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  1. DoDTS

    David Woodcock

    Don't know how many new David Woodcock but he died recently aged 67 and the funeral is 9.40 at Sutton Road. He used to work in the Civic Centre Southend, lived in Royston Avenue all hislife and I used to drink with him and Big Richard (Fugl)in the Spread in the early 1970s. His father was John...
  2. Cricko

    After the game tomorrow

    Hi People, Ken Mcnasty, SBH, Napster, Yorkshire Blue, Manor, Spaceman Spiff, Lord Football, Iain Mackintosh, Uncle Leo (hopefully) Myself and a few other Mods and friends will be in The Spread after the game tomorrow. If any of you are about then please come and say Hi to all us ogre's ...
  3. Cricko

    Do the youth of today have the same passion for SUFC

    Maybe I am getting old, well I am, but it seems to me the youth of today do not have the same passion for our club as us oldies do and The Zone ...I guess times have changed and there is a new world out there with social media filling up every crevice in peoples lives. There is no guessing...
  4. AndyT

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-0 Reading U21

    :tumbleweed: In the absence of Manor15 :spread: and that fella from Doncaster, who is frankly slacking, let's be honest, I thought I'd get the ball rolling. I didn't go, but I know someone who did, so let's hear it. Was it as dire as it sounded?
  5. The Big Dady


    Is the Zone protected from the latest ransomware called "WannaCry" that attacks Windows operating systems and infecting them around the world? Serious question, as I do not want to loose my Shrimpers football fix. Is this Pandemic which has now spread to over 100 countries, is it that...
  6. legend timetable ?

    It wasn't until I got home on saturday that i noticed that Billy Best was introduced to the crowd on saturday . I saw this on twitter as normally, like hundreds of others I suspect, I'm either in the Spread/Railway before and tend to arrive at 2.59 . But would love to know if the club lets...
  7. DoDTS

    A Merry Christmas from the SZ Prediction League

    Christmas was approaching and Ebenezer Shrimper-Scrooge received a message from DoDtS reminding him to post his predictions for Boxing Day and wishing him a happy Christmas. "Humbug" said scrooge "can't be bothered, I'll do it later!" Later that night after a healthy meal of a burger with no...
  8. RHB

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings MK Dons 0 - 3 Southend United

    Great result, sounds like a great performance as well. Spread your love on here all.
  9. Sad News. Another Great Shrimper gone.

    I am very sad to tell you that we lost another long term Shrimper yesterday. His name was Tony Livermore from Kent Avenue Leigh. He somehow got the nickname weasel. Tony started watching Southend in the late Sixties. Tony was a great guy, quite harmless. Fit as a fiddle as a teenager, but the...
  10. Breaking News Shrimpers End Of Season Party at The Spread Eagle

    Next Saturday 30th April, DJ starting at 5pm straight after the match!
  11. TrueBlue

    Spread eagle

    New landlord his name is Alan, really nice bloke young and enthusiastic to build the pub up I know Ken had a good chat with him so I hope we can bring back some of that zone community we had with that pub back around 2005 era
  12. DoDTS

    No. 2 POINTS and TABLE for SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE - Tuesday 1st March 2016

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW When are we going to realise that we are not world-beaters and not win every match? Only two predicted corrects score but Jack Payne spread a few points around: POINTS...
  13. The Watermill Wino

    Bowers & Pitsea in the FA Vase Quater Finals this Saturday.

    Bowers & Pitsea in the FA Vase Quarter Finals this Saturday. Please spread the word, the smallest club in the competition, with a Small Manager but a Team of Heroes with Essex at its heart. Please share the poster and lets get Bowers Pitsea FC to Wembley. Bar, Burgers and Bowers on a...
  14. Shrimpers are Magic

    Cheltenham Festival 2016

    Big open fields this year but value to be had if you get in early. Big chance of some money on day one with the Mullins quadruple definitely ON! Good luck if your having a bet and feel free to spread the love with any tips!
  15. Im New here! But not new to the Blues!

    Hi all fellow Shrimpers! Ive finally got around to joining ShrimperZone after many Years just reading posts. My better half and i go to alot of home games and quite a few away games. We are in our late 40's now so kids are now grown up so more time on our hands. We like making a weekend of it...
  16. DoDTS

    I miss...

    Having watched football for a long time, things have undoubtedly improved for the better, but there are some things (gone for ever) which I miss.................... Small boys sitting on the wall at matches Paying at the turnstiles Not having to buy tickets in advance Not having to listen on...
  17. War on terror 14 years and counting.

    George Bush told the world that a man living in a cave had masterminded the biggest terrorist act in history,the official version of events leaves a lot to be desired,but hey they must of carried out the attack,surely. What has the West learned? Not a lot as they still think bombing the crap...
  18. RHB

    SUFC First Team Squad Photograph

    The centre spread of the Echo today has the full technicolour photograph of this year's 1st team squad. It looks pretty recent as everyone is in it including O'Neill. Highlights for me are the haircuts, some of which are truly monstrous and will probably go down as the best in bad hair taste...
  19. OVERSEAS AID please sign this + spread on FACEBOOK etc many Thanks

    ear david, How are you? We noticed that there hasn't been any activity on your petition for a little while now, so we wanted to see how you were going. If you need a hand, we're here to help. Have you had a look at the Tips & Guides page (http://action.38degrees.org.uk/tips)? You'll find...
  20. mps expenses please sign this + spread on FACEBOOK etc many Thanks

    Dear david, How are you? We noticed that there hasn't been any activity on your petition for a little while now, so we wanted to see how you were going. If you need a hand, we're here to help. Have you had a look at the Tips & Guides page (http://action.38degrees.org.uk/tips)? You'll find...