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  1. spoons

    Good or poor pre season?

    With the team for the Accrington game looming Saturday, still far from decided, surely this has been a poor pre season. Seemingly dozens of trial players coming and going, games against mostly inferior sides and a lack of goals leads me to think this has been poor preparation. Warm weather...
  2. Question Does RM actually put any money into SUFC ?

    Does RM actually put £100k (approx) a month into SUFC ? Be interesting to see peoples views on this
  3. Mr Philips

    Mr Philips tweeted that the player brown met with yesterday is a winger who can play left or right wings but has a year left on contract . Can you really see big Ron paying out money to get these players in
  4. Phil brown yesterday

    I lcould not quite work out what he was getting at .He stated that we have an Amount of players today and we have got to have the same amount come Aug the 9th .Now reading between the lines is he saying the money dictates how many players we have in the squad . Or like last season we were only...
  5. ian_the_girth

    Ticket office close

    Anyone know why the ticket office is not open today? Just been down there to get a season ticket and it's closed. I can only assume we have sold out or no longer need the money!! ******S!!!!!!!!
  6. Mad Cyril

    Jobs you would like if money was no object

    What jobs would you like to do if money was no object? I would like to spend alternate days working as a police detective and a park ranger or greenskeeper at a really nice golf course.
  7. ian_the_girth

    Sega Megadrive I & II

    Does anyone have a fully working Sega Megadrive I or II or both they dont want anymore? Ideally with TV RF cable and power cable. Recently bought a Megadrive II from a boot sale but the power pin on the console is loose and keeps cutting off :thumbdown:. Had a look on Ebay last week and...
  8. Seeing you all next year

    So what happened then.... You thrash us 4-1 and absolutely play us off the park but you couldn't beat Burton Albion! Best of luck next season, I am putting money on you winning League Two.