
  15. Swear Filter

    Please can you add "Ched Evans" to the swear filter so that it automatically changes it to "Convicted Rapist Ched Evans" Thanks xx
  16. rlb999

    Ched Evans

    Just don't understand why Sheffield United are getting involved with this. Yes, he's probably capable of bagging a few goals if they can get him fit, but are they really prepared to risk the credibility of the club on an issue like this? The only reason I can see why they aren't giving this a...
  17. CyrilSneer

    Phil Brown and Ched Evans

    Apologies if this was posted before, but I have only just seen this and I didnt see it on the Zone previously http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ched-evans-released-football-manager-4453913
  18. Shrimper

    Ched Evans

    If he didn't sign for Sheffield and he was interested, would you sign him?
  19. We need a striker, would you accept Ched Evans?

    Evans was released from clink this morning, so I feel it relevant and An interesting topic to discuss. If the club looked to sign him, or even gave him a trial, would you welcome it or be disgusted? Few points to consider... - Would you be happy/angry/indifferent to him representing & being...
  20. danburyshrimper

    Football hunger games

    If you could nominate 3 football related people to throw into the Hunger Games pit who would you choose ? All those entered have to fight each other to the death and there is only 1 victor. .....Sounds like Fun to me! :smiles: I nominate Sepp Blatter , Graham Westley & Steve Evans