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  1. DoDTS

    Andy Thomson

    I came across an article in a Queen of the South programme about Andy Thomson the following is an extract: Dalglish was one of many scouts attracted to Thomson during his five year spell at Palmerston (Queen of the South), A lot ofclubs including Chelsea, Rangers, Spurs, Leicester, Aberdeen...
  2. Shrimperstrust

    Social Inclusion Through Sport - Shrimpers Trust And Aviva

    The Shrimpers Trust is delighted that its social inclusion project has been approved by Aviva as a candidate for their community fund scheme. The description of our bid submitted to Aviva is as follows: The Shrimpers Trust, an organisation of around 1200 members run entirely by volunteers is...
  3. Theo Foley

    Apart from John White's goal (we don't say that very often), the only enjoyable part of the day yesterday was before the match when I spoke to Theo Foley. He has just turned 80 and is still best mates with Billy Best and John Kurila. Theo said that it was on his recommendation that Billy came...
  4. Ricey

    Ricky Duncan, Kevin Maher and the Youth Teams

    Great article on the echo's website about Duncan, Maher and the youth team. Really enjoyable read and just goes to show how far our youth set up has come on. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/14994913.Ricky_boosting_Blues__next_generation/
  5. We all have enough problems in life, so why do we do it to ourselves?

    After today's game, and looking back over the previous 800 or so I have attended, I asked myself that question (again!!) ....WHY? Aren't hobbies/pastimes etc meant to be enjoyable/fulfilling/rewarding etc etc? After most matches I leave RH with a banging headache, sore throat, and an overall...
  6. Hi

    I am not sure that I merit a place in this community as I am no longer a “real” Southend United supporter. I started supporting Southend when my father took me to see Southend v Southampton in the old 3rd Division South. This would have been in the 1956/57 season My father had previously taken...
  7. danburyshrimper

    Credit where its due.....

    Just a quick message to comment on how refreshing it was to see how Burton played under Nigel Clough. ... We put in a few very tasty challenges and not once do i remember them retaliating , cheating , diving , acting or generally whinging to the ref. They took the knocks like men and just...
  8. OldBlueLady

    Six years ago today.....

    My, how time has flown! A thoroughly enjoyable stay in Glasgow, a thoroughly embarrassing performance by yours truly balanced out by a thoroughly brilliant performance by our much missed H, and a valiant attempt by him and MK in the final round. ShrimperZoners' appearance on Eggheads, for...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Happy New Year's Eve, Happy New Year

    Whatever you are doing this evening, may you have a safe and enjoyable time, and good wishes for health and happiness into 2016. Me, I shall be alternating between cups of honey and hot lemon and glasses of champagne in front of the TV, whilst hubby is out working through the night till...
  10. Crowd celebrations

    Must admit to watching recorded TV coverage all week over and over again. Love watching the crowd celebrations and 3 moments are very enjoyable. 1. The mass of the crowd when the pig scores and the noise we created. That brief moment will live with me forever! 2. When sky switches to the first...
  11. * ORM *

    Results thread !

    I love being in HK. 741am and four results in. Woke up to a surprising exit poll. They are never right but they are usually a decent indicator. My working morning is going to be much more enjoyable and only the urgent will be done. If I was in the UK typically I would be up until around 4am and...
  12. Uncle Leo

    The Guardian's Top 100 World Cup players

    http://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2014/may/27/the-world-cups-top-100-footballers-of-all-time-interactive An enjoyable jaunt through history here. Not sure that Messi deserves to be as high on this list as he is, but rather than get worked up about the rankings, just enjoy the...
  13. Thank You Phil Brown

    You may not have got us promoted but you have made it far more enjoyable to watch the team this season. Promotion essential next year though.
  14. OldBlueLady

    Players' Sponsors' Evening at the Rendezvous last night

    Apparently, there are some within the Club who think I am over critical! :unsure: So, just to balance things out, I want to say a huge "well done" to everyone involved in the Sponsors' Evening last night. The organisational side was well handled - apart from a few missing shirts! - the players...
  15. Ricey

    Froch vs Groves

    Gutted I'm working during this fight. As the Haye vs Fury fight is off this is one of the fights of 2013. Personally I'm a Froch fan and think the Cobra will give Groves a pasting. Really enjoyable press conference yesterday between them. Anyone going to be watching?
  16. Ricey

    Ronaldo or Messi

    I was watching a documentary on Cristiano 'couldn't score at Roots Hall' Ronaldo. It was a really enjoyable watch but one of the main points from it was the age old argument. Who is the best player in the world? Ronaldo or Messi? For me it's hard to decide as you have on one hand a player who...
  17. Positives & Negatives

    What are your positives and negatives so far this season? Positives; - The football being played is brilliant to watch & a complete contrast to the last few seasons. I applaud what Sturrock did, but the entertainment factor was missing from his style of football, whereas so far it's been very...
  18. DoDTS

    Prediction League the PLAN

    After the results of the recent poll the Prediction League will be set up slightly differently to previous seasons. Firstly let me make it clear, that if you want to predict then nothing has really changed. You will have to predict 6 fixtures, southend's first scorer of the day, and use a...
  19. Silencer

    Enjoyable read from before the match - Silly boy Mr Cook

    Made me smile this morning EVEN MORE :happy::happy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21416563 "We had a meeting and [assistant manager] Kevin Nugent said we are 100 percent confident we are going to Wembley.
  20. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Oh dear C55/56 South Upper

    Sometimes I despair. Granted, tonight we were poor and, granted too, folk have a right to vent their frustration. But how miserable and de-motivating can folk get? Well, C55 and 56 in the South Upper set new levels tonight. From the outset they moaned like morons but the second half saw it...