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Atmosphere at Roots Hall - Part Two


Feb 1, 2007
I am not on here to have a go at anyone , but I thought that the atmosphere was pretty cack again yesterday . From where I sit in the SSU I could here more noise from the relatively small band of away fans than anywhere else - Only twice could I hear the Blue Voice Brigade . Maybe it was to do with the swirling wind and the fact that people were cold wet and therefore miserable ( note stamping feet and clapping hands can help counter this ) but mostly it seemed to stem from apathy and it sounded like there were long spells where no-one was singing in the West Stand .

As I have pointed out on other threads , we could be top or very near by Christmas so if this is the most enthusiasm that can be mustered what more do the team have to do ???

Sorry if it seems like I am going back over old ground , but I thought that everyone on here had agreed to do more to make a good atmosphere and try and lift the team . Instead Collis dropped one shot and the place turned into a morgue.

What will it be like on Tuesday with less than 7,000 in attendance ???
I thought apart from the idiots more interested in singing flavs and paynter that the atmosphere was ok.

As I experienced on Weds night that you can't hear the West from anywhere else in the ground BUT if your in it, the stand sounds very noisy!

The onlyway to get an atmosphere until we move to FF is by going back in the North bank, something I would love BUT I doubt will happen.
yeah, the atmosphere oviously wasn't buzzing yesterday but i was quite pleased in the south upper, especially compared to wednesday

the west stand probably do sing alot, it is hard to hear from opposite corner of RH!

(did like the ole, ole ole ole leon, leon though, good work!)
Thats the only chant you can hear unfortunatley.

I wonder (seriously) if we could do "anything" to get the north bank back?!
Exactly lol
Give them the south lower. Then they can exit to the east and the south upper can exit to the west.

Really isnt hard, chelsea do it without any problems.
I could hear the north aswell but then equally I thought the West had some decent levels of noise aswell.

It works both ways cos the South, from where I sit, seems generally quiet although you can hear small pockets of noise now and again.

I think this is a general fault of the stadium accoustics and that wont change.

The ole, ole is excellent cos you get more people joining in thus increasing the volume. The other chants, unfortunately, dont generate the same amount of people involved and are hence harder to hear.

I dont think it fair to say the atmosphere is that bad. People have to join in and its getting those people round to the idea of not sitting there in silence and joining in. I am not a singing leader but we join in most of the time and do our bit. Yes it feels a bit stupid at times but unless more people join in we will always struggle to increase the volume within the whole of the ground.

So its just that more need to join in but dont expect the sound to be great, because we cant change the accoustics in the ground.
Exactly lol
Give them the south lower. Then they can exit to the east and the south upper can exit to the west.

Really isnt hard, chelsea do it without any problems.

Would be nice to give South Lower to away fans when Forest come down - just to give them a taste of what its like for away fans at their ground.
I'm not suggesting copying their fans antics - just making them feel uncomfortable by legtimate means ie being surrounded on both sides and above by very noisy opposing supporters - with the thought in the back of their minds of what it might be like to be in that position with people chucking stuff at you too.
I could hear the west singing from the South Upper for most of the game - I still maintain that the atmosphere has improved in recent home games. Unfortunately, as people have said, the acoustics will always be a problem while we're at the Hall... and talk of a return to the north bank is just pie-in-the-sky.
I think the atmosphere has improved since this 'blue Voice' has been introduced. Yes only a small group sing but that's the same at every ground. You go away sometimes and there's no fans singing. I thought it was quite good yesterday.
Unfortunately, as people have said, the acoustics will always be a problem while we're at the Hall...

Agree - the acoustics are the major problem. From the South Upper blues on Wednesday I could hear the blue voice just barely. And while we did our best to sing for most of the game i doubt anyone in the east/west heard us up there either...F Farm will hopefully sort this problem out depending on the result of the enquiry
As people have already said, the acoustics at RH are awful, I can assure you though, there are various groups around the ground doing their bit to up the noise levels, but theres still plenty of areas not joining in...

Mostly those in the central sections of the East and West Stands...

I cant believe people enjoy sitting there in complete silence, so please get involved with the chanting, it will make a massive impact on the team and will help our boys push for promotion...

We all want that dont we?!
We all want that dont we?!

What like the Flahavan chanters, the Matt Harrold fan-club and the OAPs who moan every time one of the midfield (probably the best 4 man midfield in the division I might add) get the ball?

I unfortunately feel that these kind of "fans" don't want promotion! :(