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ron martin

  1. Question Why was Harry Crawford at Boots and Laces today?

    On the OS there's a story about an army chap coming to Boots and Laces today to talk to the players in the build up to Camo Day. In the photo accompanying it (allegedly) taken today who's that in the number 20 shirt standing next to Sergeant Robert "Billy" Moore?
  2. All At Sea Issue 32 - on sale this Saturday

    I'm delighted to say the new All At Sea fanzine has just arrived in a massive box ready to be sold at the Torquay game on Saturday. We came very close to calling it a day the summer just gone but we are persevering and it will be on sale from outside the ground for £1 as it has been for the...
  3. Uncle Leo

    Player Sponsorship 2010/11 - who do we want?

    Available players listed in the above poll. Voting closes in 24hrs.
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Jimmy McAlinden v Sammy McCrory Rd 1:1 - poll now added

    Our first tie of the Battle of Southend's Greatest Players (pre-1980) pits two internationals who played for the same country and I think both played for the club in the 1950s. They may have even been team-mates. So what made Jimmy McAlinden and Sammy McCrory so great? What memories do people...
  5. Defending corners....

    Not sure if this has been covered before? Anyway, what's people's take on defending corners? I've noticed that we tend to bring everyone back into and on the edge of the 18-yard box. For me, this is a bit of a crap tactic. It encourages the opposition team to pile more men forward and it allows...
  6. Ref Watch ..... Torquay

    Saturday's referee is Dean Whitestone from Northampton, in his fifth season as a Football League referee, making his seventh visit to Roots Hall. He was here twice last season. Firstly, the Friday night 0-0 draw with Millwall, when he did pretty well in the face of some uncompromising football...
  7. Breaking News Meet the blues players tonight

    Tonight in club shop http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/AlsoInNewsDetail/0,,10444~2142425,00.html
  8. shrimperhosk

    Southend United.... a few things to moan at the fans about

    Hi Guys this is to be taken lightly a few things that have bugged me this season so i thought it would be fun to put YOUR 3 Boos and your 3 Cheers ill start. Boos 1, Not enough "Fans" wearing the new top (i enjoy buying a new shirt a year and makes the pre season abit more special) 2, The...
  9. Smiffy

    Loan Window

    When does it open and what are the rules please chaps? Who would you like to see come in? Where do we need strengthening? According to Travelling Blue, it seems we had a Reserve game yesterday afternoon v Daggers and had a couple of triallists playing (Anyone know who?) We won 3-0 with...
  10. Shrimper

    Ticket Office vs Gillingham

    I'm not sure if anyone else had problems but I noticed that some did against Port Vale, admittedly I went to the East Stand so can only comment on that particular one, I'm not able to say if the West Stand was poor again so I'll leave you lot to fill me in on that. Basically, instead of...
  11. Francis Laurent

    Evening Shrimpers. We had a friendly today. A trialist striker played and it is thought that it is Francis Laurent. Based on last year was he any good? Show any good signs etc? All the best Bluebird
  12. pringlejon

    After Gillingham (H)

    A bore draw in the 90 minutes followed by an exciting penalty shootout win (I think the first one I have ever watched that my team has actually won) has put the Blues into the pot for the 2nd round of the JPT. Despite my claims of him being a midget, before later finding out he's 6'2" and just...
  13. Tommy2holes

    Beer rant

    Can anyone say for certainty what the funk is going on with the beer at the hall or when they are actually going to turn the taps back on? Its actually starting to take the ****. I brought a magners before the game that was warm and they had run out of ice , but you get a pint and a half...
  14. Question Blair Sturrock: Please Please Please why......

    Why does Blair Sturrock turn his back to goal and why does he always pass to the 'nearest player' I looked at his old club stats, i notice he couldnt make an appearance at TRURO CITY? and he likes to follow daddy to his clubs. Its like being a 8year old where your dads the manager and you gain a...
  15. Pre-Match Thread Southend V Torquay Predictions

    Southend to spoil the Gulls 100% League record with a 2-1 win at the Hall!