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  1. Freddy must put in a shift

    Some of you will be choking on your lunch as one of the blues greats is in danger of being an also ran,In his prime he was lazy but had that yard of pace and eye for goal which made him a united legend,Injuries and father time and looking overweight will not help Freds cause.Since 2007 Fred has...
  2. LennySUFC

    FM13 BETA Released today!

    Just downloaded it and started as SUFC (Ofcourse) Interesting, Big G.Cough recommends Smith as the best player in the side at a 4.5* rating! Bilel wants to leave on a free Hall is amazing Bilel and Eastwood both 3.5* strikers :unsure: Freddy has 10 finishing?!?!? AND timlin has 10 passing...
  3. What would your Team be if everyone was fit?

    Was thinking today if we had a fit squad who'd id like to see play; Smith (Still unsure on him but experience over Bentley is useful at this level) Clohessy - Phillips - Cresswell - Barker (Pace may let him down) Hurst - Timlin - Tomlin Freddy Corr - Assomlobonga this would be my...
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    Gills-going places?

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/football-league-blog/2012/sep/16/martin-allen-gillingham Not tomorrow hopefully. "We've got to play better, do more, pass quicker against Southend on Tuesday." "Gillingham's central defenders, Adam Barrett and Callum Davies, attacking the ball early, have...
  5. Ntfc view

    Don't be fooled by the 6 goals, that was a very dull game. Almost nothing happened first half, an Assombalonga shot wide and we had a header saved. You seemed nervous and hesitant on the ball, to be expected with your start, and seemed content to let us have the ball. We had it, but didn't do...
  6. Notes from Stambridge

    I went to the game last night (not that you'd know there was a game, with all this Mohsni nonsense overshadowing things) and happened to spend the first half stood next to The Wee Birdie and his assistant/mate (not sure of the guy's name unfortunately). Did as much ear-wigging as possible and...
  7. Sandbach Shrimper

    England 3-2 Sweden

    So England put us through the motions as usual. 1st half was a bit scrappy, very congested in midfield but I thought we were pretty solid and Sweden didn't look very threatening. Brilliant cross from Gerrard (again) and header from Carroll. But then we go to sleep at two set-pieces early in the...
  8. Shrimp and two veg

    Don't get too down

    Well, what a shame it all panned out as it did. Fair play to Sturrock, he and the lads gave it a right go this season and very nearly got it right. What really hurt us i guess is that really bad run of games where we fell off top spot and kept falling. The Moshni debacle with him being out for a...
  9. GNH

    My view on the season as a whole and those 83 points gained

    There's lot of talk on here that we got 83 points which should/would have been enough for promotion in other years. A points tally in itself is meaningless, if you have a lot of strong teams consistently winning and picking up points you will need more than average to gain automatic promotion...
  10. Leeboy

    Stan Collymore

  11. Napster

    Collymore for England - memories of 1993

  12. leeblue

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 4-0 Cheltenham

    Well what a great night at the hall, certainly a real buzz around the return of you know who. Firstly there was my personal frustration with the starting formation tonight one up top at home in a must win game seemed insane. The game started off at a frantic pace lots of hustle and bustle from...
  13. Ayrshire Blue

    Freddy's strike partner

    It's been briefly discussed in another thread but I thought this deserved a discussion of it's own. So, who is best suited to play alongside Freddy? I see Harris and Benyon too similar to Freddy as the 'fox in the box' style forward. In my opinion there are 2 options. 1. Bilel Mohsni -...
  14. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Form of the 6 Promotion contenders (Part 2)

    I did one of these about 6 or 7 games ago, so thought it was time to update it. SWINDON Form over the last 10 games is amazing, going back to their 4-1 win over us. 27 points, 9 wins and 1 defeat (coming against Oxford 3 games ago). 5 of their last 6 games have been at home, and it appears...
  15. Neil Harris

    Are we surprised by his (lack of) impact? Millwall (2007-2011), goal every 4.76 appearances Southend (2011+). goal every 4.54 appearances When I've seen him he's looked a step behind the pace of the game, however his scoring record is consistent to his form when he signed (albeit at a lower...
  16. Yaya Toure

    My mates and I have nicknamed him "Black Jesus" whenever we watch him. One part due to him being so good and also due to family guy! Today's game in the first half he made 45 passes, completed 45. By the end of the game he had made 103 completed 101. The stats are quite amazing considering...
  17. Style of Play Debate

    Luckily I only had a 20 minute drive home after that pile of **** tonight... Feel very sorry for those who had to drive back to Southend. The style of play has been debated constantly for the past few weeks, with the belief that if long ball gets results then we should continue with it. Whilst...
  18. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Form of the 6 title contenders

    Just been looking at the recent form of the 5 teams at the top, and I would be staggered if some of them continue in the same vein. Southend 4 wins 2 draws and 3 defeats from the last 9 games, which is 14 points (which really isn't that shabby!). This did include a run of 4 without a win, so...
  19. MrB

    OD - Week 10

    My timing is awful. I played Aquantra in the week just before they sold up. Now I play Akichita the week after they go out of the cup and I get the full force of their £950k wage bill having only fielded it once in OD this season. My team seem to be punching above their weight at the moment...
  20. Will reinforcements mean many departures?

    Paul Sturrock has hinted on BBC Essex after the Bradford game that up to 3 or 4 players will be signed up in the January window. I'm led to believe we're running right on the budget wage cap so as a result how many players can you see leaving to make way for them? For me there may be one or...