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  1. OldBlueLady

    Junior Blues News Meet the Players Day - Tuesday, 10th April

    If any of you out there have Junior Blues who are not yet booked for this event next Tuesday, please be advised that spaces are now very limited! https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2018/march/meet-your-favourite-blues-players/
  2. Tenancy Advice... Damage not caused by us!

    I was looking to see if any of my fellow Shrimpers were able to offer some advice in regards to our tenancy (more for peace of mind as I think we are completely in the right). Part of our Tenancy Agreement is that we must maintain all white goods that have been supplied. Recently our washer...
  3. The Big Dady


    What an unusual statement Mark Warburton says he has not stood down as Rangers manager, despite a club statement that they have accepted the resignation of him and his staff. Rangers announced on Twitter that Warburton, assistant David Weir and head of recruitment, Frank McParland were leaving...
  4. its blindingly obvious ....

    that Ted should have been advised to wear a cap with a peak to combat the low sun....... really a mark down on goalkeeeping coach and coaching staff...... that said it look as if their goal was down to Antons poor header - maybe he lacked confidence in Ted or Ted lacked the confidence to call...
  5. Floval Flyer

    Any Toyota or Diesel Specialist Mechanics on here?

    Not sure if this is the right area, so mods please move if needed... I need help with my wife's Toyota, it is a MY2008 Verso T180 D4D About a year ago we started experiencing problems with v.poor MPG, and poor performance with the car eventually going into 'limp' mode. I booked it into a...
  6. Cricko

    Zone Update In Salute of Peter Baker/DODTS

    With a little bit of time of time on my hands and the season drawing to an end...I would just like to say what a fantastic job DODTS has done in running The Zone Prediction League. He has gone from strength to strength since I "advised him" it was his job in future :winking: He has our up most...
  7. Question Prospects car park(as was).

    Sorry if this has been covered,but not having been advised officially of Prospects closure,does anyone know if I can drive straight into main car park for the rest of the seasons matches?Many thanks.
  8. Breaking News All At Sea playoffs special

    Hi all, the latest edition of All At Sea is available to buy now from our online webstore at http://allatseafanzine.angelfire.com. It's available to European Shrimpers as well. It'll be on sale before the game on Saturday from the usual locations, but it is a limited edition so you're advised to...
  9. DoDTS

    For those going to Burton

    For those going to Burton on Sunday (or for those not coming to that), the Burton v Southend match, 12.00 kick off is the last fixture of the No. 1 (1st leg) fixtures BUT at 5.15 pm Derby play Brighton in the first of the No. 2 (second leg) fixtures. So you may be well advised to get your...
  10. Its Only A Game

    Bit of legal advice on wills needed

    Just a quickie if there are any legal bods out there. My Dad (in his late 70's) has just found out that his brother and his wife died a couple of months ago down in Devon. For some reason none of my dads family were advised, even though his brother was in hospital for 3 weeks before passing...
  11. OldBlueLady

    Ron's address on "Developments with the Council" from programme v Bristol Rovers

    Ron's address on "Developments with the Council" from programme v Bristol Rovers As this had been requested by others on the match report thread, I thought I would post this so it's a bit more easily found for those interested... Includes Capital Letters where originally written! :winking:
  12. FA Cup match and the South Stand

    After receiving several PM's I have approached the club about opening the South Stand for the Cup match and have been advised that if demand on sales is high enough and shows the stand needs opening it will be opened. People need to contact the club in numbers especially as not everyone in the...
  13. Is Ron being advised?

    Ok, so we haven't heard from Ronny Martini for a long time. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who can sit back and not say anything. In the past we've had Q&A's, blogs etc etc. I, like many welcomed these, even if he did make promises he didn't/couldn't keep, and he may well have lied (I...
  14. Wembley prices for L1 final

    Hi all, for a rough idea of costs/allocations etc...
  15. Jonny_Stokes

    Merry Christmas

    Season's greetings from your favourite/least favourite Orient fan. Be advised that I stand to win about £400 if you get promoted, so you best make sure you cheer Moshni et al on to plenty of wins come 2012. Ho ho ho, J_S
  16. A word or two of caution for the festive season

    All employees planning to dash through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, going over the fields and laughing all the way are advised that a Risk Assessment will be required addressing the safety of an open sleigh for members of the public. This assessment must also consider whether it is...
  17. Pub Quiz, Help required

    Me and the missus are entering a pub quiz tonight at the Ann Boylean, howver its been a few years, and we are currently having a big argument, im worried me T wont be on the table when I come home this evening!!! She is adament that The 'woolpack' is in Emmerdale, but quite rightly I have...
  18. Firestorm

    Breaking News 09/10 Accounts Released

    Just got my email back after 5 days down and I note that Companies house advised me that the SUFC accounts were lodged on Thursday. I presume from the lack of a thread that there was nothing of interest in there.
  19. CC51DAS

    ' Take your kit to Scotland '

    It could be the opportunity for that every Blues fan dreams of ; with potentilly just nine fit players available for the Scottland tour, the word reaching me from sources close to the club is that able-bodied Blues supporters will be requested to take their boots with them for the forthcoming...
  20. OldBlueLady

    Blues warned after missing accounts deadline

    Well, yesterday's Echo actually, but surprised no-one picked up on it. Page 8 of the edition I got, "Southend United say they are about to file accounts for last year, after receiving an official warning. The club, who have weathered a number of financial storms over the past 18 months...