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5 Minutes of Crap


I used to play a little.
Oct 24, 2003
Has anyone ever told you to type for 5 minutes and just write anything that comes into your head. I have done this a few times and it is almost like writing tourettes. Some crazy stuff seems to pops into your brain and everyone that has ever done it just cracks up at what they write.

5 Minutes of Crap:

Someone suggested an idea to me 5 years ago whereby you just type for 5 mintues whatever comes into your head, bizarre eh but as I hear the people behind me talking it is annoying me as I try to do this without their interruption. I want some grapes this afternoon and all I can hear is there annoying voices trying to put pay to my scrambled work. Talking of scrambled I am planning eggs and beans for breakfast tomorrow morning, that has reminded me of the wheelie bin that has recently been ordered shame I can’t throw the food in there. At least I won’t be throwing a cat in there like that woman off the news. What a muppet she is. I have to say that mobile phone, paper, cup of tea and earphones spring to mind as I write because I am surrounded by those ***** and blue sky outside which I hope lasts for the weekend but mysteriously disappears tonight so I don’t have to take the bird out for a beer in the pub. You know how it is, save a penny and spend it on the lads on the severe lash up that will occur tomorrow night. Brutal, let’s go. Bring it on. AV IT!” ****ing loving it, this is an attempt to cure my absolute brutal boredom and to be honest it is working as I note that 3 minutes have passed. The original challenge was 10 minutes but **** that for a laugh I am bound to get caught in that time even though all these suited bods in the city seem to disappear on a Friday afternoon, convenient that, high rolling swagger swagger bowl with fruit *******s. What is the point, they just mug everyone off who slaves their back door off on their behalf and they claim the hard work. TUNE. Just thought of a good tune to blast out after the game tomorrow. Gonna smash that right on and have it large. The boys are going to do it I just know they will and as I type this I have more surround sound. Seriously please just do 1 what is the point in you trying to do work on a Friday. **** off. I love eggs I just love them and my preference is scrambled egg. I am now paranoid that I have someone behind me reading my screen and I do not know who it is and it is winding me up on that note I think my 5 minutes of crap are up so onto the next person.

Why don't you have a go? It is a great way to waste away the day.