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  1. Thorpe Groyney

    Just Another Afternoon At The Match

    Today was a rare opportunity for me. With local non-league football and my lad's training wiped out by waterlogged conditions, resulting in the radio show I would have been doing to cover it all also biting the dust, popping along to the Hall became an unexpectedly pleasant compensation...
  2. Col Ewe fan found out at last

    Safe for work, but a bit uuuuuurrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh.... :puke http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/sheep-gives-birth-to-human-faced-lamb/story-e6freuy9-1225819071357
  3. 50 games which defined a decade - Part 2 (2005-2009)

    1st April 2005: Southend United 2 – 0 Bristol Rovers (League Two) The second half of the decade began with our beloved Shrimpers surging up the league on the back of a series of virtuoso performances from new signing Freddy Eastwood. From the second week of January we went on a long unbeaten run...
  4. DTS

    Question 100 Colchester players we have hated....

    In light if the scum coming to town on boxing day I thought it would be good to list our 100 most hated scummers players from over the years... 1) Greg Halford - Weazel faced prick.
  5. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 8 Season 1931-32

    This Episode was printed in the Southend v Gillingham programme. Extracts from "The Forgotten Years of the Kursaal" by Peter William Baker No. 8 THE UNBEATEN RUN JUST KEEPS ON GOING Southend the only unbeaten club in the Football League having won eight and drawn five of their thirteen...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Macca's insight into how things have been for the players

    Interesting - and not just cos it's Macca before anyone suggests it! - article, shows some of the difficulties the lads have faced. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/theblues/4735078.Macca___s_back_and_raring_to_go/
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    From which train trip in Britain can you see the most football league grounds?

    Series: The KnowledgePrevious | Index A Knowledge special!From which train trip in Britain can you see the most league football grounds?Trainspotting meets football trivia: welcome to the Knowledge's very own perfect storm of nerdvana. Click here for our all-singing, all dancing interactive map...
  8. Shrimperstrust

    Zone Update Shrimpers Trust Statement

    Shrimpers Trust Statements The Shrimpers Trust has been working tirelessly since the news broke on Tuesday afternoon that Southend United FC faced the spectre of administration. It is vital that the response to this announcement is swift, and the Trust have already sought advice from...
  9. Crawliano

    Monday's Press Talk

    Something got me thinking just now whilst perusing the OS. For a club who have pubically belittled the local press, it's a little two faced to then be using said publication as "filler" to their own website. Four snippets pulled from the Echo? Bit off really isn't it? If you're going to...
  10. Tangled up in Blue

    MOTD-The 60's

    Just been watching the first part of MOTD from the 60's which a mate lent me before the summer. Don't know if this has been mentioned before but I was struck by how many former Blues players featured(before they ended up with us of course). The very first MOTD Liverpool v MU featured a baby...
  11. Smiffy

    Carling Cup 1st Rd Draw

    So, we face Cheltenham yet again. This time at Whaddon Road. The 3rd time in a row, we have faced them in the 1st Round (surely some record?!) Tie to be played w/c 10th August 2009
  12. Slipperduke

    Money Can't Buy Honour

    Footballers are a funny lot. Sometimes, it's like they have their own language. In their world an 'egg' or a 'nugget' means a foolish person, 'beans-on-toast' means the goalpost and 'I want to play Champions League football,' actually means, 'To hell with that, I want to earn more money in a...
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Spencer Prior

    Four places (I think) left to fill and next up is Spencer Prior, albeit a day late in Ron Martin style. -------------------------------------------------- Separated by over a decade, Spencer Prior had two very different careers with Southend. Either would be sufficient to get him in the Hall of...
  14. scrounger

    Nadal out of the French Open

    Unbelievable Jeff! Amazing match, Nadal below par but Soderling played some immense stuff. I must add, the commentators were really getting on my tits towards the end of the match. They kept saying things like "not taking anything away from Soderling but Nadal is way below par today". I...
  15. Southampton Shrimper

    The FA Cup

    So, congratulations to Chelsea, winners of the FA Cup 2009. But let it not be forgotten the contribution that Southend made to this season's competition, mentioned a few times today as we were in commentary on TV and on radio. We proved the toughest competition that Chelsea faced in the Cup...
  16. OldBlueLady

    Memory Lane Special Report on SUFC's previous homes

    Nice piece from the Echo's site today (I know there's no paper today), could have gone in the other forum I guess, but thought it kind of went alongside the Hall of Fame stuff we've been doing. Sing the Blues for stadiums past 12:10am Saturday 30th May 2009 Comments (0) Have your say » By...
  17. Brush Interview

    (interesting stuff) Firm Foundations Firm Foundations Southend United may have faced a rare drama-free conclusion to the campaign last weekend, but according to assistant manager Paul Brush, this could yet prove a definitive season in the club’s modern era. Victory over relegated Cheltenham...
  18. Sherif H

    The Blue Voice - Some suggestions

    I sat in the BV section today, forgoing my usual season ticket spot in the South Upper...I also persuaded two of my fellow seasos to make the move. I am all for a singing section, and at times today, we saw the best of the Roots Hall Roar, but its got to be said, people will be put off making...
  19. Thorpe Groyney

    Concord Show They're Power Rangers

    It hasn't been mentioned, but homely little Concord Rangers are making a remarkable bid for promotion to the Ryman Premier. They only just won the Essex Senior League on the last day of 2007 / 08, when 3 teams were in the running, and throughout their debut season they were around the play-off...
  20. Breaking News Ron's blog 03/03/09

    I feel there are more issues I would like to share with supporters in relation to football matters, which includes acknowledging the very capable backroom staff who get little credit for maintaining a well oiled operation. That topic will be on another agenda as many fans’ only point of contact...