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Paul Sturrock Can do No Wrong!


I used to play a little.
Oct 24, 2003
..... Well he can't can he?

If it's not doing a great job to keep one player satisfied (Granty), or showing great determination to get stuck into a sticky project, or his ability to bring in a whole new team of signings, or his ability to show he has thought of using one extra formation, then I am sure it must be that the excrement that comes out of his backside must be perfectly formed and smelling of roses...

Now, it isn't that I have anything against the bloke but more so the glowing optimism that infiltrates the board at the moment. To be fair, I agree we should be optimistic to the extent it is the only way to go as our future is pretty much out of our hands and Paul's.

It is more a point aimed at picking up the pieces in a time of sheer desperation. So I ask the question... Can he do wrong?

Before answering, I'd like you to consider the aims for the new season from your point of view, strictly football. Tilson, was loved by almost all and after his success most people see Ron as the person to blame following his departure. So if pretty much your whole team follow and refuse to sign new contracts and ask to leave then it begs the question - how do you judge expectation? How do you monitor it? Is there expectation?

Sturrock has had to draft in a squad of new talent - what can we expect from these players?

Passion, guts, determination and putting their bodies on the line is right up there for me. When you see that a football match is most often enjoyable and you have a sense of satisfaction. But, how long until we know what we are capable of?

I mean we can't possibly afford to leave league 2. Relegation isn't an option - It would be the end of the club. Mid Table - if that's our aim to establish the team and build on that then how can we be assured we will be in a position to build on it, due to financial constraints we may well not be!

So, I ask should our expectations only be limited to this one year directly ahead of us with Sturrock working 24/7 to help us where he can? Or are we in a position to look beyond or don't we know? The question mark hanging over the club makes it impossible to share a vision at the moment. If Sturrock has an offer after a year would his chance to re-build a club be lost when the £££ signs are thrashed in front of his eyes?

Hearsay, speculation etc That will all continue, but it does seem that Sturrock has a free reign to do what he can with this club. Not many managers build a squad from scratch, but the danger that is fraught with the task PS has embellished is incredible. What if we don't blend and we flirt with relegation, the players, have they been over paid or is that mission complete to avoid trouble?

Does anyone know? Do the players care? They are all new, and there is no sense of carrying on a tradition of a small seaside club making its way up the leagues and winning cups. That has changed, out with the old in with the new and where do we find ourselves?

I hope you know because I don't!

I wish PS the best of luck and I would love the help understand the expectations of the club, players and fans this season. The be all and end all is SUFC til we die!

Up the Shrimpers and best of Luck Paul Sturrock!

Without expectation you can do no wrong.
My expectation - Passion, pride, belief, All-in, Til death do us part!