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The PL League Boss⭐
Apr 28, 2006
PL Headquarters Hullbridge
Christmas was approaching and Ebenezer Shrimper-Scrooge received a message from DoDtS reminding him to post his predictions for Boxing Day and wishing him a happy Christmas. "Humbug" said scrooge "can't be bothered, I'll do it later!"

Later that night after a healthy meal of a burger with no onions and three pints of gruel he fell fast asleep but was wakened by a clang of chains. "Who is it?" cried shrimper-scrooge, "It is I Jacob Crickson-Mcnasty, as owner of SZ I am here persuade you to change your ways and get your predictions in early". "Humbug" said Shrimper-scrooge "I've no internet connection, be off with you". "You will be visited by three spirits tonight, change your ways, change your ways......" clank, clank, clank and he was off.

Shrimper-Scrooge fell fast asleep but was awoken by the appearance of the Ghost of predictions past. "I am here to take you back" said the spirit to happier times, and took him back in time. They looked at the laptop and there it was shrimper-scrooge top scorer of the days with six correct scores through to the semi-finals of the PL Cup and top of the First Division. "I remember it well" said Shrimper-scrooge "I was so happy and he fell back into a deep slumber again.

He was awoken by a second visit this time by the Ghost of predictions present. "What have you to show me? said Shrimper-Scrooge again out came the laptop and the spirit showed Shrimper-scrooge as the only one to fail to predict, bottom of the League and out of the cup. "So?" said Shrimper-Scrooge "Do I care" and again he fell into a deep sleep.

He was awoken for the third time this time by the ghost of Predictions future. "I fear you more than the others" said Shrimper-Scrooge, this time the spirit took him to the Spread Eagle where Davewebbsbrain was talking to Oldbluelady. "Do you remember Shrimper-Scrooge?" said dwb "What the one that always forgot to predict, I heard he had joined the Col Ewe Prediction League" replied OBL "and I heard he was the only member. Shrimper-Scrooge was pale-faced and said to the spirit "is this how it will be or have I time to change?" but again fell into a deep slumber.

He awoke to find it morning, he opened the window and shouted out to a small boy playing in the street "Oi Girthy is it too late to get my predictions in?" "No you can predict anytime up to kick-off time 1.00pm Boxing Day." Thanks my good lad" said Shrimper-Scrooge, tossing him a 50p piece, "and don't forget to buy Tinks the biggest turkey you can find and keep the change".