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I tried FM13 for a bit, but never got into it or enjoyed it, so started back on FM07 for a bit. I've done that for several seasons and got Southend to win the Prem, now thought of a new challenge.

With all the talk on the "If Southend cease to exist" thread about starting a new team, it gave me an idea. What if I went onto the data editor, added a new club at the bottom (Conference South) and started there just as a new club would (ok it would start lower down, but that isn't possible on FM07, unless someone can help me out!).

Of course a new team would need players, so I thought it would add a bit more excitement if we put some of the zoners as players in (no I will not make the ability ridiculously high! :winking:).

As for club information (willing to change if anyone has a better suggestion):

Name: ShrimperZone FC
Nickname: Zoners
City: Southend-On-Sea, England
Founded: 2006 (obviously being on FM07!)
Status: Semi-Pro
Stadium: [name not decided] - capacity of 5,000

Haven't decided on the kits, maybe home kit plain navy and away kit being yellow?

Now down to the players, and think it is best that all players should be between 16-24 so they can have a good future at the club although I know many on here are well over that age it is ok to lie here :winking:

Fill this out if you want to be a player:

Full Name:
Position: (4-4-2 with 2 players per position would be good or if you want to be a non-player)
Date of Birth: (remember between 16-24 and on FM 2007!)
Footed: Left/Right
Strengths: (3 max)
Weaknesses: (3 max)


Full Name: Dave Chapman
Position: RM
Date of Birth: 01/04/90
Footed: Right
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Strengths: Pace, Determination, Crossing
Weaknesses: Strength, Tackling

Team so far:

GK: Martin Todd / Scott Peters
RB: George Webb / Mark Wallaker
LB: Ian "the girth" Churchyard / Fred Rivett
CB: David Laurie / -
CB: Paul Napper / -
RM: Dave Chapman / Jon Oliff
LM: Sam Leveridge / -
CM: Jonny Tosh / Matt Evans
CM: Paul Davies / Scott Wallace
ST: Greg Hammond / -
ST: Billy Tyldesley / -

Assistant Manager:
First Team Coach:
Youth Coach:

Thought it would be fitting to make Cricko and McNasty the Chairmen at the club (sorry I don't know your full names). As for the CA/PA values, I haven't decided on them yet but think making them all good for the BSS league and potential to become good L2 players so they will still be at the club for a few seasons would be best.

If I've missed anything, then give me a nudge and hopefully this will be good fun! :thumbsup:
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