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  1. Shrimpers are Magic

    Head Phones

    Got AKG Y50 BT to watch telly with and hopefully cut out the prat upstairs stomping about. Does anyone else use head phones to watch TV?
  2. The Big Dady


    Is the Zone protected from the latest ransomware called "WannaCry" that attacks Windows operating systems and infecting them around the world? Serious question, as I do not want to loose my Shrimpers football fix. Is this Pandemic which has now spread to over 100 countries, is it that...
  3. Research on our everyday use of electronic devices

    Thanks to those who took part in an earlier version of some university research I am involved in that is looking at how we conduct our everyday relationships through smartphones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices. I have now moved on to a second phase of questions and I hope you...
  4. RHB

    Mobile Phone Usage in cars - Report or not report?

    It seems that various police forces around the country are upping their game when it comes to nabbing drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving. It is also being suggested that other members of the driving public should report vehicles that they see using phones. For what it's worth...
  5. RHB

    Texting drivers: Penalty points and fines to double

    It's about time that the penalties for mobile usage in cars was beefed up, but with a decrease in the amount of traffic cops will it make too much difference? There appears to be an increase in drivers with phones welded to their ears so maybe it's time that those we get caught lose their...
  6. Supershrimper

    Question Lights at the Hall

    Don't know if I've missed something but can someone please explain why around the 50 minutes mark people start to shine the light from their phones. Noticed it last week and again this week as well
  7. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Ring Tone

    Hi, anyone with suitable IT skills able to put the BBC commentary of Joe Piggots goal on a suitable downloadable thing on this site that we can then download to our phones as a ring tone? My use of terminology gives a hint that I do not have the appropriate skills! Reckon that would be popular...
  8. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Stevenage Tickets

    £24? WTF. How much were the tickets for the league game earlier this season? At least the home game is reasonable at £19 Anyone know the allocation and how sales are going, I have seen a picture of the queue today, but I can't get there. Are they answering the phones! Don't want to miss out.
  9. * ORM *

    The Day before the Day !!!!

    I can do this as it is Friday for me. Slight disappointment that I won't be there is overcome massively by building excitement and nervousness. The beauty of being here is a 10pm ko for me and in the current warm weather around 24-25 degrees that time of night. I will be in a bar. I suspect the...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    Which phone?

    I think it's about time I finally sort myself out with a proper smartphone. What phone would Zoners recommend and why. I expect I'd use it for e-mails, surfing Shrimperzone and taking the occasional photo. Actual useful advice welcome in addition to the usual joke suggestions of a Nokia 3210...
  11. londonblue


    I know this is going to sound ridiculous but my wife and I have bought our sons a refurbished Samsung tablet each. That way they will leave our phones and my wife's iPad alone. My job on Monday is to set them up so that when we give them to the boys they're ready to use straight away. Given...
  12. Jam_Man

    9/11 true or false !

    9/11 was hardly complicated, just needed willing fanatics and a bit of flight training and money, which he had plenty of. He didnt "beat" the USA, he struck against them using what was a very lax transport system. Being shot in the head and lobbed in the ocean doesnt sound like he won.
  13. Help Required!

    Hi All, If you could please read below that would be greatly appreciated! We are looking to design an app, available for all smart phones & tablets, which will allow football fans to keep track of how many football grounds they have visited around the world. The app will offer the...
  14. DoDTS

    My 50th Anniversary today

    Today is my 50th .........50 years since my first away match. Monday 24th August 1964 Queens Park Rangers 2-0 Southend United. I didn’t have the luxury of going to football with my dad (he had stopped going years previously) so I had to finance and go under my own steem. I was 12 years old but...
  15. Rattus Norvegicus

    Question Printable fixture list

    Does anyone know if there is a printable fixture list like last season? I think it was a mini A4 poster that with Hurst, Eastwood and Bentley on it. There is something on the S.U.F.C. website but that seems to be something to do with mobile phones and calendars on the computer whereas I just...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Ticket office thread

    Went in today and they weren't able to sell tickets as the computer systems had been down since yesterday afternoon. The phones were ringing off the hook and people were holding for an hour trying to get through. If your trying to get though you may have a wait. And you buy from the office...
  17. Shrimperzone away tickets idea/help??

    So away tickets might be a bit of a nightmare. Especially for non seaso/shareholder exiles. I'd happily pay a bit more if someone was able to go down to the office and pick up tickets and meet outside the ground. It could be arranged via SZ/PayPal and an 'admin fee' could go towards SZ running...
  18. Massimo Giovanni

    Some NY ideas for SUFC

    1. Try to remedy the ticket office and phones issues. 2. Do some tact and deplomacy training with a few of the stewards. 3. Sort out to 2 oafs in South Upper. 4. Get a steam cleaner and some disinfectant into the loos (especially it seems the away North Bank. 5. Efficiency in the bars for...
  19. Massimo Giovanni

    As a manager I would change..........

    Di Canio has banned mobile phones, ketchup and mayonnaise from the training ground at Black Cats. He explains why clearly and it makes sense, mainly. If you were manager in the current game what would you change now so much more is organised and specified, measured and prepared for.......what's...
  20. Jedi Shrimper

    Nokia Lumia 925

    Just got this the other day on a 2 year contract, and it's my first proper smartphone I'm having a few issues. First off I was taking some photos & videos at Colchester Zoo today but it doesn't seem to want to upload them to facebook. My account is already linked to the phone should it should be...