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  1. Pre-season game Vs Grays Ath

    Havent seen this mentioned anywhere, so might aswell spread the word. £6 a ticket & kids free is Cheap as chips. I think Grays are planning on turning it into a bit of a fun day, so the usual bits & bobs for kids I suppose, bouncy castles, face painting, games etc.
  2. 2014-2015 Last Player Standing

    The rules: 1. Add one point (to only 1 player) and remove one point (to only 1 player) 2. You must give a reason 3. You can only play once a day 4. You must copy and paste properly and correct mistakes 5. Avoid being repetitive (using the same reasons and voting the same way) - spread the...
  3. DoDTS

    davewebbsbrain & jimmyshrimp win the Play-Off Prediction Legue

    On the final day predictions were quite evenly spread, dshrimp is the only one to get three extra points for three correct results, while Ricey and Gt Yarmouth Shrimper are the only ones to get the result spot on. POINTS below TABLE to follow: 4 ...points...... dshrimp...
  4. Cricko

    TravelZone Coaches to Wembley

    With Wino away climbing some small hill, arrangements are taking place. To start with Fran and Ken will be about tomorrow in The Spread from 11 until 3 for those who wish to book seats... :thumbsup:
  5. RHB

    This made me laugh

    Came across this on Wiki when looking for something else. So descriptive it's untrue: Egg Banjo Egg Banjos are so ingrained into the life of the Army that they warrant an entire thread on ARRSE; Egg Banjo's, God's Own Food A sandwich made from (usually) half stale white bread, spread on both...
  6. leeblue

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Luton town

    I can't sleep so here goes. An amazing run of results, built on an obscene commitment to keep clean sheets has led us to this massive game. Luton have it all to play for as they attempt to reach the play offs. We of course need a win to take the promotion race into the last day of the season. I...
  7. Napster

    Top 50 players

    This months 442 has their opinion on the top 50 players in the FL. Obvious nonsense as Barry Corr isnot 1,2 and 3.But Assambalonga is 30ish. And just missing out on the 50 is former CB John Egan and current defender Ben Coker. Ps theres a spread on Roy McDonough in there as well which is ok if...
  8. Blues4LifeDan

    Booing Shaq, why?!!!

    So Brown goes for the win and decides to bring on Coulthirst and to my shock about ten fans maybe more, spread around in the west stand, shout out some of the loudest boo's i have heard when he ran on the pitch! This is towards a player wearing the Southend shirt and someone who has always...
  9. Uncle Leo

    Question Shrimpers Bar and away fans

    I'm travelling down to Saturday's game with a five or six Plymouth supporting mates. Obviously the Spread is a no-no for pre-match beers, but would they be welcome in the Shrimpers? I promise they'll behave!
  10. Pale Blue Dot

    Shamless Self Promotion This Saturday Night @ The Spread

    Afternoon, Just confirmed that I will be playing some Songs as The Emotion Signal at the all new Spread Eagle for Unique Sounds in Southend on Saturday Night from 8pm after Southends first League game of the Season. Would be Lovely to see you there. Matt
  11. TrueBlue

    Spread Eagle

    Change in management (pro SUFC) not that Liz wasn't and closed until our first league game for a massive refurbishment https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spread-Eagle/121429654591590 For all the latest details and pictures of the on going works
  12. OldBlueLady

    Real ale at the ground on Saturday!

    With the main bars open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, the guest ale will be Wells and Young's Yorkshire Gold! Come along to the ground and enjoy a pint or two before the game! :spread:
  13. Westcliff Shrimper

    Question Pre-Match Pint

    Being the glory hunting so and so that I am, I will be in attendance at the Home of the Thames Estuary Galaticos for the first time this season tomorrow. Pre match pint in the Spread anyone? (TrueBlue is buying).
  14. RHB

    Some thoughts for SZ

    Before I retired I had a fair chunk of people who worked with or for me spread all over the country. Getting round to see all of them was a logistical nightmare so in addition to visits I used the internal intranet to have discussions with people which worked pretty well when everyone remembered...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    Potential record breakers

    Anyone know what the record is for most red cards in a season? We're currently on course for 14 red cards. What's impressive is how they are spread around the team (6 different Southend players have been sent off) and not just with the normal suspects like Clifford and the wrongly adjudged...
  16. Uncle Leo

    Worst. Bet. Ever.

    A new record for me on Saturday - backed Chelmsford at around 10/11 against Borehamwood. They lost 6-0. Thank goodness it wasn't a spread bet!
  17. * ORM *

    Happy Birthday to........

    Bob Cratchitt, an old stalwart on these boards, sadly just a periodic lurker these days but still a legendary kingpin of the mighty SZFC. Had the pleasure of seeing him and a few other SZFCers in the Spread before the game Sat. Oh and happy bidet to me as well :smile:
  18. DoDTS

    Prediction League three weeks away

    With the season just three weeks away a couple of reminders and explanations: Don’t forget to post up your predictions I know it’s obvious but how many times do people remember too late. Especially as its holiday season, I will try and put up the predictions two or three weeks before they are...
  19. IloveShrimp

    Question Do you want the new stadium now?

    So after the many comments about how poor the atmosphere was at Wembley because the fans were too spread out.The question is: Do you still want a huge new stadium with only 6,000 or so fans rattling around inside of it?
  20. DoDTS

    Predicition League News Prediction League Cup starts this Saturday

    Time is short for this season but this Saturday we will start the Prediction League Cup. Everyone who has already predicted will automatically be in the draw which will be made tomorrow. Any one else who wants to compete is more than welcome, either reply to this spread or send me a PM. TODAY...