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ron martin

  1. Question: Selling of match day programme

    Can someone tell me of any other league club where you are unable to purchase a programme from a) the club shop and b) before 1.30 pm for a 3pm kick-off)? In this day and age where we have Ron Martin spouting about taking the club to the Championship and "beyond", is it not amateurish in the...
  2. Ron Martin's E-Mail Address

    If anyone feels the need to discuss our current situation with the Chairman this is his email address ron.martin@southend-united.co.uk Do not send him personal abuse.
  3. Napster

    Ron Martin

    Clearly he's back from holiday today - statement on Wordsworth, sacking Nile. What next? Stadium news?
  4. southchurch

    Happy New Year Ron Martin

    I would like to wish Mr Ron Martin a happy new year. Thank you again for backing our beloved Southend United. You have backed this club with your own money and for that we owe you a great debt. I know you have big ambitions for our club and you always do your best. Good luck for 2018 and may all...
  5. Mad Cyril

    Essex power list.

    I normally wouldn't lower myself to this level but how the hell can the owner of Billericay be 19 places higher than Ron Martin? Essex Power List
  6. The Pitch

    I have been a supporter since the early sixties and now live up in Yorkshire. I don't get to home games so don't really know whether our pitch is generally poor for this division or whether it has gone downhill since the groundsman sacking fiasco. A couple of miles from my house are the world...
  7. Napster

    Ron Martin's niece

    Terribly sad. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/femail/video-1522247/Severe-nut-allergy-sufferer-Amy-Shead-appears-Morning.html
  8. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Update: Alan Moody

    Dear All Some of you may recall the news of Alan some two years ago re him having to have both of his legs amputated. Link to thread in ex-Shrimpers: http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/showthread.php?86595-Alan-Moody Well, I am very pleased to report that Ron Martin has agreed that the Club are to...
  9. Question Ron Martin

    Is Ron Martin as bad as some people make out? Personally as a chairmen goes I think he does a great job. Has always backed a manager when needed, and always given managers time when on a bad run. Keeps the club running efficiently and invests his own money (yes it may be for his personal gain...
  10. Breaking News Southend United Chairman Ron Martin fires himself.

    Southend United chairman Ron Martin has fired himself to continue the bizarre events surrounding the Essex club. A club spokesman said: “People generally lose their position as a result of not doing their job." "The necessary decision surrounding Mr Martin was a disappointment and of course...
  11. manor15

    Shaun Goater interview on his time at Southend

    Fascinating interview with Shaun Goater on Bwin about his time here amongst other things...
  12. Ron Martin

    Does anyone by chance have the email address of our wonderful Chairman. Thanks guys
  13. Has Phil Brown got "The Passion in his Eyes" ?

    After some of the latest games do you think Ron Martin can still see the passion in his eyes ?
  14. Chalky

    Phil Brown to Rotherham??

    What we thinking chaps? Anyone got "inside info" from their sauces? Or is this just another pointless, typical shrimperzone thread that will have at least 30 pages? Chris Phillips has said there is one or two whispers about this but Ron Martin has said no approach has been made as of yet.
  15. Chapel Down Sparkling Wine - SUFC branded!

    I recently went to a wine tasting at the Pipe of Port (well worth doing, £10 and you get try loads and if you have dinner they knock the tenner off the bill) and the first one I tried was a sparkling English wine called Chapel Down Blanc de Blanc. When I looked at the bottle I noticed it had an...
  16. Kevin Hogg

    SZ raise your voices. Ask for an answer - AT LAST!!!!!!

    May I say that I am certainly more pro Ron Martin - than a "Martin Out" man. However. Can we at SZ pass some kind of resolution stating that we as Southend United fans believe the ongoing talk, planning, arguing, pontificating etc, et, etc, over FF has to stop!!! I honestly believe it is time...
  17. 1 week to go!!

    Right chaps and chapettes There is one week to go till the new season and I for one cannot wait to get going and I'm pretty sure the forum cannot wait either some of the summer content being spouted about is questionable to say the least. I was reading about cricket on a football thread like...
  18. Roots Hall, Prospects latest.

    On Tuesday, Southend Council's cabinet was due to discuss whether the authority should continue with the threat of a compulsory purchase order to buy Prospects. However, Southend United failed to provide the necessary documentation in time for the debate to be held, surprise, surprise. You have...
  19. spoons

    A thought for Ron Martin

    I have heard all the discussions of his worth, and no need to repeat, but surely we need to thank him for keeping the club afloat and progressing. He has his critics but no one can doubt his backing for Brown this season, leading to a large and talented squad. He seems to have stayed quietly in...
  20. For Ron Martin

    We sang our hearts out the whole game yesterday right through to the end of penalties so how about repaying the fans Ron. We cheered the team on to promotion so how about the new stadium pushing ahead ? The club's fans deserve it!