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  1. Question Granty, ambition and finance

    I see Grantie is settling in well at Stevenage and doing well for them; best wishes to him. I also note that they are 3rd in the table and have gates of the 3,000 only. How can they afford Grantie and how does he feel playing for a smaller team in front of such poor crowds? Borough can survive...
  2. we need an owl/hawk in the east stand

    The pigeons are back roosting in the eaves.Pooped down the back of the bloke in front of me!
  3. fbm

    Corr back in training - PS wants new faces in - from the ECho

    BBBC making good progress, is back in training and resuming full contact work next week. PS to have a meeting with RM about 2 new midfielders on loan and subject to BBBC's continuing progress, maybe the front man we were in for before the deadline. We can register loan players anytime before...
  4. Shrimp and two veg

    Tika taka footy for kids

    Hi, i run a team of eight-year olds in a 7-a-side league. After watching years of Spanish style football take over the world nationally and Barcelona at club level, i have decided i want to teach my kids this style. For the past 4 months we have worked on simple passing and control, our first...
  5. Cricko

    I am confused here

    So what exactly is PS's plan here. We have at least 3 players on board who like the ball to their feet during play, Eastwood, Benyon and Harris, Last season we tried the hoof route to the likes of Dicko etc and to some part it worked.Why sign players who prefer it on the deck if you want to play...
  6. Question Is Sturrock important or impotent?

    Is Sturrock really a 'must have' ingredient to get us promotion or is he aiming to do well but merely firing blanks? I am incapable of understanding many of the decisions the man makes. Not just tactics but personnel and the use of personnel. Last year he brought in Sampson and persisted with...
  7. southchurch

    The Olympics V Football

    I watched our chaps at the Olympics, I wanted them to win every event and I cheered them on TV because I couldn't get any tickets. I really enjoyed the games and thought we did very well. However I did not shout and abuse any athlete who did not win. OK I wasn't actually there but you know...
  8. DTS

    Your ideal front two.

    I have left Moshni out of the selection as it seems apparant he is unlikely to be here next season. That said if we kept him my ideal front two would be Mosh and Freddy. In light of that I am going Benyon and Freddy. Benyon has to have more about him to score the goals he has and I am keen to...
  9. Ben Clarkson Olympic Sprinter

    Was sat in the South Upper today (allegedly on duty) when a tribe of podgy spammers sat 2 rows in front of us and did nothing but slate of our club from the toilets, the view, the team and eventually our very own Ben as he ran over to the West to treat one of ours. After very loudly saying "pot...
  10. Harry Crawford

    Harry has gone on Luton's preseason tour to Portugal on trial with a view to moving there. Luton seem to be making a big push for promotion this year and have signed a number of players, including Scott Rendell and Jon Shaw up front so if he does move there he'll have a lot of competition for a...

    Lee Sawyer.

    Lee Sawyer training with Ado Den Haag of Hollland who play in the same league as Ajax,Feyernord,PSV Einhoven.Looks like they are going to sign him having a medical very soon training at boot camp.Great news for Lee and all the people that liked him at Southend Utd. Chemico fc wish him the very...
  12. Southend Fan Plays Drums - Crest Required.

    Does anybody deal in vinyl graphics out there. I am a Southend United fan and play in 3 peace band. What i want is a SUFC crest to go on the front of my Bass drum. Whenever we gig i always wear my Southend Shirt to show my surport of SUFC, now i would like a crest on the front of my bass drum...