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  1. Davros

    General Car Insurance question

    Before i start, i'd prefere advise or experiances that are factual, rather than speculation in reposne to the below question... When i moved into my house a year ago, i was told that the road was going to become a public road (its new build you see), but a year later they have finally decided...
  2. This season's DVD will you buy it?

    I wonder if the club will be releasing a review of this season on DVD? If they do I will certainly be buying it. Even though this season will almost certainly result in relegation this season has certainly had its moments. We had our first ever major 1/4 Final and victories over Birmingham...
  3. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings - Barnsley

    HANDICAP FOOTBALL LETS BLUES DOWN AGAIN Southend slipped to their 10th home defeat of the season as another nervous display at the Hall handed a huge boost to their visiting relegation rivals. In the early stages there was little to separate the two teams. Barnsley were missing several first...
  4. RobM

    Mortgage exit fee

    I'm soon to pay my mortgage off but the Woolwich want to charge me £275 to do so. How can I avoid/reduce this? Seems a rip-off to me. :flamer:
  5. Bielzibubz

    BT - Screwing their customers.

    Sorry but I have to rant. Before going over to BT Homehub Broardband I had 8meg using my own router on their Option 3 package. All was fine and I was paying £21.00 a month for virtually all last year with no amendments made to the direct debit and stayed in credit. Since I went over to their...
  6. Man Utd ticket suggestion

    For those at the club who monitor this board I have (another) sensible suggestion: With regard to selling tickets to stub holders, make it clear that the stub holder will be buying the same seat as that on the stub. This will reduce sale time (and hence queuing time and staff time) by at least...
  7. sussex by the sea

    New Stadium

    I have gone through the information on the Council's website trying to look the application objectively as a planner rather than football supporter. My first comments are a) that it is by no means certain that permission will be granted given the scale of the proposal but b) that there is...
  8. sufcintheprem

    A tactical consideration

    Having been to each of the games since and including Cardiff (bar Yeovil), I've noticed a bit of a pattern to our play and think this could be key to the result on Saturday. Sad to say, Eastwood has looked a bit tired recently and I completely understand as this is his first full season in...
  9. Bombhead set to play for England

    Grays midfield dynamo and player of the year last season Stuart Thurgood has been picked to represent England in a National Game XI clash against an Italian Serie C side next month. Thurgood becomes the only Nationwide South player to make the 30 man list of Under-23 level players, and will...
  10. Hattrick

    Rochford FC won 4-0 at home and stay top 16350 spectators had come to The Golden Cross Arena this cloudy day. Rochford tactics involved an interesting 3-5-2 combination. They fielded: Williams - Mavroidis, Hunter, Brons - Bergmans, Gorman, Olague, Golding, Loftus - Álvarez Cabanill...
  11. Leeboy

    C2C Tonight

    still fecked lads : This Evenings Peak Service. MONDAY 19TH JULY PM SERVICES Due to yesterdays fire in the Electrical switch room between Upminster and West Horndon, C2C have to reduce the number of trains normally run which will severely affect this Evenings service. It has been necessary to...
  12. FSF News Release

    Malcolm Clarke, Chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation said: "The FSF is disappointed that, yet again, those running football have not consulted supporters about a proposed major change to the game, as plans to reduce the number of clubs promoted and relegated each season are...
  13. Napster

    Oh dear- Man U sink lower

    United bans signed memorabilia Daniel Taylor Tuesday April 6, 2004 The Guardian Asking a footballer for his autograph might be a simple enough request but in the case of Manchester United it might lead only to disappointment. The world's best-supported club has declared a ban on signing...