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  1. Cricko

    Strange things that happen on holidays

    Prompted by Kaymacs post in the where would you like to live thread. It was I think about 1983 when I went to Vancover for a few months, I have relatives there and always wanted to visit the place. I met up with a guy and his wife, I forget their names now, but he asked me, "Would I help him...
  2. manor15

    Breaking News Sam Barratt - Signing confirmed

    Supposedly the imminent signing mentioned in the Echo. 22-years-old, 5 goals, 9 assists in 32 games for Maidenhead this season and available on a free transfer. Joined them from Bracknell Town in 2014 and this has been his first season as a regular in the team. Previously had trials with...
  3. RHB

    Dru shortlisted for EFL award

    According to the Echo: 'Blues midfielder Dru Yearwood has been nominated fro the League One Apprentice of the Year Award. The 18 year old, who has shone for the Shrimpers this season. has been shortlisted alongside Peterborough United's Lewis Freestone and AFC Wimbledon's Anthony Hartigan. The...
  4. Floval Flyer


    Thinking about our current strike force, and interested in who you would pick as your front 2 for Saturday I’d bin Lapado, he’s worse than Robinson, and that is saying something! Ba isn’t ready from what I’ve seen, where the hell is he anyway? So that leaves 4; Cox -...
  5. The Eternal Optimist

    All quiet on the Southend front?

    Every Window we are kept on tenterhooks awaiting the marquee signing that never comes :sad: I am rather hoping Ray Parlour’s love child rocks up but I do fear he’ll laugh and taunt us. I guess we will be teased up until the closing bell tolls.
  6. southend_aussies

    All quiet on the social front....

    There’s been no posts at all from the Southend or Chris Philips account today. Can I suggest that something is about to play out?
  7. Floval Flyer

    Pre-Match Thread Scunthorpe United v Southend United

    So, any thoughts on who will replace Lenny in midfield or whether Cox and Anton will be back? Hopefully back to two up front, but who is in or out of favour this week or is on PBs Christmas card list is anyone’s guess?
  8. Floval Flyer

    Coaching staff

    Just at looking at the senior coaching staff on the club website, we only have PB, GC, and Lee Harrison (goalkeeping coach), plus old man Horton named, but there is no attacking coach? Who assumes these duties, as none of the aforementioned played in an attacking role in their careers, so who...
  9. Sackable offence surely...1 up front....

    .....when you badly need the points to give hope for the rest of the season, and to keep you in a job. Oh no....not our Phil.....lets not test there keeper when we are playing at home. Ron you ain't got the balls to sack the idiot in charge after last week so this week Phil confirms it for...
  10. MisterStubbs

    A change of formation?

    I'm a big fan of the old trusted 4-4-2 formation. The big man, little man combo up front with two pacey wingers supplying them creates a lot of problems for teams. But with Josh Wright now in the squad, how well do you think we could get on with a 4-3-3 set up? A midfield three of Lenny, Woody...
  11. Shrimpersfan

    Home kit on club shop

    Just noticed on online club shop that the main sponsor (i'm right in thinking it's Martin Dawn, right?) Is missing and has been replaced by a # related to nut allergies. 1. WTF? 2. I assume if i buy a shirt that it won't have a big # across the front?
  12. Napster

    Amy May Trust

    https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2017/september/the-amy-may-trust-becomes-the-clubs-new-front-of-shirt-sponsor/ wow. Great gesture.
  13. Blueronron


    Any one been here for a show/ concert along sea front see Blancmange playing there and fancy seeing them but if venue not good....
  14. Shrimper

    Injury front

    892104169754173440 I'm guessing Turner's hamstring isn't good. But, we're a bit buggered in defence at the moment. Can use this to keep up to date with injuries etc.
  15. Luke Prosser

    Poor old Luke not having much luck on the injury front. Having missed out on the end of last season from November onward after having to have a knee operation he has now had to have another and will miss the start of this season being out for another 6-8 weeks.:sad:
  16. At Training Today.

    I went to training quite looking forward to seeing Michael Kightly really. Unfortunately I got called away and only stayed about half an hour. The players weren't training on the pitch right in front of the car park, but much further down. So couldn't see as well as usual. Again confirmed that...
  17. RHB

    27 days to go- and what have we got?

    Not long now till the 5th of August and Blackburn at Roots Hall. With the signings of Hendrie, Kightly and Turner(have we?) and Mr Brown looking for more new boys we appear to be set for a very decent squad to start the season. If only Nile hadn't been a complete tool and was getting a full...
  18. OldBlueLady

    Question for the women in your lives

    Here's one to tickle your fancy.....having lunch yesterday with my baby group friends (the kids are now all 23!), I was greeted with a question....it wasn't "how was your holiday?", after not having seen them for three weeks, no, it was "how do you put your bra on?" Now, the upshot of this was...
  19. Glastonbury

    With the family by pyramid stage on saturday afternoon seeing craig david for my daughter , run the jewels and katy perry(for me!) and we are sure we spotted a large southend flag near to the front...anyone own up to this and for anyone else who went what was your experience like..have to say...
  20. Mad Cyril

    Best cold food

    I over ordered on the pizza front yesterday and have just eaten a cold Pizza Hut supreme pizza after 3 hours mountain biking. Is there a better dish eaten cold?