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  1. Cricko

    Podcast 5: A collection of SUFC bits.

    Next up we have a small collection on offer. The end bid does not include P&P. A Nile Ranger shirt signed by most players, 2 SCP Mugs and an actual signed match ball from the old days....I am trying to recognise a signature to date it, but to little avail so far. Over to you lot to bid on this.
  2. Napster

    Anyone recognise these names?

    Found some old reserve programmes from the early 90s- some of the names I'd not heard of before: Mal Grayburn Danny Sains Neil Rowbury any idea?
  3. Kevin Hogg

    Post a pic!

    It occurs to me that not being Man Utd or Arsenal - we all probably know or recognise plenty of SZ posters but have no idea who they are - re clever profile name game. So, post a pic and we will probably all recognise a few that we argue/banter with!
  4. manor15

    Latest Rumours Phil at Arsenal u23s vs Everton u23s

    Have it on good authority that Phil is out scouting at Arsenal u23s vs Everton u23s tonight, here's the line-up: 777925228987023360 Possible January loan move, or contract cancellation who we could sign for free? Anyone recognise any names?
  5. ablegrandson

    Question 3 Southend legends?

    Any one recognise these 3 legends, particularly the fella in the middle
  6. Liam AAS


    Hi everyone, I recently wrote an article for www.thesetpieces.com about how much I hate timewasting. Having seen a lot of it by smaller teams over the last few years I hope it might chime with some of you. Most of you will recognise the reference to Timlin dribbling to ball into the corner at...
  7. Ricky Otto

    FA Sunday cup- Priory Sports FC

    Thought i'd put a quick post on here as my sunday club are the only Essex side left in the FA sunday cup. This is a great competition and the football is very entertaining. At Priory we have a good few players that have been at Southend Utd at some point in their youth careers. Players people...
  8. Napster

    RIP Jimmy Ruffin and Jeffrey Fletcher

    :'(:'( One a bonafide soul legend. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/jimmy-ruffin-dead-motown-what-becomes-of-the-brokenhearted-singer-dies-aged-78-9871606.html The other only his Mum would recognise (and Mad Cyril)...
  9. Dear RM....

    Dear RM, oh exalted leader would it be at all possible to make a press release that involves nothing more than facts? Let the fans know a few things so that our debates are more informed. Is there an embargo? Does PB have a transfer kitty? Will the s106 be satisfied in the near...
  10. Tangled up in Blue

    Nouhties album covers quiz

    http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/quiz/2014/jun/03/how-many-of-these-00s-noughties-album-covers-do-you-recognise-sleeves-artwork-albums Only got two right.Then again only attempted two questions.All I knew for sure I'm afraid.:dim:
  11. Tangled up in Blue

    How many of these 70's album covers do you recognise?

    http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/quiz/2014/may/13/70s-album-covers-quiz-albums-best-1970s-sleeves-art?CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2 8/15 for me.Not awful but I need to work on my fretwork,apparently. Roll on the 60's.:winking:
  12. Tangled up in Blue

    80's albums covers

    How many of these 80's album covers do you recognise? http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/quiz/2014/may/06/80s-album-covers-quiz-sleeves-1980s-albums-best?CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2 Only 8/15 for me, which means I'm MOR, apparently.:whistling:
  13. RHB

    What are you going to do if you don't watch the Blues?

    There have been a lot of posts on here lately where posters have said 'enough is enough, I'm not watching this lot for the moment/ever again' (delete as appropriate). I often have moments when I think along those lines, but I'm still going. Of late I have been on decorating/tiling duty in the...
  14. Referee - Morecambe (A)

    Morecambe FC v Southend United FA Cup Referee: Rob Lewis Assistant Referee: Thomas Rogers Assistant Referee: James Wilson Fourth Official: Nicholas Gibbons Oh dear, I recognise him...:nope:
  15. Food for thought

    Pompey Supporters' Trust chairman Ashley Brown says the group has proved it is capable of running Portsmouth. A year since former Pompey owner Balram Chainrai dismissed the group's bid as having "no substance", the PST has 2,170 shareholders, owns 59.3% of the club and has raised nearly £2.5m...
  16. londonblue

    My Aunt's Boyfriend

    I thought I'd tell you all a story. My uncle (my mum's brother) died in 2001. He had a heart transplant in around 1989-1990 and his new heart was finally rejected about 12 years on. He had got to a point where he was on the strongest anti-rejection drugs possible, so there was nothing more the...
  17. OldBlueLady

    Ron's address on "Developments with the Council" from programme v Bristol Rovers

    Ron's address on "Developments with the Council" from programme v Bristol Rovers As this had been requested by others on the match report thread, I thought I would post this so it's a bit more easily found for those interested... Includes Capital Letters where originally written! :winking:
  18. Tangled up in Blue

    New developments in the Middle East

    I notice after the UN's overwhelming vote to recognise Palestine's state status,Israel has now threatened to build another "3,000 housing units" in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. I hope the PLO will now use their state status to take this matter before the International Criminal Court(ICC)...
  19. londonblue

    Question Overhead Kicks

    I was listening to Radio 5 last night after the England game, and they were talking about Sweden's fourth goal. Someone said that it wasn't the best overhead kick they had seen, and people should look on YouTube for Trevor Sinclair's for QPR. I did, and whilst doing so I came across this...
  20. Shrimpergarry


    Who was the player warming up with the 7 subs at half-time wearing No.25 on his shorts? Didn't recognise him, assume it must be one of the youths called up as cover.