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Tenancy Advice... Damage not caused by us!


Apr 3, 2007
I was looking to see if any of my fellow Shrimpers were able to offer some advice in regards to our tenancy (more for peace of mind as I think we are completely in the right).

Part of our Tenancy Agreement is that we must maintain all white goods that have been supplied. Recently our washer dryer packed in so we alerted the landlord, as we were supposed to, who advised he had an extended parts warranty, so all we would need to pay for is the call out cost. The policy is in his name and address, so there was a bit of aggro in getting it sorted but we eventually, last week got it sorted.

As the engineer was completing the work, he damaged the wooden flooring - I will add here that this is fairly expensive wooden flooring! Whoever, installed the washing machine (on behalf of the landlord) decided to screw a 2 inch screw through the rubber foot. As the engineer pulled the machine out it has caused 3 deep scratches in the floor. He reported it to head office and left us with a report of the work completed stating we need to contact head-office about the damage and to take the matter further. Part of the report of work completed states that a new foot was put on.

We took pictures and informed our landlord immediately, who has simply come back saying that we are responsible for the repair of the damage and must deal with the service supplier. However, as we are not the policy holders they are refusing to speak to us or release the report due to the Data Protection Act.

Despite numerous contacts with the landlord (all in writing) stating this, he is still insisting we must "contact their managing director" to sort the issue ourselves (a little over the top to go to the MD). Looking at our Tenancy Agreement, we are responsible for the white-goods, which we have fulfilled, and all other work we are not allowed to get a contractor to repair, this is the responsibility of the landlord.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice, as I know he is simply going to come back and say we must deal with it, despite me quoting parts of the Tenancy Agreement which back me up. Added to this, we are most likely moving out in 2 months, so any claim will be past our tenancy anyway.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post.