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  1. Floval Flyer

    Coaching staff

    Just at looking at the senior coaching staff on the club website, we only have PB, GC, and Lee Harrison (goalkeeping coach), plus old man Horton named, but there is no attacking coach? Who assumes these duties, as none of the aforementioned played in an attacking role in their careers, so who...
  2. Napster

    Attacking v defending

    https://experimental361.com/2017/11/26/scatter-graphics-league-1-26-nov-2017/ I expect some change in form for the better soon.
  3. Napster

    Stats - attacking

  4. Best 11

    It’s Thursday , I’ve got a day off and I’m a bit bored , so this is my pointless thread. Assuming that all our players are fit and in decent form at the same time ( I know it’s all fantasy and I’m laughing 😂 myself as I’m typing , but please humour me ! ) , what would be your best team and subs...
  5. At Training Today.

    Not much to report, so this will be brief. An 11 v 11 match, stopped every now and again for instructions from Phil Brown. Stand out performers today for me was McGlashan, best attacking player, Matsuzaka(Although still a bit green), Kyprianou and the star was Anton Ferdinand. Nothing got past...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Lenny's role at attacking free kicks

    Has anyone else spotted what Lenny does when we have a free kick near the opposition area? We noticed it at Coventry and saw it again yesterday prior to Coxy's goal. Basically, he goes and stands in front of the goal keeper and mirrors their movements - you know, like kids play that game of...
  7. Making the most of throw-ins

    In common with many other teams we do seem to have difficulty in getting full advantage from the humble throw-in. My case against the long throw is rather weakened by the clumsiness of Charlton's CBs a couple of weeks ago, and I do seem to recall that we scored from one in an away game ?last...
  8. Tickets selling fast for Boxing Day.

    East Stand gone already. This could be a great attacking game. Wimbledon have a potent strike force, but let in a fair few as well. Our back four need to be all on their game. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/christmas-fixtures-now-on-sale-3434626.aspx
  9. undercovershrimper

    Contracted Players in Squad

    As it stands we have just 8 players signed to the club for next season with options on a further two. PB had better get talking soon to those he wants to keep around the place. We have two keepers no centre backs two full backs two wingers one young attacking centre mid a striker who hasn't set...
  10. At Training Today.

    I had to go near the training ground today, so popped in as the time was right. It was 8 versus 8 on a short pitch. Very intense and fast as usual, with some cracking goals scored today. Coughlin was taking training today with Phil Brown looking on and even making up the numbers on the pitch...
  11. Transfer window - post mortem

    I've tried to match players who have come in/left by their position, and then by their age/squad role (e.g. young prospect rather than guaranteed starter). I've not included Moussa or Paul Smith In - 9 players Out - 9 players Goalkeepers: - Oxley replaces Bentley - jury is out on whether Oxley...
  12. manor15

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-3 Gillingham v2.0

    Well that was a woeful second half. Wasn't there Saturday so won't draw comparisons but there was some atrocious defending on display and some hopeless attacking. First half was alright, but as soon as they put Jay Emmanuel-Thomas on it was game over and our defence looked like they all ****...
  13. Napster

    Jon Taylor

    From twitter @CJPhillips1982 Do you know if Jon Taylor was the attacking midfielder we bid for, or was it a different player? Chris Phillips @AlexWJ92 different player
  14. Question To Mr Phil Brown

    PB your keeping the opposition goalless tactics is obviously not working, but even if it was we still wouldnt be winning as we also cannot score goals.What im asking you sir ,is next season can you please try a change in tactics and mindset an adopt a lets score more goals than the opposition...
  15. RHB

    It's time for my reality check

    The season to date has been about unexpected highs and predictable lows. We got promoted by taking the last (4th) promotion place, doing so with a fairy tale ending at Wembley. That sort of finish to the season has tended to cloud our reality genes and we therefore believe we can do it again...

    Bring Back 4 4 2

    Bring Back 4 4 2 before its to late. 1 up front at homes is no good. Playing some Diamond in the middle that's not working. 442 With 2 the 2 full backs bombing on. Why are we sitting back. We are so much better attacking team full on.:omg: We had this last year at some point must revert back...
  17. Tommy2holes

    The January transfer window

    We came up well short today of the standard required to get out of this league. The players have performed above themselves to get to this point in 7th place. We have Glen Rea and Joel piggot on loan. Thanks for the goal pig but you are out of your depth. I'm not sure why we need glen Rea. He...
  18. Our local rivals-not a quiz but needing some thought !

    I've compiled a team of Blues' players who have also played for both Col.U. and Orient,with 11 players in a very attacking 3-3-4 line-up.There's just one player from back in the 60's but the other 10 are from circa 1990 onwards-all answers welcome!
  19. RHB

    Weston - what to do?

    I said in my earlier match report post that Weston would be the subject of a fair amount of debate and so it is proving. The various comments appear to be reasonably evenly balanced between the good and not so good, and let me say I don't have a problem with Weston's play apart from his...
  20. Ron Phil Deeg !

    Well done Ron for appointing Phil ! Yesterday's game was at times beautiful to watch,we played nice slick football,Great stuff Phil and you should have gave baldy a tuppeney one. Deeg was impressive with his range of passing,I would prefer him playing attacking midfield as I still believe he...