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  1. BaileytheQuitter

    Come back Melslack

    It is your time to take our emotions in your grasp again, return and fill our lives with rumours. Come'th the hour, come'th the Slack. In Slack we trust. It was Mel Slack that had all the inside knowledge wasn't it, if not what a tit I feel like now.
  2. Where are you Elstree Blue who are you!

    why come out when u did! after being dormant all these years. why mention [mel slack u have to be a certain age to do that] still if u are coming out of the woodwork all will be revealed soon. wot u know about astimwood properties or gsc property holdings not a lot but the brothers would . good...
  3. The Jobson Years

    Hi everyone I've been reading this forum with interest. I'm now ready to make my debut. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone associated with running Shrimperzone. One thing that strikes me is that most people's views on here are so black and white. So, I'm going to present a balanced view on...
  4. Wheres the thread gone?

    When I came on here this morning, Mel Slack had started a thread in which he stated that we has made a £300,000 bid for Calvin Andrews. Where has this thread gone?
  5. J

    The official Mel Slack appreciation thread..

    Mel has done a great job in the last week or so, but lets have a thread dedicated to him/her.. as lets be honest no one knows who it is - so let the wild accusations begin.. I think it is - Lewis Hunt or Matt Harrold.
  6. DTS

    Barnard to sign - I can confirm

    Not going to come as a shock to anyone but. Mate of mine is a big poker player and last night played the same table as Lee Barnard. I can confirm from the horses mouth that he has signed for the Blues. Well done to Mel Slack who first broke the news. DtS
  7. Happy New Year...

    ...or not as the case may be. Absolutely woeful performance from us today, never looked a real threat, never looked like we were going to create anything and never looked like we were bothered about the game. Collis - 6 - Virtual spectator for the majority of the game. Made one decent save...
  8. Getting serious ......

    Forest and Leeds are in the top six - the play-offs are a lottery and next year more TV money in the CCC means that if you don't get on the ladder soon you never will. SUFC are reasonabley positioned but are prone to screw up and lack a bit of quality in a couple of areas - and if we don't get...
  9. The Way it is in the West Stand.

    usual half hearted, disorganised warm up - everything looking a bit slack and careless e.g. Darryls kicking and distribution but its League One and the opposition can't really play. Loads of good old hoofs and a bit of head tennis - Matt Harrold looked fit, trying to put himself about and...
  10. Fergie Reaction

    Boss: Let's get back to work Sir Alex Ferguson insists United will respond in the right manner after their shock Carling Cup exit at Southend. Not for the first time in his 20 years at Old Trafford, the manager will have to keep his head while all those around him - in the press, at least -...
  11. Anyone recommend a decent garage?

    Boring I know but can anyone recommend a good garage (not a main dealer, I ain't minted) in the Southend area? The one I always used to use started getting a bit slack with the servicing last year and the one I changed to has just taken a week to fit a sodding radiator. I'd do it all...
  12. sufcintheprem


    Just been on the phone to Natwest and I'm pretty much fuming at them. Step one: I pay cheque to the university for £984. £1,090 available in account. Step two: University withhold cheque for a week and a half with no warning. Step three: I got to Bath and Bristol spending thinking somehow I...
  13. Little Britain - New DVD

    Honestly had no idea this was even on sale uintil we passed HMV in the town centre.   You'd have thought, with it being a Comic Relief production, that the celebrities would have been cut a bit of slack to try and be funny in it.  Not a bit of it.  Lucas and Walliams made sure they were the...