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  1. wildheart

    My friendly invasion - Its was all big Bill Garners fault!

    My friendly invasion Many years ago, in fact it was 23rd July 1985 I was lounging in the sunshine in Southchurch Park in Southend it was a Sunday. The reason for me being prostrate on this beautiful Sunday was I was watching a one day match between Essex and it could have been Warwickshire or...
  2. Cricko

    Zone Update We keep on rocking

    We have lived for 17 years now as one collective ShrimperZone....We have seen many sites (God bless them) trying to support SUFC as we do on The Zone, We have faced them all off, or rather you have, to make this site one of the best outside the Prem.. Most of those Prem sites are either owned...
  3. DoDTS

    A Merry Christmas from the SZ prediction League

    Christmas was approaching and Ebenezer Shrimper-Scrooge received a message from DoDtS reminding him to post his predictions for Boxing Day and wishing him a happy Christmas. "Humbug" said scrooge "can't be bothered, I'll do it later!" Later that night after a healthy meal of a burger with no...
  4. DoDTS

    A Merry Christmas from the SZ Prediction League

    Christmas was approaching and Ebenezer Shrimper-Scrooge received a message from DoDtS reminding him to post his predictions for Boxing Day and wishing him a happy Christmas. "Humbug" said scrooge "can't be bothered, I'll do it later!" Later that night after a healthy meal of a burger with no...
  5. Napster

    Neil Townsend

    Works or worked for Securicor http://www.theleaguepaper.com/featured/6115/where-are-they-now-northamptons-1969-70-side-who-faced-george-best-in-the-fa-cup/
  6. RHB

    Friendly Results to date

    So far we have played four friendlies, 3 on the UK mainland and one in sunny Spain. In those four games we have scored 18 goals and conceded 4. Although the opposition we have faced has not of the highest order they still were there to be beaten, and beaten them we have. Next up Newcastle and...
  7. Rattus Norvegicus

    Another 3 games to come

    So we ended up picking up 3 points from our last 3 games - on the plus side there was a good home win against top of the table Burton. On the minus side, we didn't score in the other 2 games, didn't play very well and it all looked a bit "Pete Tong". Our next 3 games are:- Port Vale (A) Crewe...
  8. North Wales Shrimper

    Pre-Match Thread 14 September 2015 - HMRC v Southend United Football Club (The) Ltd

    It's that time again, when we face an away draw against Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs. Venue Court 15 in the Rolls Building at the High Court Referee The referee for tomorrows encounter is the Chief Bankruptcy Registrar himself, Dr. Stephen Baister. Dr. Baister is President of the Institute...
  9. RHB

    Blackpool - 3 points to us come November?

    This article appeared in the Guardian yesterday: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/aug/04/blackpool-point-deduction-pitch-invasion?CMP=twt_gu Blackpool are now faced with a three points deduction for last season's pitch invasion, suspended for two years. I wonder if they will make it?
  10. Game Of Thrones Death Pool

    So, pick those below you think are doing the jig with the many faced God....and shall be no longer in Season 6.
  11. thank goodness hes gone...

    good riddance to the irish ego maniac .... that last penalty against Stevenage and the bottle job at Wembley finally convinced me... anyway he was gone before the play offs - he knew he was moving on by then..... slow lumbering ineffective and forced us to play to his hopeless holding it up...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Scotland - the good and the bad

    Three good things about Scotland and three bad. Go! Good Edinburgh Jocky Wilson Chris Hoy Bad Rangers FC Pasty faced jakies Alex Salmond
  13. Roy and Wayne.

    Roy is an utterly amazing old duffer.Selecting WR as captain was the worst kept secret of all time then Roy straight faced insisted he would drop Wayne if he had too!Rooney our best player is being threatened he may not play but is the captain. Truly strange and incredible from Roy,Now please...
  14. manor15

    Group A - Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon

    Group A, the group of the host nation, and possibly even the favourites. It seems that the draw has been kind to Brazil, and they will be expected to qualify from the group easily. The battle for second place and qualification to the next round will be close, with all three of the other teams...
  15. How to spend $100,000

    A 33-year-old man has spent five years and $100,000 in an effort to look like his hero - teenage pop idol Justin Bieber Toby Sheldon is a songwriter from Los Angeles who has used Bieber's youthful features as the inspiration for numerous surgeries, including face fillers, a chin reduction and...
  16. Who made that decision?

    Who at the club made that decision to bring back that French Judas? He cost us last year and will no doubt as proven today cost us this year. How much did it cost for us to bribe the onion speaking **** to play for us again? That **** should never been allowed back in essex let alone Roots...
  17. steveo

    Took long enough

    Squatting set to become a criminal offence Good work Grant. Well done.
  18. Dick Bate's Protege

    Red Ken, Red Faced...

    http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/andrewgilligan/100171491/ken-livingstone-an-apology/ Nice to see that odious cretin Livingston brought down a peg or two. Just about sums the man up IMO.
  19. Mad Cyril

    Career changes - going self employed.

    Has anyone started up on their own? I would be interested to hear about how it went and what problems you faced.
  20. Petition to keep Barnet FC at Underhill

    Hi, Barnet fan here in peace, Please can you sign this petition to keep Barnet FC at Underhill for the foreseeable future as we are faced with a move away from Underhill due to Barnet council's stupid demands and this would lead to ground sharing and the possible end of the club. It would be...