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  1. Tenancy Advice... Damage not caused by us!

    I was looking to see if any of my fellow Shrimpers were able to offer some advice in regards to our tenancy (more for peace of mind as I think we are completely in the right). Part of our Tenancy Agreement is that we must maintain all white goods that have been supplied. Recently our washer...
  2. londonblue

    Telephone Sockets

    We're currently having a lot of work done on our house. One of the jobs was to remove all the old telephone sockets and wiring, and install a new telephone socket in the lounge. The guy who did it has done a really good job. We now only have one cable from the junction box inside the house...
  3. RHB

    Microsoft Office v the free stuff

    My 2003 version of Office has finally reached the point where I can't install it on my Windows 10 laptop as it's been installed on far too many other laptops over the years. So.......what to do, buy a recent edition of Office or have a look at free packages. I've chosen the latter option and...
  4. londonblue

    Excel Help

    I'm hoping we have some kind of excel expert on here that can help me out. Let's assume I have about 500 cars all that need radios installed. I know the dates the installs will happen (because this has been planned well in advance) and have a column in my data that creates the "week beginning"...
  5. RHB

    Security weirdness in Windows 10

    I am regularly getting messages from Windows 10 telling me that Windows Defender and Webroot Secure Anywhere (my anti Virus stuff), are turned off. Each message also gives me the option to see what Security stuff I have installed. When I go there both apps are turned on and always have been...
  6. Bandwidth consumption to listen to Blues Player commentary?

    A quick question which a techy person may be able to answer. Does anyone have a rough idea of how much bandwidth would be consumed by listening to a full Blues Player match commentary? We've just moved to a remote-ish part of Ireland, and are waiting for fixed line broadband to be installed...
  7. Today will do Phil ;

    BLUES boss Phil Brown hopes Jack Payne is close to committing his future to the club. Brown revealed last week how contract talks with the attacking midfielder had stalled. But the Shrimpers boss will be meeting with Payne’s agent again today and is keen to get the situation sorted...
  8. manor15

    Latest Rumours Contract talks with Jack Payne have stalled

    686309696857309184 A factor in why he didn't come on at the end yesterday? His current deal is up in the summer. Would hope that this is resolved quickly and we make him a good offer, he has certainly earned it.
  9. Phil Brown - new contract

    Tweet from Chris Phillips sounds as though PB is very close or has signed his new contract at long last. I wonder what the clause is? Conditional on having a sun bed installed at Boots & Laces? 608380896991920128
  10. chris wood

    So if Brown goes what happens next?

    Ok with all this talk of our manger moving to Pompey at a real crucial time in our season I do hope uncle Ron has a good plan waiting up his sleeve just in case the bookies have got it correct and he moves to the South coast. Brown if his departure was say immediate he would probably take his...
  11. Razam

    Southend United quiet on its plans to draw up new West Stand

  12. Kenny

    Nathan Jones

    I see Nathan Jones featured on the left for Brighton today in their 1-0 play off final victory. Must have been quite buzz for the fella winning at the Millenium Stadium.
  13. BoyWonder2


    I'm after a little bit of help, and was hoping someone amongst us knows more about laptops than me. I'm looking to get one that will be suitable for web surfing, playing the odd game (FM 2015), storing music and photos, that can have Microsoft Office installed and isn't too expensive. Ideally...
  14. Bobby dazzler

    Phil Brown wanted by Bolton Fan for next Manager

    Talksport this evening phone in chat A Bolton fan unhappy with Dougie Freedmans tenure was asked who he would like to replace him. Phil Brown was the reply. Good shout came the retort from Posh's loudest fan Adrian Durnham. Lets hope this is a lonely soul with no mates and loses his voice...
  15. OS

    Folks, Need a bit of advice on Operating Systems - my Windows 8 totally died, even the partition on my HD where the backup reinstall copy was, so I installed Ubuntu. Now it seems pretty good, epecially with the built in software, but trouble is it runs so slowly as I don't think my laptop is...
  16. Razam

    "Phil Brown Wants New Stadium Progress"

    Aplogies if this has been posted elsewhere. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26869288 "Southend United boss Phil Brown has urged the club to follow through on their promise to build a new stadium. Shrimpers chairman Ron Martin has had plans for a new ground for 15...
  17. CC51DAS

    Latest Rumours Deck chairs to be installed on fourth side of new stadium ?

    A friend of mine who works in the Amenities department at SBC has tipped me the wink that the Council are close to finalising a deal with uncle Ron to use the fourth side of the stadium as a store for the seafront deck chairs during the winter months. Apparently the bank of earth that will...
  18. RHB

    Hull supporters?

    This week has been fun and games in the Roots household as a new kitchen is being installed, starting Monday. Today I got a call at 07.15am from the kitchen firm saying they were 30 minutes off with all the units, work tops and so on. They duly turned up when they said they would and started...
  19. Southampton Shrimper

    White Praises Brown

    In an interview in today's Football League Paper, John White is full of praise for Phil Brown, talks about taking on the role of captain and says he believes we have the quality to go up this season: New Southend Captain Promises More to Come SHRIMPERS ARE ON THE UP THANKS TO PHIL By Craig...
  20. * ORM *

    From the Pavillion

    Anyone else joined ? I joined yesterday after commentary stalled for Franchise team match in Aus yet again. Games also stalled in India and elsewhere all of which were resolved (again) by the time England games got going. No FC, no staff to worry about but at interesting take on training for...