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  1. RHB

    Anton Ferdinand

    Hardly a game passes without Anton looking off the pace, out of position, caught for speed, you name it, he's been accused of it this season. On his day (which was most of last season) he was a 'class above' defender who used his experience and AdamThompson to counter his lack of pace. This...
  2. shrimperjon

    Striking options

    Was just talking to my son and was finding it hard to think the last time we had a strike force of this calibre. I apologise if I've got their ages and contract lengths wrong, but hope you get the idea Cox - by far one of the best strikers we've had in years, 31 and signed on for 2 years...
  3. Napster

    Maidstone v Macclesfield

    Maidstone v Macclesfield Went to this game on Saturday with one of my staff. Nice stadium, good clubhouse, decent support. Three ex-shrimpers in the squads: Macclesfield: Jack Sampson - well he's found his level. Won every header, got stuck in, but rubbish on the ground, can't control the ball...
  4. Cov fan here

    Afternoon all, Yesterday was one of the few games i have missed this season but i did listen to it on the radio. Got to congratulate you on a fantastic victory yesterday, from our side it was unexpected to get beat so emphaticly. We were missing Murphy,Armstrong and Fleck 3 of the first names...
  5. RHB

    Weston - what to do?

    I said in my earlier match report post that Weston would be the subject of a fair amount of debate and so it is proving. The various comments appear to be reasonably evenly balanced between the good and not so good, and let me say I don't have a problem with Weston's play apart from his...
  6. Don't do it Cam.

    As the migrant crisis gathers pace,Dave Cam and friends want to bomb Assad. Utter folly to engage in this futile and dangerous game,Putin itching to have a go at the West is best of chums with Assad,offering hardware to help defend him and his people. Will Putin stand idly by as his mate...
  7. Greebosan

    Help wanted - iPod or other MP3?

    Morning chaps, any thoughts/advice on the following? I have had a 30gb iPod for about 10 years, and it is now giving up the ghost. I think I have managed to copy all the songs from it to my laptop, but looking at replacements, they no longer sell the classic iPods, only the iPod Touch, which I...
  8. Greebosan

    Fallout 3

    Got given an Xbox 360 over Christmas, and treated myself to the game of the year edition of this. I played through both the preceding games on PC many moons ago and loved them, and I just started playing Fallout 3, as I now have many more leisure hours on my hands. I think it's brilliant - very...
  9. Centre Half Combo

    With the players we currently have who would you like to see as first choice centre half pairing ? ... for me it would be Barrett, for passion, leadership, commitment but does lack pace of course and Prosser, brave, committed and can play a bit too .... Bolger is too up and down for me and...
  10. Leonard

    Just thinking when is Ryan Leonard going to become our Gareth Bale. The pace is definitely there and he has a great shot on him and capable of great goals. Seriously think we could benefit from playing him further up the pitch.
  11. If john white is fit

    Would you slot him back in as a replacement for Lenny .As it has show that Lenny isn't a natural right back .Or would you stick with lenny for his pace and long throws .
  12. Game of Thrones S5 - Discussion Thread

    This thread is for US/Sky Atlantic pace only. For major spoilers, use spoiler tags! xx So a fairly standard scene setting episode. Glad to see continues to have the best story and best scenes. Everything else was moving pieces into place but at the expense of anything interesting to actually...
  13. Fred

    10 years ago today

    Just got back from hols today and so not sure if it's been covered today but it's 10 years since our first trip to the millennium. It's been quite eventful since then on the field in comparison to the snails pace progress of our new stadium.
  14. southend4ever

    Raheem Sterling

    Just come across this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVVB9nngJZc Absolutely tore our poor young lads apart with mainly his acceleration, pace and a bit of skill...
  15. Question Surprisingly good sporting events

    What have you seen where you were surprised just how good it is? NBA - It was at Madison Square Garden and the Knicks won (pretty rare) so it was something special. Yes it's end to end baskets but the show, fast pace and athleticism make it great to watch NFL - Sorry MK but live NFL is...
  16. Rattus Norvegicus

    Pre-Match Thread FA Cup - Southend v Chester

    Anything to discuss on the team selection front? I presume the same team as against Mansfield although that assumes that the loan players will be allowed to play - Williams & Sokky that is. Or perhaps put Smith in goal or give Bolger and Thompson a chance in central defence? No disrespect to...
  17. Formations- What is Blues Best Formation?

    What is Blues Best Formation at the moment? i think we need to play a 4-3-1-2 to allow payne just behind the two strikers with corr up front to get the ball down with another striker with pace to break into opposition's defenses (weston or shaq) i think shaq would benefit more playing upfront...
  18. shrimperjon

    Kevan Hurst

    Just wondering what people are thinking regarding Hurst. Im a big fan, have been from day one he came to the club. His goal scoring record and assist record is excellent. However, like many i have been surprised so far this season with his performances. He certainly looks like he has bulked up a...
  19. Murkey_Mouse

    Fifa 15, who is getting it for PS3/4

    Does anyone is looking forward to play Fifa 15 on PS3 or 4? Southend Utd will look better and stronger for online gaming as we added pace into attack lol
  20. Question Mitchell Pinnock

    Has the youngster left the club? Thought he still had a year left on his contract, unless he was released or has only left on trial? Saw that he played for Millwall's Development Squad yesterday and scored as they won. Never really got a chance under Brown I don't think, looked a good...