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ron martin

  1. DoDTS

    PlayOff Finals NOT at Wembley?

    I didn't realise till today that should we reach the play off finals they are likely NOT to be played at Wembley and probably at Old Trafford, as Wembley is double booked...
  2. Westcliff Shrimper


    Need a bit of clarification - apologies all, but haven't been to a game this season, so a bit out of the loop. At the moment, I believe we have the following centre backs signed to the first team squad: Graham Coughlan - also reserve team coach Chris Barker - ex-Plymouth, who can also play...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Eddie Firmani v Eddie Clayton 1:5 - poll now added

    As voting draws to a close in McAlinden v McCrory, it's time to introduce our next tie which is one of the most eagerly anticipated clashes of the round, for me at least, as the two Eddies battle it out. As usual, I'll give you a chance to post up your memories, and before I add the poll.
  4. Cricko

    Official Match Thread Reserves today

    Today's reserve game against Luton....The General will be giving us live updates.
  5. New arrival and return of a fans favourite

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/AlsoInNewsDetail/0,,10444~2146496,00.html Thats right onions are back!!! "Burgers will now be offered with fired onions due to demand from supporters" Apologies if this is covered elsewhere.
  6. Cricko

    Zone Update The Zone.

    The Zone is in this months poll for board of the month on the official vB site,that is great news and is something we should all feel proud of as there are thousands and thousands of boards out there and it makes all the hard work we have all put in to make The Zone one of the best worthwhile...
  7. yogi bear up the cagire

    Florent Aziri appearing at Roots Hall today!

    Trust this video is the same player! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHoz-QqxxX0&NR=1 He's playing for us, on trial, this afternoon against Luton Reserves From the OS http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/ReserveNewsDetail/0,,10444~2146266,00.html
  8. OldBlueLady

    Football League Team of the Week

    Congratulations to Josh Simpson and Anthony Grant for being our first players to make it onto the FL Team of the Week this season - slightly more kudos than the NotW or Sunday Mirror's I think! :clap: http://www.football-league.co.uk/staticFiles/a5/55/0,,10794~152997,00.pdf
  9. Robbo

    The Blues or The Shrimpers?

    I know that this has been discussed before, but with the current positive vibes emenating from RH, is it time to consider moving back to "The Shrimpers" rather than the rather generic "The Blues"? I don't follow "The Blues", I follow "The Shrimpers". The club's nickname should relate to its...
  10. Cricko

    A little competition

    Ok we have added something new to the Zone today..it is not prominent but the first person to find it and get it right wins a Zone mug and coaster set.....God we are so generous to you lot.:smiles:
  11. Sturrock on Simpson.....

    Anyone else encouraged by Sturrock saying Simpson should be able to get us 10 goals this season? To get 10 you'd think he'd be talking about the whole campaign.....Luggy must therefore be pretty confident about signing him in January. :clap:
  12. Northampton - Who's going?

    After the great away performance at Bradford, who's going on Saturday? Stockport Shrimpers will be there.
  13. pickledseal

    High Quality Image of SUFC Leage 1 Champions

    Anyone got one I can use to put in a PowerPoint for a school assembly? Only ones I can find on Google are pretty lo-res. Obviously green available!
  14. Uncle Leo

    Player Sponsorship 2010/11

    Ok everyone, we now have our player - Sean Clohessy. The sponsorship will be in the name of ShrimperZone and Travelzone Listed below are all the pledges. If a name is listed multiple times it means they will have multiple shares once the draw has been made. One share equals £10. ShrimperZone...
  15. Tommy2holes

    How far can blues go this season?

    I know its relatively early days and we havent seen too much of our new side , but i got to thinking that in order for us to have a shout at the end of the season we just have to be in a position were there are not 7 teams that are better than us. I think this is perfectly doable. Providing...
  16. Blues full of confidence

    http://www.shoot.co.uk/news/latest_article/C50/leagues_1_2/southend_full_of_confidence Feel free to agree/disagree certain points...
  17. DTS

    Blair Sturrock

    Fellow Posters, Got to say I thought he was excellent saturday. I cant help but think if he wasnt the managers son he would get a lot more praise. I thought he held the ball up so well, showed some really intelligent touches to bring others in and did the dirty job upfront on his own well. I...
  18. Cricko

    TV Highlights Southend United v Torquay

    2 great goals...:smiles: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_3/8970588.stm
  19. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Joe Sibley v Harry Threadgold 1:4 - poll now added

    Sibley v Threadgold. Post your stories and the poll will follow tomorrow. I'm sure BlueBloodUSA will be relieved that this isn't a night fixture for his man.
  20. TrueBlue

    Harry Crawford

    How is he getting on?