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  1. Shrimpers Trust Quiz desperation

    Folks, regarding the Shrimpers Trust Christmas Quiz - out of the 100 cryptic questions I am absolutely stuck on one...and OBL said it was ok to ask for help so.....this is a cryptic clues to a band (not a solo artist). Not a fan of this in the morning. Feel free to PM me the answer - happy to...
  2. Shrimperstrust

    The Shrimpers Trust 'Big' Xmas Quiz

    This Christmas the Trust are running a ‘Big Quiz’ with a first prize of £100. The theme for the quiz is “Name the Group or Solo Artist” and the entry fee is just £1.00. As well as the £100 first prize you could also win a visit from the 2014/15 League 2 Play-off Winners Trophy at your...
  3. Best solo/dribble goal?

    Struggling to remember many solo goals scored by SUFC. I mean, take on 4 or 5 players and score. Loza's against Oxford (not many players, but great) What are the best ones that you remember? Bonus points if you have a youtube link
  4. Embedded tweets

    Embedded tweets would be a really good feature for the board I reckon - I think it can be done. A lot of what gets discussed on here comes from twitter so it'd be good if tweets being mentioned could be properly embedded. Then people can click on that tweet to link back to it, see who actually...
  5. Eddie & The Hot Rods v Wilko Johnson

    Round 5..... This should be about solo Wilko....if that's possible!
  6. Evening Echo

    Southend United's Gavin Tomlin: Goal against Bury proved my confidence

    SOUTHEND United striker Gavin Tomlin felt his excellent solo strike at Bury on Saturday was further evidence of his growing confidence in front of goal. More...
  7. MrB

    Mr B's 620m Coastal Walk - Cancer Research UK

    Hello all. On 5th August I will be embarking on a 20 day, 620 mile solo walk along the coast of Britain from Edinburgh back to sunny Southend-on-Sea. I'm raising funds for Cancer Research UK and the link to my page is: http://www.justgiving.com/B620Miles Any donations you can spare, however...
  8. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  9. RobM

    Guitarist Gary Moore found dead

    Gary Moore has been found dead in a hotel room in Spain whilst on holiday. Heart attack, aged 58. We all have our favourites I know but to me, the man was incomparable. Naturally left handed but played right, his career encompassed Skid Row, Gary Moore Band, Thin Lizzy, G-Force, Colosseum II as...
  10. Slipperduke

    Cheryl Cole. Grrrr.

    There are a million and one reasons to dislike Cheryl Cole. There’s her colour, for starters, a curious orangey glow that smacks of either too much Sunny Delight or too many quid-a-minute South Shields tanning salons. There’s her husband, the odious little skraeling who earns more money in the...
  11. Napster

    Johnny Hates Jazz news

    Clark Datchler (lead singer and writer of JHJ) is presently promoting Tomorrow his latest solo album as well as working to complete Evolution and re-releasing his solo work from the early 1990s. He is also re-joining Johnny Hates Jazz this coming Autumn and will eventually record a new JHJ...
  12. Travelodge activities

    quality story from b3ta.com: Thinking about it, a hundred-or-so people have seen my c*ck over the years. And some of them - a pitifully small percentage of those people – actually wanted to see my throbbing cervix scratcher; whereas the others sort of had it thrust upon them... On the...
  13. Frustrated

    Tilly will always have my utmost respect for the fantastic job he has done at Southend United, I love the guy - he's a legend. I'd also love to see him stay here for many, many years to come, it would take an awful lot for my feelings to change on that score. However I'm frustrated at the...
  14. Napster

    RIP Roc Raida

    From the X-Cutioners and Busta Rhymes' DJ, he released 6 solo albums as well, and was in the DMC Hall of Fame, he also produced some great tracks. http://www.sixshot.com/news/14576/ I'm guessing he wasn't in anyone's Pool of Death
  15. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - The Final - Stan Collymore vs Steve Tilson

    Here it is. It's the big one. The final of the Battle of the SUFC Legends. You have 48 hours to vote for who, in your opinion, is more of an SUFC legend. Remember to vote in the third place play-off between Kevin Maher and Chris Powell which will only be open for 24 hours. Let voting commence...
  16. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Semi Final - Stan Collymore vs Kevin Maher

    Vote for who you think is more of an SUFC legend in the next 48 hours. I had typed up a big summary thing only for the connection to go and then when it came back refreshing the page deleting everything so I'll try to type it up later. Stan Collymore (number11's man won group E with 81 votes...
  17. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Quarter Final - Freddy Eastwood vs Stan Collymore

    Vote for who you want to win. Voting closes in 24 hours. Freddy Eastwood (Easily won the Group of Death, Group G, securing 62 votes before beating Darryl 58-7. Graysblue.jr's choice scored his first goal in 7.7 seconds, scoring a debut hat trick before scoring 53 (according to wiki) goals in...
  18. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Last 16 - David Crown vs Stan Collymore

    Vote for who you want to win. Voting closes at midnight. David Crown (Supported by Tarquin Fauntleroy he won group D with 49 votes. David joined Blues in November 1987 after a career with Walthamstow Avenue, Brentford, Portsmouth, Reading and Cambridge. A hard working skilful striker, Dave was...
  19. Ron Manager

    God Help The Girl

    The new solo project from the God Like Genius of Stuart Murdoch, main man with Belle & Sebastian. Downloading it now, bits I've heard so far sound really good. Nothing wrong with a nice bit of Twee-Indie now and again :)
  20. BalmainShrimper

    Cycling: The Race Across America (RAAM)

    Hi all for anyone into cycling (or anyone into amazing feats of human endurance), The Race Across America started this week. RAAM is a non-stop 3000 mile race from San Diego to Annapolis. It is regarded as the world's toughest physical endurance event. Forget the Tour de France, this is a...