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  1. Uncle Leo

    World Cup betting

    SkyBet are offering money back - as a free bet, up to £10 - on any losing bets on the World Cup winner. Definitely have to give that a go - I've already had a bet on France, may hold my nose and have a tenner on Germany (love the country, admire the football team, but hate seeing them win)
  2. davewebbsbrain

    Honda Civic feedback

    After selling my Fiesta TDCI Zetec S and buying a Focus Titanuim TDI, I have become bored very quickly so I have started looking at other cars. The Mk8 Honds Civic, 2006 onwards, has caught my eye. Lots of tech for the money, very nice V-Tec engine and a different look about it. The 1.8 petrol...
  3. Sums paid to Agents and intermediaries

    CP has tweeted details of sums paid in Div 1 and Blues are fourth highest @226k behind Blackburn, Wigan and Charlton. Interesting to see the huge disparity in sums paid. Good value for money for our opponents on Saturday?
  4. Shrimper

    Southend Council

    Can someone please tell me why the Council decided to seemingly try and turn everyone away yesterday with this bike event? The high street is on its knees and the seafront traders rely on the money they make in the summer months and weekend to keep them going through the year. So why are the...
  5. Tommy2holes

    What needs to happen for next season to be a success?

    We are essentially a couple of results from safety. We have a squad of players who are fairly old or very young. Quite a few who are injury prone and some who quite frankly haven't earned their money with performances. I don't usually advocate wholesale changes but we have to make quite a few...
  6. Ricky Otto

    Cheltenham 2018

    With under 2 weeks to go I thought I'd start up this years Cheltenham thread up. Who look like the bankers this year? Buveur D'air, Apples Jade, Altior, SAMCRO? Where is the value to be found? I don't think the standard is as high as previous years overall, so there is going to be value bets...
  7. First4mortgages

    Latest Rumours You're probably paying too much on your mortgage!

    Hi all As a mortgage broker and financial adviser, I have spoken to so many people in the past who hadn't realised that there was anything better for their mortgage than the interest rate that they were being charged. Some didn't think that anyone could help them, so just carried on paying the...
  8. Football League Show

    Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but for those of you that enjoy the show and getting their 1st fix of Southend's matchday highlights... I've seen that the Football League Show on currently on Channel 5 has been dumped by them at the end of the season, and from next next season will...
  9. Volunteer Wanted ---- from those who donated to the Adam Barrett Montage

    Anyone who donated to the Adam Barrett Montage ----- we are looking for someone local-ish to Southend to present Adam with his framed montage, at a time and a place to be agreed with the man himself. As I now reside in the People's Republic of West Yorkshire and Cricko is a shy boy we need...
  10. Cricko

    Podcast 2 tickets to the Sponsor's Evening with our sponsored player Ben Coker

    Billericay Blue, the winner of this prize in the Player Sponsorship thread has no real interest in attending, so has asked us to auction this prize off to raise some money for charity. So get your bids in if you are interested in this. Whoever wins, the money you pay will be donated back to the...
  11. Cricko

    Zone Update We keep on rocking

    We have lived for 17 years now as one collective ShrimperZone....We have seen many sites (God bless them) trying to support SUFC as we do on The Zone, We have faced them all off, or rather you have, to make this site one of the best outside the Prem.. Most of those Prem sites are either owned...
  12. Players on Loan.

    Well done CP for getting in the 3 on loan. A big lad up front and someone stronger in mid-field would have been on anyone's shopping list but getting someone who can slot in with at least L1 experience is the difficult bit in January. Lets hope Sam Mantom arrives soon but I guess he wouldn't be...
  13. fbm

    Fly on the wall in "the meeting"... allegedly...

    RM - Ok, who's first. Anton. How are things and how do you feel about Philip? AF - Not bad. However, I keep having problems with my legs. People keep telling me that at some point you'll realise that your legs are gone, but every time I look down they're still there. I can't understand what the...
  14. Cricko

    Browns time must be up!

    I never thought he was one of "Us"..He just fitted a bill of RM's picture. As usual RM promised him the earth with dreams of the new stadium etc...In fairness RM has backed him to the hilt these past few seasons with money for old timers. I have always felt he was Rm's Doppelganger..RM loves to...
  15. southchurch

    Happy New Year Ron Martin

    I would like to wish Mr Ron Martin a happy new year. Thank you again for backing our beloved Southend United. You have backed this club with your own money and for that we owe you a great debt. I know you have big ambitions for our club and you always do your best. Good luck for 2018 and may all...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Jack Paynes return

    Just wondered what sort of reception JP will get Saturday. For me personally I think he acted quite poorly. Yes he had a decent season at Huddersfield but as the season progressd he appeared less and less and finds himself back at league 1 Oxford. I know He made us some money but after 1 year...
  17. Ricky Otto

    Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

    Back in August after watching the Netflix documentary "banking on bitcoin", I made a small investment (£100) in bitcoin. It had already rocketed in value so I was reluctant to invest a significant amount, I wish I had now as my £100 is now worth £210 and I have doubled my money. There are many...
  18. keirnan

    I see according to chris Philips that he could be facing a second knee op .If this is true then we wont be seeing him any time soon yet more money spent on a player who doesn't do that .Picking up a wage without kicking a ball in anger .
  19. BriggBlue

    Where should we be as a club

    Given that there's a lot of negativity around this forum at the moment, (and most moments), I thought I'd ask the question about where people think Southend United should be as a club. for me we don't have the investment to be a top four premiership side, even getting into the premiership...
  20. Fake Watches on Ebay.

    It's incredible the amount of fake brand name watches on Ebay. For example if you type in 'Men's Tissot Watch' You will get loads come up, with a high percentage fake. The trouble is that the fakers fake the presentation box, the guarantee, the instructions and they even do a receipt. It's only...