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  1. Floval Flyer


    All this talk of PB out, and yes I agree - time to go... But, who would legitimately take over the reigns? Knowing how Ron likes a 'name' I wouldn't be surprised if any of the following are on speed dial at the moment: Mark Warburton Paul Lambert Billy Davies Simon Grayson All of the above...
  2. Linked In

    Has anyone on the site ever got anything out of Linked In? I add people I know from work & around, people add me....and that seems to be about it.....no recruitment agency has come knocking, and there's very little jobs of interest that are advertised on it. What IS the point?
  3. RobM

    Fixed Odds machines

    I have never used one and have no intention either but it's a hot topic in the media at the moment. Some geezer on 5Live said words to the effect that if the maximum stake was lowered from £100 to £2 it would cost 12,000 jobs. Doesn't he mean "Profits would drop and it will affect my bonus"...
  4. londonblue

    Telephone Sockets

    We're currently having a lot of work done on our house. One of the jobs was to remove all the old telephone sockets and wiring, and install a new telephone socket in the lounge. The guy who did it has done a really good job. We now only have one cable from the junction box inside the house...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit to create 30,000 jobs

    Great news, my patriotic friends! The great Brexit gamble is set to create 30,000 British jobs for British* people! The EU have only 24,000 of these jobs currently so that's one in the eye for Juncker and his cronies. These jobs are set to come about in the civil service to implement the...
  6. * ORM *

    For the love of (Adam Barrett)

    Ron, pull the trigger now. We have a squad good enough to hold its own. We have a manager that for the best part of 9 months has got nothing consistently decent out of them. One game doesn't tell the truth, patterns don't lie. The referee, injuries, bad luck. Every team faces this. Phil's time...
  7. * ORM *

    Putting the Great back into Britain

    For those doom merchants after Brexit UK Retail Sales showing huge positive growth.UK GDP back in line with expectations. UK manufacturing had one of its biggest monthly jumps in 25 years. UK consumer confidence up. The pound starting to show signs of strengthening. Britain doesn't need Europe...
  8. Uncle Leo

    Vacancy at my office

    I've posted this elsewhere, but thought if I put it here it might get the attention of some betting sorts...
  9. RHB

    Lloyds cuts a further 3,000 jobs and doubles branch closure plan

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36911896 Anyone caught up in the fall-out of this or Lloyds earlier closures? There appear to be a variety of reasons for these latest cuts so it would be unfair to lay it at the door of one thing, but I do wonder what those customers that don't use on-line...
  10. Southend Maintence Manager Role

    Can't make my mind up if this guy is going to be rushed of his feet with all of the jobs that need doing , or sitting on his bum all day becasue we never pay to get anything done? http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/maintenance-manager-role-3105686.aspx
  11. A view from up North

    Here's my rundown on our team and talent? We have no keeper issues though when Dan leaves we will need another keeper and so straight on to the defence. John White. I prefer O Neill as he is more dynamic and capable of getting up and back quicker. I think White maybe should move on and we get...
  12. SUFC_Ross

    Question Changing careers

    I'm interested in changing career, would rather do something much more hands on either Sparky or a Plumber, has anyone made a drastic career change or anyone got any advice on how to go about doing it, I'm so bored doing what I do and even changed jobs in the same sector but am equally as bored now!
  13. What jobs have your other relis done.

    over to you.
  14. Ref Watch .... Coventry A

    We haven't lost at Coventry in the League for 55 years. Okay, we've only played them there four times in that period but those four matches include two draws and two impressive and high scoring wins - 5-2 and 4-3. Anyway man in charge of our delayed fixture at the Ricoh is second year League...
  15. Floval Flyer

    Who's still happy!?

    My wife can't believe I am still on a high since last weekend, she's not used to me in a good mood all off the time, normally I am right moany git! Just had a week off work, given loads of jobs to do round the house, even helped my eldest with his exam revision... And Still happy ! just...
  16. Mad Cyril

    Recent DIY wins

    I recently noticed the pressure gauge reading low on my combi boiler. I re-pressurized the system only to notice the pressure drop off again over the next few days. This pointed to a leak in the central heating system which could have involved ripping up newly laid floors at worst and at best...
  17. CC51DAS

    Mansfield manager's comments after last week's home defeat by York

    Not sure everyone will have seen this: Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray on Mansfield v York "It's the lowest point of my time in charge so far. We didn't carry out any kind of game plan, we might as well have spent a week at home and done no preparation. "We showed no bravery on the ball...
  18. Uber/Deliveries/Post

    Was thinking the other day about Uber and how it's changing taxis and stuff. Would an Uber business model be viable for parcel delivery/couriering etc? - Let's say that every city has a couple of depots, and every town has 1. - You get home from work and know you're going to be in for an hour...
  19. Uncle Leo

    The sacked manager thread

    I think we had one of these last year and even though we are two months in to the 2014/15 season and loads of managers have already lost their jobs, why not start another one. Shame to see Lee Clark leave Birmingham; they had won only one of their last 24 league games and he was doing a great...
  20. Jobs that Southend players would have if they didn't play football

    What in your head would SUFC players be if they weren't footballers? Daniel Bentley - Lifeguard at Belfairs pool Kevan Hurst - Lettings agent John White - Barber Luke Prosser - Sunday School teacher