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  1. Cricko

    Zone Auction 5: A collection of SUFC bits.

    Next up we have a small collection on offer. The end bid does not include P&P. A Nile Ranger shirt signed by most players, 2 SCP Mugs and an actual signed match ball from the old days....I am trying to recognise a signature to date it, but to little avail so far. Over to you lot to bid on this.
  2. Tommy2holes

    Would Nile ranger have benefited from being managed by Chris Powell

    Chris strikes me as the kind of manager that prides himself on knowing his players and offering that arm round the shoulder type of management. Just wondering if he had come in earlier would this have given Nile a lifeline. I guess we will never know but I'm convinced he would have flourished...
  3. danburyshrimper

    Question The Ranger Ferdinand Timlin evening

    Just chatting to my mate ap leamington we were wondering if anyone knows the date and venue of this event? Reckon it could be quite spicy and some interesting insight behind the scenes at our club. Cheers
  4. Got to laugh at The Sun

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5364065/southend-united-phil-brown-sacked-chris-powell/amp/ A lot of blame on Ranger, maybe he did back him too much...but we know it’s the results
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Nile Ranger

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/15816146.Ranger_snubs_Billericay_Town/ Nile didn't fancy Billericay.Can't blame him really.
  6. undercovershrimper

    Breaking News Nile Ranger sacked

  7. Flower Ranger

    Absolutely Cr*p again today. Every centre back dominates the guy. For a tall guy he is woefully weak. Offered nothing. Hope we are looking for alternatives in the transfer window.
  8. DoDTS

    First scorer last Saturday (No.3)

    On Saturday at the game I and everyone round me in the West thought it was McLaughlin scored as did BBC football who I tend to use as my bible, however I see that Ranger is claiming the goal and the SUFC official site give it to him Only one had McLaughlin and 4 had Ranger. In the...
  9. So who scored our goal?

    Official site and sufc Twitter are crediting it to Ranger
  10. why

    Why is the word. Why is Knightly not performing, like we thought, why is Wright not the player he was with Gills, why is Ranger not the Prem player we thought we were getting, why is Wordsworth injured for half a season, why do we sign players that we know are injured, and have not played many...
  11. Mad Cyril

    Least prolific strikers

    Nile Ranger must have one of the lowest goals per minutes played ratio of any Southend player. How does he rate compared to some of our less illustrious players over the years?
  12. Social media gossip..

    Mr Ranger seems to have been breathalysed ... maybe it's an old joke or something? It seems to have taken 4 officers to do this ... instagram And Mr Cox seems to be selecting the team for Saturday when he congratulates MAF and asks for "more of the same on Saturday" Also see Mr Maclaughlin...
  13. Fred

    Ranger curfew

    According to the Echo Nile Ranger is currently subject to a curfew where he has to be home by 7pm. He is due to play tomorrow but not against Shrewsbury. Will it now prevent him playing for us long term or are there concessions to the terms of his probation that will allow him to carry out his...
  14. Tommy2holes

    Carlton Cole

    Heard he was in Southend to discuss terms today. He was spotted there as well by someone I know. Seems a strange one with Ranger nearly fit.
  15. londonblue

    Squad Numbers

    I know you can't really read too much into these, but there are two obvious observations: 1. Jack Bridge has been given a number. 2. Nile Ranger hasn't (unless it's an oversight). Full list: 1. Mark Oxley 2. Stephen Hendrie 3. Ben Coker 4. Anthony Wordsworth 5. Anton Ferdinand 6...
  16. Ranger released from prison

    chris phillips has said he is still banged up?
  17. Nile Ranger to be released from prison

    Nile Ranger is due to be released on the 24th of July. We may even see him play against Newport in the league cup.
  18. HudsonNo1

    Same old same old.....

    Deep breaths people... I know it May seem odd or hard to accept but we had the same old comments and reactions popping up this time last year in relation to loosing players, Brown being disliked or players loosing faith in him, and people calling for his head, this was after barely surviving the...
  19. manor15

    Ranger given 8 month custodial sentence

    Probably worth a thread of its own. Discuss here. Would imagine he'll appeal and try to get it down and with good behaviour he may not be inside that long in the end, but disgusting act regardless.
  20. Ranger sentencing next week

    Understand his sentence hearing is due next week .No doubt the Echo/CP will publish details at that time.