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Question Should we be aiming for the automatics next season ?


Feb 1, 2007
Forget all this negative stuff- no money - lots of key players leaving - no war chest etc etc and forget the wishy washy 'top six finish will be doing well with such limited resources' --- what's wrong with saying from the outset next season that only the top two will do and anything else will be regarded as failure ?

If we could get up and stay up next year, what better preparation for the filling the newstad ?

Lets be positive - none of the three relegated sides is going to find it easy and the teams coming up will be less of a threat than the ones who came up last year.


The Font of all Knowledge from Russia⭐
Staff member
Nov 2, 2008
Not so sure about that. Norwich, Charlton and Saints will be aiming for auto's, and of course 3 from Leeds, MK, Scunny and Millwall will all be looking to push on next season. If Oldham have a settled season i can see them making a push for top 6, and Brentford will have that winning momentum like we had, Posh had, Donny had etc..

I've said before i can see next season being the toughest League one has EVER seen.

Our best shot would be play-offs, but you never know!!


Dec 8, 2003
No reason why not, couple of really good signings and we could really be up there. Peterbro have shown this season that you don't have to average 20,000 a game to go up. The three coming down will no doubt strengthen the Division crowds wise but doesn't mean that all three will automatically be promotion certainties especially Southampton who will start on minus 10 points.


Dec 16, 2006
Definitely. I think a lot will have to do with our home form next year and whether we can keep a settled side. Heard from somebody who knows this sort of stuff that Ron didn't want us to go up this year, as we'd probably have struggled in the championship and suffered badly should we have been relegated, but he is desperate for us to be in the championship for when we move to fossetts farm and there will be significaent investment starting this summer and continuing over the next 2 year to ensure this is the case.


Super Moderator⭐
Staff member
Aug 13, 2008
No. Sorry, I am a more optimistic poster but this is too high. Our side isn't good enough, if we make somegood signings I think we should be aiming at play offs. I can see Norwich going straight back up and if they don't go up this year then MK, Millwall and Leeds will be up there. I think money may damage Charlton and Southampton too much to win it next year but I think a play off place is a good target for us.


Sir Kevin Betsy Fan Club
Aug 1, 2007
ofcourse.....every team should set their sights high before the season starts. if they dont then what message would that send out?

signings are key, whether loan or permanent. if we can use january in the same or similar manner to last season would be great but the key is that we need to be closer to the top come the end of Dec than we were. A poor first half of the season is not good as it will leave us too much to do no matter how good the signings maybe.

Aim for the top, cos it can always be "reviewed"....;)

Ayrshire Blue

The Custard Splat
Jan 31, 2008
It will all depend on who we bring in. Norwich will be tipped to go straight back up plus the teams who are involved in the play offs this season.

Im not so sure how Southampton and Charlton will do as they are both skint and will lose there better players.


May 7, 2008
Currently exiled in Yorkshire
I think one of the play-off teams will do a Carlisle, lose a few players if the don't go up and have a poor season next year.

Southampton start on minus 10 and will lose a few high earners in the Summer, as will Charlton and Norwich.

I don't think Oldham will do that well next season and I can't see any of the promoted teams doing that well.

I think we're now a decent league 1 team now and I reckon were be many people's tip to do well.


Pringello Indexinator
Jul 28, 2008
At the end of the day, all Norwich, Leeds, Southampton, Charlton have is a reputation. They aren't that much better (if at all) than us otherwise they wouldn't be in League One. Next season will come down to whether we have the consistancy in results and personnel to challenge for promotion, if Tilly can keep a well balanced team and hopefully we'll be luckier with injuries there is a good chance of at least playoffs.

Was listening to the Norwich commentary on Blues World against Charlton and he said that Norwich were nowhere near good enough for the Championship, deserved to be relegated and that all their better players were not going to stay.

Charlton look like they could lose Bailey and they've offered pretty much nothing all season.

Southampton are starting on negative points.

These are all teams on the down, we've stabilised at League One and are consistantly top half (the last 2 years anyway), we've got a new stadium coming and things are looking bright.

And who's to say that the losing mentality of the, so called, big teams who have come down will not play a huge part and they will need to quickly get back to winning ways to have any chance of a top 6 finish.

Ron Manager

formerly Libertine
Jan 21, 2007
Brisbane, Australia
We should be aiming to win the title - no point turning up otherwise. What we should be expecting however is a different matter. It will be a very tough league and to be challenging to go up automatically will be a big ask. However always aim to finish first, every season.


Feb 2, 2007
Yes every teams aim is to be in the top two, but what you aim for dont always happen. Could well have a very new looking defence next season,hopefully for the better, a more attacking midfield would be nice,with a decent wide player. Dont no what div 1 is going to shape up like next season, but at a quick glance, looks a bloody hard league. Enter Uncle Ron with some real money please.


Nov 24, 2008
Surely we should be aiming for 'the automatics' EVERY season - this isnt the Prem! Players will come and players will go, its up the the manager to buy right and get them playing. Its been proven time and again that chucking money at a manager wont give you guaranteed success. Not long ago a team that scrapped up from div Two thru the playoffs went on to WIN Div 1 the next season - unfortunately the nucleus of that side was then broken up and an inevitable relegation followed......!
Forget the 'big' clubs, they will have their own issues to hold them back.

Not In Mohave Shrimper

formerly Drastic™
Jan 10, 2008
As others have said, we should always aim to win the division, as we aim to win every game we play. But what we should expect is radically different.

Charlton & Norwich are big clubs and even with financial problems I expect them to be challenging. Southampton start with minus 10 but I think they could still challenge for play-offs, some of theor bigger name players may leave but they'll still be an attractive propsect for new players. Then there's 3 out of MK, Leeds, Millwall & Scunny still in the division, they will be tough and the moneybags of Col Ewe and Huddersfield too.

Play-offs would be great and I think we'll be there or thereabouts.


Metal Monday Dude
Feb 26, 2004
In Britain's best town to retire to!
if i read the phrase 'war-chest' once more i'm going to scream! :censored:

Of course we should be aiming for automatics, play-offs at worst. We've consolidated our position this season so from that base you look to push on.