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  1. Evening Echo

    Blues still in advanced talks with trio of targets

    SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin has confirmed the Shrimpers are in advanced transfer talks with a trio of targets. More...
  2. Play offs

    So we need Millwall to screw up, not to mention Bristol are snapping at our heels.....so simple yes/no...will we be in the mix for the Playoffs? Sadly I think Millwall have the edge and they're over their post FA Cup blip.
  3. How will you celebrate on Wednesday?

    I've been invited to a party and the menu has just arrived. Champagne on arrival (France) Starter - Cavala de Escabeche (Portuguese fish dish) Main - Vitello Milanese (Italy) Cheese - a mixture of Spanish varieties apparently Dessert - Black forest gateau (Germany) Everyone has to take a...
  4. * ORM *

    Next three game barometer and injuries

    How many points from the next three? And any news on Cox/Ranger? I'm predicting draw Wombles, Win Charlton, Lose Posh but the 4 from 9 will keep us in the mix. 5 or more and I'll start thinking about booking a tentative play off flight
  5. Pubey's DIY thread #23151

    So I'm planning to take a week off work in August to paint our house. Picked out a nice colour (Dulux Weathershield Sandstone) which is a standard waterbased masonry paint. At the back we've got a mixture of cast-iron downpipes, a PVC soil pipe and some other guttering down pipes. The previous...
  6. BoyWonder2

    Army Assault/Obstacle Courses in Essex

    I'm looking for some army assault/obstacle courses based in Essex that can cater for a football team. We begin pre-season next Sunday, and looking to try something different to mix it up. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  7. RHB

    SNP - What next?

    For whatever electoral voting reasons we now have 56 SNP MPs in the House of Westminster. Given 'Call me Dave' has a working majority, I'm struggling to see what material difference they will make to the mix apart from putting a far greater focus on Scotland in the media, brassing off the Welsh...
  8. Corners and the famous long throw in

    i know this subject has been posted before (so please no snide comments). Just been watching MOTD2 and it is so easy to deliver a corner that passes the 1st defender (which. we often fail to do) as for the long throw need to mix it up a bit, it's to predictable. This is something they should...
  9. steveo

    Rendering a wall

    Have an external wall that half the render has fallen off. Have chipped off all the loose stuff ultimately be covered in plants. Never done this before so want to have a go. What mix? Any tips?
  10. Pre-Match Thread Burton Albion v Southend United

    On the Burton site , their midfielder Weir has said the following : When asked what he knows about tomorrow’s opponents, Weir said “Obviously we had them in the play-offs last year and we have played them this year.” He added "You know they are physical and the want to mix it up so its going...
  11. Benfleet A1

    It's The Destroy This Town Thread

    Ladies and Gents, nominations please for the town or city that deserves instead annihilation for the good of mankind. I give you the case for Erith. It's the pits, full of grotty, grimy high rise flats with equally grotty low lives residing in them. A duel carriageway runs through it except...
  12. RHB

    Has our luck changed?

    I've just realised that John Egan managed to survive his first match without injury and we have therefore broken the loan player hoodoo, yeeha! Lots on here, including me, have said that luck has not been with us recently but with this momentous breakthrough I can now see us entering a golden...
  13. Get in the Friday mood with this fantastic mix...

  14. Fifa14

    Being of a certain age, one does not indulge in the worlds of X-Box, Playstation etc that often. However, one could not resist a FIFA challenge from my Hamster supporting youngest yesterday. I was pleased to see that Jack Payne featured in our squad and was sized perfectly to scale (tho Freddy...
  15. Question PB v PS

    The way PS left and its timing created a great deal of negative rep for RM and that was compounded for many by the appointment of PB. I wondered now how many people have changed their minds about the gaffer or are willing to give him more time? The club has well publicised off-field problems...
  16. steveo


    We have a garage wall which has bits hanging of it and it needs re-rendering. As I have never done any rendering before so thought I would have a go myself before getting someone in just for the fun of it. Am I correct in thinking you should use sharp sand? What mix? Any other tips? Thanks in...
  17. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-0 Plymouth Argyle

    What can one say, I am a fan of PS but today was a pleasure to watch again as a Southend fan. Work rate was top class and fitness I've never seen before for a long time. It's not going to be an easy season with the Tuesday nights playing on a cold frozen pitch so we need to mix it up a bit. What...
  18. Tampa Blue

    Peterborough - good news for us.

    CEO Gary Lockett negotiated a promotion bonus with Pboro when we sold them Ferdinand - sounds like a shrewd move if they are in the mix to go up next season.
  19. Massimo Giovanni

    Team for 2013/14

    Without knowing any of the insider gossip and titbits we do have a nucleus of a squad for next season. Hopefully all injuries and operations will be sorted ready for the early early Coca cola Cup start With a few returnees my starting line up would be; GK; Bentley RB; Sean Clohessey RCB; Mark...
  20. Kevin Hogg

    Divine right to promotion?

    Some on here and others elsewhere (perhaps RM?) appear to believe we should have a divine right to promotion. I wonder how many other clubs will be equally as gutted about not achieving League 1 status? Northampton Town? Might still make it but with the potential support and set-up - they will...