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The way PS left and its timing created a great deal of negative rep for RM and that was compounded for many by the appointment of PB. I wondered now how many people have changed their minds about the gaffer or are willing to give him more time?

The club has well publicised off-field problems that have done little to help PB and his plans but for my money he has been shrewd with the players he has brought in and has got the team playing the way so many wanted for a long time. Inconsistent yes, but if consistency was to be added to the mix we would have a side that in my opinion could be eyeing the autos come January.

This is a success driven business and it is too early to be sure where PB will take us but do you feel more confident now about our prospects on the pitch under the stewardship of PB? I do.
I can't say one or the other...............Two very capable managers but each with a very different idea on how to be successful in this division.
Too early to say....luggy failed in the end.....brown currently doing a decent job but we know it can all change very quickly, one way or the other
I've supported them both all the way, just prefer the way Brown has the team playing - it's that simple for me, and I was very anti him when he arrived.
PB on the radio last night made the point that the team will be travelling 3,000 miles in a short space of time and that he had made the board aware that that the squad need to have alternative to the normal coach travel if we really want to be at our best in the coming fixtures.Get the feeling that if he doesn,t get the backing from Uncle Ron and promises met he won,t be aound for more than 1 season.
They are travelling by train to Morecambe
What did either win with Southend? Zilch but Paul Sturrock got us to Wembley for a great day out (bar the result with Brown) I wonder if Brown will ever get the reception that Sturrock did at the Green Man, Wembley.
For me Tilly was the best even his singing in the main stand when we got promoted.
Back to the question and I would say Sturrock after building a team from the ashes and restoring faith in the supporters.
I hope Brown does well but pretty football does not always lead to success. West Ham and Spurs years ago used to be noted for pretty stuff and won nothing.:thumbsup:
I get the impression people would be happy if we played pretty football and finished 14th. Personally I like to see goals and Sturrock's teams always scored a lot of goals, especially away from home. Had some cracking away days in the Sturrock era.

I think the time was right for him to go, he seemed to lose a lot of heart in the last few months, but who can blame him. Injuries utterly obliterated our season last year (we were untouchable in the run-up to Christmas) and the Mohsni gamble failed spectacularly.

I do like the way the team plays now when it works (Friday), but we still don't score enough goals and as good as Friday was, last week at Newport was painful, let's not forget that.
What do people expect ? We are SUFC in the bottom division of the football league with no money. Sturrock did a good job steadying the ship in his first season but there are reasons why he was at a club like ours. Likewise for Brown, he clearly has issues regarding man management. I don't doubt he has an eye for a talented young player and some of the football has been excellent this season but any manager that comes to SUFC is going to be far from perfect. The off field issues they have agreed to work under suggest they are desperate to work. I think Brown is probably going to leave for a better job before the end of the season if we end up sitting in the play off places by xmas and I wouldn't hold that against him.
I thought Paul Sturrock did a great job in his first two seasons but in his final season the entertainment value had become so poor I couldn't face going to games any more.
I wasn't exactly chuffed when Phil Brown was appointed but so far he has done a lot better than I expected and will be delighted if he continues to prove my initial doubts wrong. I wonder whether the embargo has worked in his favour to some extent as a small squad isnt always a bad thing.
Gotta remember guys, we are in a 'Results based business' now I don't get to go watch every game, but I'd take ugly football and 3 points rather than beautiful football and 15th spot at the end of the year! But I do respect what PB is doing with what looks a very weak squad!
Under Brown there seems to be more commitment from the players and overall they seem fitter than under Sturrock who also had the advantage of being able to make lots of signings. I would say that Phil Brown is the better manager of the two and is doing well this season given the circumstances he is working under.
I've supported them both all the way, just prefer the way Brown has the team playing - it's that simple for me, and I was very anti him when he arrived.

Similar to me. However, I wasn't anti Brown, I was just upset with the way PS was treated. RM should have at least delayed any change of manager until after Wembley.

That said, I don't really care how we play, so long as we're successful and can get out of this league. Once we're out, then I'll be more concerned about our style of play.
PS, great manager, worked under difficult circumstances and gave us a few great memories.

PB, like marmite, you either like or you don't, again working under difficult circumstances and getting some good results whilst also playing good football.

Where would I rate them? Personally for managerial ability, PS followed by PB but that's just an opinion that could well change if PB gets us up.
Two different styles but not much between them in my eyes so far.

Sturrock gets the nod because he built a decent squad from nothing and did a fair amount with them!
Sturrock worked miracles whilst Brown is slowly but surely sorting it,I doubt if Phil will remain here for 3 years though.
Did not like the idea of Sturrock when he joined - but warmed to him in the end.

Not keen on PB being appointed - but will give him time.

BTW - have never really liked many SUFC managers over the years