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  1. The Smiths dilemma

    Now if you're a proper music lover, then The Smiths are quite frankly, one of the greatest bands IN THE WORLD. However, Morrissey has turned (always was?) a massive purple bell-end and I have avoided listening to them because of this huge purple bell-ended ness. So my question to you (well the...
  2. Floval Flyer


    Thinking about our current strike force, and interested in who you would pick as your front 2 for Saturday I’d bin Lapado, he’s worse than Robinson, and that is saying something! Ba isn’t ready from what I’ve seen, where the hell is he anyway? So that leaves 4; Cox -...
  3. Has Fortune been binned ?

    Before I start I admit I'm still stunned by the length of deal Marc recieved. Marc had his handy purple patch scoring 4 times in 7 games recently....since then he has become a bit part player and now considered inferior to Nouble....bizarre stuff from those in power at the club. I don't give...
  4. The media.

    Be honest, Most of us only know stuff from the media...social,TV or tabloids. How can anyone know what we are being fed is actually true?..take Murdoch if he wants to tell the world his version of events then his outlets will tell us what he thinks..sadly many believe the stories hook line and...
  5. The season so far

    We are currently going ok with the whiff of a PO on offer...but jeez it's been fun and games so far. Captain Barratt was the man but binned in mysterious circumstances Nile Ranger was also the man but in court was revealed as a crook then further revelations saw him suspended. Ken the...
  6. Proposed Football Rule Changes

    When I first saw this on social media yesterday, I thought it was another piece of "Fake News", but perhaps it's not. The main stream media (newspapers and Sky Sports News etc) seem to be following the story. Have Fifa & Marco Van Basten completely lost the plot? or do you welcome these...
  7. Ref Watch ..... Stevenage A Checkatrade

    I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this because: a) it's the Checkatrade b) the referee could well change as he pulled out of his Cup game Saturday. So just an updated version of what I wrote a few weeks back. Tomorrow's referee is the rapidly balding Graham Horwood from Luton, in his...
  8. Ref Watch ...... Millwall A FA Cup

    As we seek to keep up our 100% record in the FA Cup against Millwall, man in charge tomorrow is James Linington from Newport, Isle of Wight, a self-employed plumber when he's not refereeing. Well, he was until this season when he was one of the 18 referees selected to become full-time...
  9. Ref Watch ..... Oxford H

    We have a slight edge over Oxford in League games with 17 wins to their 16 and we haven't lost to them at home since Drewe Broughton was sent off and Mark Rawle scored their winner in 2003. Tomorrow's referee is the rapidly balding Graham Horwood from Luton, in his 8th year as a League referee...
  10. China are buying up English clubs

    Some of you may have read about the £800m bid for Liverpool from the Chinese. I know we are now used to our big clubs being owned and run by various James Bond baddie types, but what makes this one different is that it is state sponsored with government money. After reading an article in...
  11. Spaceman Spiff

    Brown Out / Replacement / Moan about Manager Super-Thread

    Who should replace him?
  12. Ref Watch ..... Burton H

    Our five home regular League games against Burton have produced one win, two draws and two defeats - a good time to even things up. They have also produced just a miserly 5 goals with both of ours being scored by Barry Corr three years apart; also 3 red cards, 2 to us. On Monday we have a...
  13. Ref Watch ........ Bury H

    Matches against Bury are rarely high-scoring. It is 13 matches ago that either team last scored more than one goal in a match. Those dozen games since have produced a miserly 17 goals (10 to us, 7 to them). Seven of those matches have been draws (including the last 4 home matches) and in the...
  14. Ref Watch ....... Blackpool H

    League matches against Blackpool are nicely balanced at seven wins each (with two draws) but we have won four out of our last five home matches against them. Saturday's referee is Graham Horwood from Luton, in his 7th year as a League referee and refereeing his 10th Southend game. It will be...
  15. Shocking.

    Just seen a young guy dump a brand new WestHam kit into the bin. This guy is mad because the plastic bag is worth 5p:winking:
  16. South Bank Hank

    One year on...

    So, now things are starting to settle down and the transfer window has closed, a quick analysis of how we've progressed from last year. Bentley Bentley = / + White White = Coker Coker = Ibenfeldt (Glen Rea) Improved Thompson Thompson = / + Prosser Prosser = Worrall Worrall =...
  17. Ricey

    Jerome Binnom-Williams

    Has just signed for Burton on loan.
  18. qestion

    how do i do messages i 4got aint bin on 4 here abit ??
  19. The truth about OBL

    Long, but I'm sure some of the conspiracy theorists on here will like it. Murmurings that it could have a big impact on the presidential election http://www.lrb.co.uk/v37/n10/seymour-m-hersh/the-killing-of-osama-bin-laden
  20. JBW offered new contract by Palace

    Just had it mentioned to me that Binnom-Williams has been offered a new deal by Palace. Personally I would have kept him on permanently here as backup were this not the case - so what are people's thoughts next season for cover for Coker?