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mad cyril

  1. For Mad Cyril (and any other SQL nerds)

    ...as requested. Apologies if this is the dullest thread on SZ ever......:zzzzz: use NetworkRail go select wcs.imdm as [IMDM],wcs.Day,wcs.Month,wcs.Year, sum(wcs.maxT*rat.RATIO) as [Weighted_Max Temp],sum(wcs.minT*rat.RATIO) as [Weighted_Min Temp],sum(wcs.maxw*rat.ratio) as...
  2. They're watching you....

    So I comment on a thread about camper vans by Mad Cyril, i log onto Facebook and what do I see? Adverts for hiring camper vans.....:unsure:
  3. BOT 90s: The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers v Screamadelica - Primal Scream

    Supernaut v Mad Cyril Two bloody brilliant albums; One happy happy happy vs misery, despair and horror!
  4. BOT 90s albums: Last 8 draw

    Whats The Story…. - Oasis (Kingshrimper) v OK Computer - Radiohead (Dingley Dangley) Dummy - Portishead (DWB) v II - Tindersticks (***) The Bends - Radiohead (GHG) v Violator - Depeche Mode (Toby Esterhause) The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers (Supernaut) v Screamadelica - Primal...
  5. Best SZ Threads of 2014

    Add links here. A Barna classic A Mad Cyril classic Fridge-gate
  6. BOTB: QF3: (Mad Cyril) War Of the Worlds v To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav)

    Tie 3.......
  7. BOTB: Real QF draw...

    (Great Yarmouth Shrimper) All Quiet on The Western Front v Hitchhikers Guide 2TG (Drastic) (Tangled UIB) 1984 v Money (Rusty) (Mad Cyril) War Of the Worlds v To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) (Another Surrey Shrimper) Millennium Trilogy v Tinker Taylor SS (Rusty) Ties starting next week, we'll...
  8. BOTB: War Of The Worlds (Mad Cyril) v Shantaram (KingShrimper)

    Not the QF tie 6....
  9. BOTB: Quarter finals

    Some meaty old ties indeed.... To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) v His Dark Materials (MK) :stunned: The Hobbit (RootsHallBloke) v 1984 (Tangled UIB) Harry Potters (Shrimper) v Money (Rusty) I, Claudius (Uncle Leo) v Millenium Trilogy (Another Silly Sausage) Brave New World (Pubey) v Tinker...
  10. Napster

    RIP Jimmy Ruffin and Jeffrey Fletcher

    :'(:'( One a bonafide soul legend. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/jimmy-ruffin-dead-motown-what-becomes-of-the-brokenhearted-singer-dies-aged-78-9871606.html The other only his Mum would recognise (and Mad Cyril)...
  11. Pillars of the Earth (Borientater) v War Of The Worlds (Mad Cyril)

    First up today v2....
  12. BOTB: Pillars of the Earth (Borientater) v War Of The Worlds (Mad Cyril)

    First up today.....
  13. Alma Mater, Slebs and you

    Seeing as Mad Cyril obviously attended the New York school of Performing Arts, any famous people went to your schools/Uni? I get racist Joe O'Meara from S Club 7 and Shrimper John Cornwell (school), and actress Catherine Tyldesley (Eva, Corrie) from my Uni. I never met any of them. You?
  14. Gardening

    Hello folks, as I've slipped into being an old fart I need some advice regarding gardening. I've got a trellis that needs a good climbing plant - can anyone recommend one that's easy to take care of? Many thanks. And no Mad Cyril, Marajuana isn't an option. :facepalm: Oh, and is it easy to...
  15. Mad Cyril - this make you feel old :sad:

    Ralph Macchio is now the same age that Pat Morita was in the first ‘Karate Kid’. :'( http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/wanna-feel-old-ralph-macchio-now-same-age-013255154.html
  16. Benfleet A1

    Shrimperzone's Honourable Gentlemen

    Just a bit of fun, it's election time and Shrimperzone has evolved into a national and global beast. The decision has been taken to field a candidate to fight every seat in the country and the opinion polls suggest a landslide for us. We have no elected leader but in anticipation that we will be...
  17. South Bank Hank

    Mad Cyril's Killer Squirrels (SZ Edition)

    Matt The Shrimp's Rent-A-Gimps...
  18. Tie #10: Wild Geese (Canvey) v Better off Dead (Mad Cyril)

    Tie #10. Two films I've never seen. :nope:
  19. Napster

    Battle of the 90s films R1 - The Big Lebowski v Good Will Hunting

    The Big Lebowski (Mad Cyril) v Good Will Hunting (Dick Bate's Protege)
  20. Napster

    Battle of the 90s films - First Round draw

    Unforgiven (pickled seal) v A Few Good Men (Roxy) Dumb and Dumber (Clinton Baptiste) v Jurassic Park (Harold Bishop Killer) American pie (martin carruthers) v Reservoir Dogs (Big Shrimp) Usual Suspects (UTB) v Shawshank Redemption (EastStandBlue) Se7en (Pubey) v The Matrix (MrB)...