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  1. Hellbride

    My niece's husband Pat Higgins is an award winning film maker - for those of you who have Amazon Prime, his excellent Hellbride is now available to watch. Shot on a tiny budget, and loaded with Southend locations.
  2. Tangled up in Blue

    IMDB -250 greatest movies

    How many have you seen? http://www.listchallenges.com/imdb-top-250?ref=share My score was 170.
  3. MrB

    Unfulfilled Acting Careers

    I'm surprised this woman didn't get more parts with a CV like this: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1856457/?ref_=sr_1
  4. IMDB Top 250 films

    If you can be arsed to count them, how many of the 250 have you seen. I'm on 148.5 (1/2 because I turned off Requim for a Dream).... Good to see a lot of Hayao Myazake animations in there, though some I've never heard of. Ip man? Que? So 101.5 to go.... :stunned:
  5. Question New battle of the slightly average films....

    New battle folks? It's been a while.....as good as Napster's film ones were, the finalists are sometimes blatantly obvious...so if people up for it, back a film that you love BUT does not appear in the IMDB top 250 films - which obviously discounts any Star Wars, Shawshanks, LOTR, etc etc. So...
  6. Best IMDb person ever!

    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1856457/ One uncredited role!
  7. seany t

    Reasons to love Hitchcock

    1. In 'Psycho', where the guy is creeping up the stairs to check out the mother's bedroom, and the camera switches to an overhead view and then - out of nowhere - she rushes out knife in hand. ***** me up just thinking about it. 2. For that amazing shot in 'Frenzy' where you realise that the...
  8. Jam_Man

    From the creators of Band of Brothers... The Pacific

    Without doubt my favourite TV Series of all time is Band of Brothers and over the last week Ive sat through the whole series again for about the 10th time. Love how its filmed and an incredibly inspiring story. Just found out that the 'creators' of Band of Brothers have a new 10 part series...
  9. 2010's big films

    Feel free to add any more that you know of; Clash of the Titans - A decent cast stars in the remake of the 1981 film of the same name. Slight different plot this time aswell. Trailer - http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi342754585/ Released in March Alice in Wonderland - Tim Burton's new...
  10. Fellow nerds....will this suck?

    I loved V when it came on in the 80's, taped it off the telly on VHS and watched it many a time. I even read the books and watched the series (which I soon realised was pony). However V still holds a place in my heart but now they've remade it. So simply, will it be top drawer like the...
  11. The Dark Knight Returns

    Despite the fact that it is two years away, i'm really looking forward to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is rumoured to be called "The Dark Knight Returns" So far the idea is Batman will come up against The Riddler who is rumoured to be played by Johnny Depp. But other rumours are certain...
  12. The Final Destination 3D

    This looks ****ing brilliant, The fourth outting in the Final Destination series, where (predictably) youngsters die in all kinds of crazy ways, BUT this time its in 3D. Anyone who saw 'My Bloody Valentine' in 3D will know what to expect, Can't wait for this...
  13. Donnie Darko sequel

    That's right, the mind boggling story of tangent universes, and giant weird rabbits and strange things coming out peoples chests and countdowns are back in the sequel 's.Darko' Looks strange http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi762381081/
  14. New films coming soon

    Take a look at some of these. They look the nuts Transformers 2 http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi757662489/ Terminator 4 http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi3424453401/ X-men 4 http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi520356633/
  15. Irish_Shrimper

    Yes Man

    The new Jim Carrey movie previews this weekend over here. Played it through at work the other night, and whilst expecting something similar to 'Liar Liar', I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I know a lot of people are getting tired of Carrey's acting style and so forth, but if you want...
  16. Roots Hall in the movies

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before but I've just seen a film that features Roots Hall in the seventies. It's called Bloody Kids and was released on DVD a few months ago probably because it's directed by Stephen Frears who made The Queen It's set entirely in Southend and has a 5-10...
  17. Kenny

    Bloody Kids!

    Don't know if it has been discussed on here before but just flicked onto BBC4 and caught footage in this film of fans streaming out of Roots Hall before one of them got stabbed. Cue the police car driving the injured boy past the east stand, past chalkwell park, along Southend seafront...
  18. Leeboy

    Stan Collymore

  19. Napster


    Unbelieveably, check this out: Constantine- The Film